10 Authors that Won Guinness World Record

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There are many best-selling books and some were internationally famous and the authors went popular among people. We are going to talk about 10 authors that won Guinness world record and the books they wrote which went viral and became best-selling books.

Readers try to find books that have good reviews and related to this question of finding best channels for book reviews we wrote an article in which we have mentioned best booktubers for 2021-2022. Many authors wrote best-selling books and were famous all over the world but this article will have the names of the authors who won Guinness world record and were my favourite too. Many readers want to know interesting facts like these so this article will be a good one for them.

The author I like the most because of his amazing work and the books he wrote. His name is L. Ron Hubbard. I read many books written by him and I loved them. Some of his books that I loved were Fear, Final Blackout, Death’s Deputy, Mission Earth, etc and these books were very nicely written and the story was amazing.

So everything will be discussed in brief and there will be a discussion on ten authors and their best selling books and also their work done and those authors were a real deal. Their work was fantastic and the books were written were very good in their genre.

10 Authors that Won Guinness World Record

Get ready to know some amazing authors who made their place in the GWR book and with some amazing work. Different authors have earned different titles and all those were amazing. Read the article and you will get to know many facts about these authors and how they are their place in the GWR book.

1. J. K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling Cover image
Source: NBC News

We all know her and if not then I am sure that you have heard the name of the Harry Potter series. Those were best selling books that were written very creatively and the storyline was beyond imagination. People loved the series very much and the series came out in films too. Those movies hit the box office and we’re popular among everyone.

This book got the title of the fastest-selling book of fiction in 24 hours in a Guinness book which was a great achievement for the author. It made a huge fan following and that is why their last book Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows became the fastest-selling book and its 8.3 million copies were sold after it was released. Gosh! That’s a huge number though. This was the journey of J. K. Bowling for the Guinness world record.

2. Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie Cover photo

Agatha Christie, also known as the Queen of Mystery, is one of the best authors in history. She holds not one but different titles in the Guinness record book. People loved the books she published which included detective novels and many short stories and she holds the title of best selling fiction writer of all time and her novels have sold more than a billion copies. Besides this record, she also holds the record for penning the world’s thickest book. In 2009 Harper Collins published a collection of Christie’s Miss Marple stories comprising 12 novels and 20 short stories.

The collection was of sixty-eight crimes committed, sixty-eight secrets, twenty-two false accusations, twenty-one romances, and 143 cups of tea consumed. All this collection was 4.032 pages which were worth one’s lifetime entertainment. It weighed more than 15 pounds and was priced at 1500 dollars. This was her achievement and though she earned the title of penning the world’s thickest book.

3. Dorothy Straight

Dorothy Straight Cover image

Guys this author is gonna blow up your mind and everyone is going to be shocked. He earned a title in the Guinness book of the youngest authors. Now let me tell you guys why is he the youngest author. He became a published author at the age of 4. Yes, that’s correct he wrote a book named How The World Began and most of the 4 years are watching tv, or listening to stories but this kid did an insane amount of work. 2 years later when his age was around 6 Pantheon Books published the book he wrote and so his name was written in the Guinness world record book.

4. J. K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling Cover image

Yes here she is again but this time the title is different and very amazing. As we all know the Harry Potter series gained huge popularity and the last book named Harry Potter And Deathly Hallows gained enormous popularity and there is no doubt the preceding books in the series were amazing too. Rowling has reportedly earned over 1 billion dollars for her novels and related earnings. This is a huge amount and thus she earned the title of First Billion-Dollar Author.

5. E. L. James

E. L. James Cover image
Source: Vulture

She earned the title of the world’s highest-earning fiction writer. During the period June 2012 to June 2013, the British author earned a cool US$95million, beating previous record holder, the American writer James Patterson who earned US$91 million in 12 months. Both amounts are huge but James wrote the novel Fifty Shades which gained tremendous popularity among the audience.

During the first 8 months, 70 million copies were sold and this is a massive amount that they alone were on sale in the USA. Fifty Shades is a romance novel that was sold worldwide and due to this masterpiece, she became the world’s highest-earning fiction writer. 

6. Vikrant Mahajan

Vikrant Mahajan Cover image

Here comes the Indian author with a great title in the Guinness Book. He got the title of signing 6,904 books in one session and you can imagine what a huge number it is if you see it from a perspective of signing books. The book that was signed was ‘Yes Thank You Universe’. You can get an assumption that how many cramps he would have got after signing these amounts. Gosh, there are many people with crazy and amazing titles in the world record books.

7. Bertha Wood

Bertha Wood Cover image
Source: The Guardian

She was the oldest author who published her first book at the age of 100. Yes, you got that right, she wrote a book Fresh Air And Fun. The book is based on her memoirs, which she began writing at the age of 90. It was like a diary of her memories and she earned the title of oldest author for the first book published in Guinness world record. Many creative and hardworking authors earned their achievements and we readers should get motivated and learn from them. 

8. Shotaro Ishinomori

Shotaro Ishinomori Cover image

He holds the record for most comics published by one author in 770 titles (included in 500 volumes). He is from Japan and is also known as ‘The King Of Manga’. He earned a great title in GWR and a great title in real life too. 770 titles are too much for one author and this was all because of the hard work that he became successful.

9. Martyn Tovey

Martyn Tovey Cover image

This man holds more than 1 Guinness world record which includes 2 titles that are for amassing 2,164 items of GWR memorabilia, such as posters, board games, and toys and the second one is for the library of 353 Guinness World Records books which contained GWR books from the first edition(1955) to the most recent (2017). He had the largest collection of Guinness World Records Annual. He is not an author but I was amazed to see his title earned so I had to mention it so that you guys can get to know this fact.

10. Jim Downing

Jim Downing Cover image

He was the oldest male author who was 102 years and 176 days when the final draft of his book The Other Side of Infamy was accepted for publication. And the most amazing fact about him was that he saw three generations next to him. He had 6 children, grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Now, this could also be a GWR. But no matter what he was a wealthy and great author who achieved this title in his late 100’s. 

Conclusion | Authors that Won Guinness World Record

These were some great authors who made GWR and achieved different titles in this book. Some authors you may know and some don’t but every single author did great hard work to achieve all this. So we should get inspired by them and also you guys don’t forget to check other related articles also, you will enjoy reading them.

Comment down your favourite author or title from any other author which you found very interesting and was amazed to know about it.

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