13 Best Books To Learn Modern Stoicism

13 Best Book To Learn Modern Stoicism

Do you have trouble controlling your emotions at times? Is it challenging to accept difficult which situations as they are? Don’t worry; we’re all the same. Well, most but not all. There are people known as stoics who have gained control over their emotions. How do they do it? Well, you see, it’s a phenomenon called Stoicism.

I wasn’t a supporter of Stoicism as I thought it simply meant keeping your emotions bottled up in your heart won’t do anyone any good, but that was because I wasn’t fully aware of what it meant. And now that I’ve learned quite a bit about it, I am turning into a modern stoic.

Stoicism is a stream of philosophy that deals with attaining complete peace of mind by stabilizing a person emotionally so that no situation seems too overwhelming. It was practiced in ancient Greece and Rome, but it eventually stopped due to modern philosophies. Modern Stoicism is a movement that, in the present time, is reviving the stoic philosophy.

I feel that it’s something we all should have a glimpse of. For those who want to know more about it, here are a few books for you to dive right into. 

13 Books About Modern Stoicism

Some of the books for one to learn stoicism are as follows.

1. The Daily Stoic

the daily stoic

Title: The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living

Author: Ryan Holiday

Publishing Date: 2016

Genre: Non-Fiction


This book has been presented in a page-per-day format, and it contains passages of the great stoics in translated form, even from lesser-known philosophers but are essential.

2. Stoicism And The Art Of Happiness

stoicism and the art of happiness

Title: Stoicism and the Art of Happiness: Practical Wisdom for Everyday Life: Embrace Perseverance, Strength, and Happiness with Stoic Philosophy

Author: Donald Robertson

Publishing Date: 2013

Genre: Self-help book


This book discusses the insights the stoics had about the human body and nature that endure today. It uses ancient philosophies and traditions to fill your mind with calmness and positivity.

3. A New Stoicism

a new stoicism

Title: A New Stoicism

Author: Lawrence C. Becker

Publishing Date: 1998

Genre: Self-help book


This book, deriving theories and answers from ancient Stoicism, makes assumptions about how patients would be in modern times had they survived the challenges of contemporary philosophical ideas.

4. Stoicism


Title: Stoicism: Gain Wisdom, Resilience and Calmness Creating Your Modern Stoic Routine

Author: John Alison

Publishing Date: 2019

Genre: Philosophy


This book is especially for those who find it confusing to study the philosophy of stoicism. It contains everything, from the very basics to the complexity, the theory of the stoics in simple and understandable language.

5. Modern Stoicism

modern stoicism

Title: Modern Stoicism: How to Be a Stoic in the 21st Century

Author: Stephen Ryan

Publishing Date: 2021

Genre: Non-fiction


This book aims at making us a better person in life using the stoic philosophy. It gives us hope that everything will get better one day, move on in life, and make this land a better place for fellow human beings and the upcoming generations.

6. The Little Book Of Stoicism

the little book of stoicism

Title: The Little Book of Stoicism: Timeless Wisdom to Gain Resilience, Confidence, and Calmness

Author: Jonas Salzgeber

Publishing Date: 2019

Genre: Self-help book


This book will teach us how to live. We will learn how one can attain absolute peace of mind by overcoming any mental stress, anxiety, depression, and maybe the trauma caused by the death of a loved one with the helo of stoicism.

7. Philosophy As A Way Of Life

philosophy as a way of life

Title: Philosophy as a way of life

Author: Pierre Hadot

Publishing Date: 1981

Genre: Philosophy


This book focuses more on a spiritual angle than a practical one. It shows how the spiritual activities prevalent at Socrates and early Christianity have declined due to the rise in modern philosophy.

8. The Philosophy Of Congnitive-Behavioural Theraphy (CBT)

the philosophy of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT)

Title: The Philosophy of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT): Stoic Philosophy as Rational and Cognitive Psychotherapy

Author: Donald Robertson

Publishing Date: 2010

Genre: Philosophy


This book links the theory of stoicism with psychology. It shows how we can associate Stoic practices with CBT to perform various psychotherapies. This book shows that there’s a lot to learn about psychology from the ancient philosophers.

9. The Obstacle Is The Way

the obstacle is the way

Title: The Obstacle Is the Way

Author: Ryan Holiday

Publishing Date: 2014

Genre: Self-help book


This book shows how one can turn the obstacles one faces into opportunities. This theory and analysis, derived by the author himself, are inspired by the practices of stoicism.

10. Stoic Warriors

stoic warriors

Title: Stoic Warriors: The Ancient Philosophy Behind the Military Mind

Author: Nancy Sherman

Publishing Date: 2005

Genre: Non-fiction


This book shows what stoicism is and how it works, taking the example of military people. Though it is highly doubted that military soldiers read philosophical works, this book shows how stoicism exists in the lifestyle of those officers.

11. The Stoics

the stoics

Title: The Stoics: A Guide for the Perplexed

Author: Mark Holowchak

Publishing Date: 2008

Genre: Philosophy


This book familiarizes the readers with the philosophical works of some great stoic philosophers like Zeno and Aurelius. It illustrates patient nature, thinking, idealogy, and so much more.

12. Stoicism And Emotion

stoicism and emotion

Title: Stoicism and Emotion

Author: Margaret Graver

Publishing Date: 2007

Genre: Philosophy


This book studies stoicism and emotions simultaneously, which is quite contradictory. This book mainly shows that patience does not mean simply suppressing one’s feelings, but there’s so much more to that.

13. Everything Has Two Handles

everything has two handles

Title: Everything Has Two Handles: The Stoic’s Guide to the Art of Living

Author: Ronald Pies

Publishing Date: 2008

Genre: Self-help book


This book provides a detailed study of stoicism. In this book, patience is associated with Christianity and Judaism and with the spheres of Buddhism and Hinduism. It shows how we can train ourselves with the help of meditation not to let things ‘touch’ our hearts.

Final Words

Stoicism is an evolving and somewhat confusing concept. To get a clearer view and not have confused ideas about this concept anymore, you should start by reading these books.

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  1. Dear Plakshi Kapoor,

    I was informed that my book, Everything Has Two Handles, made your list of “best books to learn modern stoicism.” I am honored to have my book so designated! Thank you very much. You may also care to see my later work, The Three-Petalled Rose. This books aims at showing common features among three spiritual traditions:
    Judaism, Buddhism and Stoicism. I would be happy to send you the PDF for your personal use, should you
    wish it.

    Best regards,
    Ron Pies

    Ronald W. Pies, MD

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