13 Best Books To Get You In Mood For Christmas

13 Best Books To Get You In Mood For Christmas

Christmas is arriving. I’m sure all of you might already be preparing for it. What are you doing exactly to feel the vibe? Arranging a Christmas Tree, Preparing for traditional programs, Getting the menu ready Or maybe, preparing a wishlist to be fulfilled? These are some of the things people usually do before Christmas. What do I do? Well, I’m busy making a list of all the Christmas books I will read and re-read this year! And guess what? I’ve even completed a couple of them!

Being the crazy reader that I am, it doesn’t matter what the occasion is. I don’t get the feeling until I’ve finished reading a couple of books related to it. Even on the slightest occasions, I manage to find out at least 15 books relating to it, and when the experience is as grand as Christmas, it’s only fair that I have to read at least 20 books to celebrate!

There are dozens of books out there in the market about Christmas, its vibe, celebrations, and traditions. Mostly Christmas books follow a romantic plot point. However, many take up different approaches and storylines so the anti-romantic readers would have something to go through in the Christmas season.

 Well, for those who are still not prepared for this Christmas, let me give you a task that must be on the top of your to-do list. Reading the following books, I’m about to mention!

13 Best Books To Give Christmas Vibes

These are the 13 Christmas books that are a must-read from my side.

1. The Gift Of The Magi

the gift of magi

The Gift Of The Magi is a fictional book written by O. Henry in 1905.

It is a beautiful novel about a young, lovely married couple trying to buy secret Christmas presents for each other and things they have to deal with while they’re on it because of lack of money. This novel ends with a twist and will blow your mind.

2. Royal Holiday

royal holiday

Royal Holiday is a Christmas romance novel written in 2019 by Jasmine Guillory.

This book is about Vivian Forest and Malcolm Hudson, who meet in England when Vivian is on a work trip with her daughter, Maddie. They are there to style a royal family member and Malcolm is a private secretary who had been working for the Queen for years. They both get into a fling with a clock ticking above their heads as Vivian will soon return to New York.

3. The Christmas Train

the christmas train

Written by David Baldacci, The Christmas Train is a fictional novel published in 2002.

This book is about Tom Langdon, a disillusioned journalist who has to arrive in L.A. for Christmas in time. He has no other option but to travel by train, but instead of having a straight journey to his destination, he encounters many adventurous and thrilling incidents on the way.

4. Let It Snow

let it snow

Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances is a young-adult fiction written in 2008 by John Green, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson.

This book is a compilation of three different stories that intervene with each other at some point. These three stories are titled The Jubilee Cheertastic Christmas Miracle Express and The Patron Saint of Pigs in the same order.

5. In A Holidaze

in a holidaze

Published in 2020, In A Holidaze is a humorous romance fiction written by Christian Lauren.

This novel is about a woman named Maelyn Jones who is highly unlucky and everything in her life seems to be going wrong. One holiday season, she randomly makes a plea to the universe to show her what would make her happy and all of a sudden, she gets caught in a time loop where she is on a plane, re-doing the entire vacation again. Whenever anything goes down, she starts again from when in the plane.

6. Christmas Shopaholic

christmas shopaholic

Christmas Shopaholic is a fiction novel written by Sophie Kinsella in 2019.

This novel is about a girl named Becky Brandon who adores the Christmas traditions and celebrations her parents arrange, but this year, she is asked to host them and everyone has their list. Will she be able to pull it off? Read to find out.

7. Christmas In London

christmas in london

Written by Anita Hughes, Christmas In London is a contemporary romance novel published in 2016.

This book follows the story of a woman named Louisa Graham, who unexpectedly gets a chance to feature in an annual Christmas Eve Dinner TV special with her favorite star. She is looking forward to working with him, but he is looking forward to her.

8.Skipping Christmas

skipping christmas

Skipping Christmas is a humourous novel written by John Grisham in 2001.

This book revolves around Luther and Nora Krank, a married couple to decide to ‘skip’ Christmas this once. They won’t be decorating the house, or bringing in a tree, or having a laving meal as they decide to skip out on 25th December that once, they’ll have to face the consequences. What are those? We need to read the book to find out.

9. My True Love Gave To Me

my true love gave to me

My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories is a young adult fiction published in 2014 by Stephanie Perkins.

This book is a compilation of twelve Christmas and holiday fiction stories written by various authors like Holly Black, Ally Carter, Matt de la Peña, Gayle Forman, Jenny Han, David Levithan, Kelly Link, Myra McEntire, Rainbow Rowell, Laini Taylor, and Kiersten White. It is along with one and may take up quite some time to complete.

10. A Redbird Christmas

a redbird christmas

Written by Fannie Flagg, A Redbird Christmas is a 2004 published Christmas fiction.

This novel is about Oswald T. Campbell, who believes that it is his last Christmas in Lost River, a lazy and warm place that seems to be secluded from the outside world. Throughout the novel, he meets many different characters, including a bit of redbird named Jack, who is the tale’s protagonist.

11. A Boy Called Christmas

a boy called christmas

A Boy Called Christmas is a Christmas fiction written in 2015 by Matt Haig.

It is claimed that this book contains the ‘true’ story about father Christmas. It includes a lot of incidents that might seem impossible to many, so this book is not for those who cannot widen their imagination or are not accepting of such high-end creativity.

12. One Day In December

one day in december

Written by Josie Silver, One Day In December is a Romance novel published in 2018.

It is a beautifully written romantic story that follows a triangular love story between two best friends, Laurie and Sarah, and a guy who first becomes Sarah’s boyfriend, Jack. This story takes unexpected turns and a long journey of ten years filled with missed opportunities, friendship, joy, sorrow, heartbreak, and so much more.

13. The Twelve Dates Of Christmas

the twelve dates of christmas

The Twelve Dates Of Christmas is a contemporary romance novel written by Jenny Bayliss in 2020.

This story is about a 34-year-old woman named Kate, a fulfilled designer and a part-time baker. She is signed up for a dating agency by her friend, who promises to help her find love before Christmas day. There are just 23 days until Christmas. Will she be able to see her love this year?


These are some books which you must read this Christmas. Your Christmas isn’t complete if you miss even any one of them!

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