13 Best Books On Overcoming Fear

13 best books on overcoming fear

Every person fears something in their life. Some people fear non-realistic phenomena like ghosts and supernaturals; some fear physically being in a specific surrounding like darkness, heights, etc. Some people have social fears like being alone, losing someone, and so many others. Fear comes in different forms and figures and sometimes, it gets tricky for a person to go out of it.

If I talk about myself, I suffer majorly from social fears like speaking in front of people. Stage fear, as you may know, it. I get anxious while facing a public event. Or should I say, I used to get nervous? I have recovered from most of it. You may want to know how? Simply by reading a couple of books and, of course, putting the shared tips into practice.

Fear is a state of mind in which a person perceives a particular object, person, or phenomenon as a threat or danger to one’s existence. Fears can get worse if left unattended. Reading various self-help books available in the market for overcoming different types of fears is a great source of getting yourself out of it. The authors of such books are either highly experienced psychic doctors or people who had suffered but eventually overcame such a condition.

Even I suffered mainly from stage fear and social anxiety, as a regular reader, I’ve even explored several books related to other concerns while I was at it and I’ll be more than happy to share them with you so those who are in need could seek help from them as I have shared mine as well as other people’s recommendation in the list.

13 Best Books About Overcoming Fear

Here are 13 books that talk about overcoming various types of fears that are highly recommended for reading.

1. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

feel the fear and do it anyway

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway is a self-help book written by Susan Jeffers in 1987 and it is 272 pages long.

This book is for people to overcome their feelings of anger, helplessness, fearfulness, and self-doubt. It contains several concepts and techniques by which one can conquer their fears.

2. The Fear Cure

the fear cure

The book’s complete title is The Fear Cure: Cultivating Courage as Medicine for the Body, Mind, and Soul and is a self-help book written by Lissa Rankin in 2015 and the book is 336 pages long.

This book first educates us about the risks of having a long, uncured fear of something and its adversities. It tells us how excessive fear can harm our health, personal and professional lives in the worst possible ways and then suggests ways to deal with it.

3. Hope And Help For Your Nerves

hope and help for your nerves

Written by Claire Weekes, Hope And Help For Your Nerves is a 1962 published 226 pages long self-help book.

This book is mainly about anxiety and the fears experienced by a person suffering from it. Many people consider this a minor problem but only because, according to Dr. Claire, they are not the ones suffering from it. She holds the experience of treating many patients and shares some tips and remedies for overcoming such a condition.

4. Brave Enough

brave enough

Brave Enough: Getting Over Our Fears, Flaws, and Failures to Live is a 2015 published Christian literature book written by Nicole Unice in 240 pages.

This book is about becoming brave in every aspect. Fears keep us from becoming the best versions of ourselves and do not let us use our potential to the fullest. This book will teach you the actual meaning of becoming fearless and will help you face your fears.

5. Do It Scared

do it scared

Do It Scared: Finding the Courage to Face Your Fears, Overcome Adversity, and Create a Life You Love is a self-help book written by Ruth Soukup in 240 pages in 2019.

This book focuses on how being afraid and fearful stands in the way of us achieving our goals and dreams. It makes us realize that all the excuses we make for pursuing what we want to are all fake and the real reason we don’t go for it is that we’re too scared to do it.

6. Mastering Fear

mastering fear

Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL’s Guide is a 224 pages long self-help book written by Brandon Tyler Webb and John David Mann and published in 2018.

This book gives us a different perspective of thinking. It shows us how we can make our fears work in favor of us and not against us. The authors tell us that we should embrace our fears rather than fight against them to become key for us leading us towards the gates of success.

7. Joy From Fear

joy from fear

Joy from Fear: Create the Life of Your Dreams by Making Fear Your Friend is a self-help book written by Carla Marie Manly in 2019 and it is 351 pages long.

This book makes us realize that to overcome the fear of something, we need to face it, but what we all do instead is run away from it. As far as we try to run away from it, the more tightly it holds us into its clutches resulting in severe problems like anxiety, often panic attacks, sleeplessness, and many more.

8. Fear Fighting

fear fighting

Fear Fighting: Awakening Courage to Overcome Your Fears is a 2017 published Christian literature book written by Kelly Balarie in 240 pages.

Like every other book on this list, this one also guides us to get out of our fears, but it takes a different approach. This book helps us become ‘fear fighters’ by harnessing complete and unstoppable faith in God almighty and his powers. This book says that even in the most challenging times, we are not alone. God is always there with us.

9. I Will Not Fear

i will not fear

I Will Not Fear is a 2008 published and 256 pages long self-help book written by Mark DeJesus.

This book urges us to stop living in fear and live a carefree and liberating life without any mental pressure. It talks about different types of fears and how they get in the way of our personal life, career, relationships, etc., and also provides easy solutions to get ourselves out of it.

10. Growing Up Brave

growing up brave

Growing Up Brave: Expert Strategies for Helping Your Child Overcome Fear, Stress, and Anxiety is a self-help book written by Donna B. Pincus published in 2012 in 288 pages.

This book is specifically for parents of young children to help them figure out the mental condition of their toddlers. Since every five kids are diagnosed with anxiety these days, this book is an ultimate guide for all the vigilante parents to make sure their children grow up brave and mentally strong.

11. Breaking Intimidation

breaking intimidation

 Breaking Intimidation is a John Bevere written Christian literature book published in 1995 in 224.

Intimidation induces several kinds of fear inside us. Many people fear saying no to anyone, are afraid of confrontation, or try to avoid situations that might result in a conflict. It is because such people get easily intimidated by others. This book will help you in dealing with these problems.

12. Courage


Courage: Igniting Self-Confidence is a self-help book written by Debbie Ford and Wayne W. Dyer in 2014 in 240 pages.

It is a guide for overcoming our fears, understanding and accepting our flaws to reach our full potential. The author of this book is an experienced spiritual teacher and a personal growth trainer whose inspirational words have changed lives and reading this book can bring some change in our lives. 

13. The Gift Of Fear

the gift of fear

The Gift Of Fear is a 1997 published self-help book written by Gavin de Becker in 432 pages.

This book talks about a different side of fear altogether. It tells us that having a little fear kind of feeling, which we know is a gut feeling, is a good thing and it can help us prevent getting into something that can cause us severe harm or long-term trauma.


So, these were some of the books about fears and their overcoming, which I’ve discovered over some time. I would highly suggest people with even the mildest symptoms seek help, starting with reading such books.

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