13 Greatest Christmas Books For Toddlers

13 greatest christmas books for toddlers

Everyone enjoys Christmas. The young, the old, and the kids. But between an infant and a kid, there’s another age group that exists. They’re toddlers! They’re so young to understand the meaning of Christmas, so there’s nothing much they can do to enjoy it. They only get excited when they see their house and neighborhood lightened up and well decorated, but that’s not what Christmas is all about. We must familiarize young toddlers with the occasion of Christmas. How? With the help of some fun books!

In my family and the neighborhood, a few such toddlers know little to nothing about Christmas. There are 4 of them in total. Their parents sometimes leave them with me for me to babysit them and what’s the best way to keep those little ruckuses engaged than reading out a few interesting books to them and since it’s almost Christmas time, I plan on reading Christmas books to them.

Toddlers are children who roughly lie in between the age group of 12 to 36 months. It is a growing age and these children need special care for them to grow mentally in a healthy way and there’s no other way to do this more efficiently than reading out storybooks to them. Also, Christmas is a great occasion and children must know about it from the very beginning.

Since I’m sure you might be thinking about buying some Christmas books for your toddlers, let me help you pick out some best ones that our young ones will enjoy.

13 Best Christmas Books For Toddlers

These are the 13 best books that you can either read out to your toddlers or make them read themselves.

1. Tough Cookie

tough cookie

Tough Cookie is a Christmas story written by Edward Hemingway in 2018.

This book will introduce us to a sugar cookie that is freshly out of the oven and seems ready to be feasted on, but when a fox catches it and tries to eat it, it seems that the cookie is not-so-sugary after all and does not taste good. What will the cookie do now that it knows it is tasteless?

2. You’re My Little Christmas Wish

you're my little christmas wish

You’re My Little Christmas Wish is a 2019 published children’s literature book written by Nicola Edwards.

This tiny and beautiful rhythmic Christmas book is perfect for young toddlers to follow and enjoy. This book will get us into holiday spirits with the much-loved snowmen, gingerbread men, and reindeer.

3. Fa La La

fa la la

Written by Leslie Patricelli, Fa La La is a fictional Christmas storybook published in 2012.

We will meet a very special and everyone’s favorite baby who cannot control his excitement for Christmas through this book. There’s so much for him to do, like peeking into gifts, decorating a dog, meeting Santa, and singing carols.

4. Pip And Posy: The Christmas Tree

Pip And Posy: The Christmas Tree is a Christmas storybook written in 2018 by Axel Scheffler.

Our friends, Pip and Posy, are back this time to celebrate Christmas with us, but they are having some trouble. They are decorating the Christmas tree, but the decorations keep on disappearing mysteriously. What is this happening? Join them to know.

5. The Biggest Little Boy

the biggest little boy

The Biggest Little Boy is a children’s literature book written by Poppy Harlow. which was published in 2021.

In this book, we will meet Lucas, who is a fan of big things. He wants to have everything in the largest size possible. He sets out searching for an enormous Christmas tree this Christmas but returns with a big heart.

6. A World Of Cookie For Santa

a world of cookies for santa

The book’s complete title is A World of Cookies for Santa: Follow Santa’s Tasty Trip Around the World. It is creative nonfiction written by M.E. Furman in 2017.

This book will take us on a world trip along with Santa on Christmas Eve and let you taste all kinds of unique cookies prepared by people from different areas for Santa. The author will also share a recipe of his own on our way back from the trip.

7. All The Colors Of Christmas

all the colors od christmas

All The Colors Of Christmas is a children’s nonfiction book written by Matthew Paul Turner in 2020.

What color is Christmas? Is it red? Or is it green? Or is it any other color? According to this book, Christmas is red, green, brown, golden, white, blue, and so much more! How? Read the book to find out.

8. The Littlest Elf

the littlest elf

Written by Brandi Dougherty, The Littlest Elf is a fictional Christmas storybook published in 2012.

This book will introduce us to Oliver, the littlest elf in the entire North-Pole. Unlike him, his desires are little. He wants to explore his job as an elf in Santa’s world. After making a mess out of everything, how did he understand the real meaning of Christmas?

9. That’s Not My Elf

that's not my elf

That’s Not My Elf is a children’s literature book written by Fiona Watt in 2016.

This time in the That’s Not Mine. Series, especially for toddlers, is everyone’s favorite, elves! In this book of the series, our young readers will meet five naughty and mischievous elves to celebrate Christmas with them.

10. Pete The Cat Saves Christmas

pete the cat saves the christmas

Pete, The Cat Saves Christmas, is a storybook written by Eric Litwin in 2012.

In this book, little toddlers will be able to enjoy Christmas with everyone’s favorite blue cat, Pete. This time she is on a Christmas adventure and is all set to have fun and do all the groovy things.

11. It’s Christmas David!

it's christmas david!

Published in 2010, It’s Christmas David! is a David Shannon written children’s literature book.

David is just as impatient for Christmas and his gifts as anyone of us would be. He did everything all of us have done at least once, from preparing a list of advantages you would want from Santa to behaving formally in Christmas parties to putting on the best behavior to get on the good books of Santa.

12. Olivia Helps With Christmas

olivia helps with christmas

Olivia Helps With Christmas is a Christmas storybook written by Ian Falconer in 2007.

Waiting and preparing for Christmas is more thrilling than celebrating it. Little Olivia will help us with all The Christmas preparations. Olivia is the supervisor and she has to make sure everyone is doing their work correctly and of course, she will help will all the work.

13. Merry Christmas, Mouse!

merry christmas, mouse!

Merry Christmas, Mouse! is a Laura Numeroff written Christmas storybook published in 2007.

In this book, little children will learn basic counting, but more fun and festive. A mouse will join them in counting as he decorates all his Christmas trees one by one in this board book.


Make this Christmas memorable not only for yourself but also for the tiny toddlers around you by introducing them to these books.

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