List Of 13 Ultimate Christmas Books You Should Start Reading Now

List Of 13 Ultimate Christmas Books You Should Start Reading Now

I can’t believe the year is about to end already. We’re proceeding towards December, but along with being the last month of the year, it holds some importance as it brings the holiday season and the joyful day of Christmas! Christmas is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm. People decorate Christmas trees, decorate their houses, and have a special family dinner. But when you are a reader, another particular activity adds to your list—reading new Christmas books!

I am already excited for Christmas to arrive. I still remember my very childhood, when I used to believe in Santa Claus and his gift-granting story. That was the only reason I behaved well throughout the year. Every Christmas morning, I used to wake up to find a Christmas book under my pillow, believing it was a gift from Santa. Now that I’ve grown past the stage of such fairytales, there’s still something that hasn’t changed. My habit of buying and reading new books every Christmas!

Celebrated every year on 25th December, Christmas is a Christian festivity celebrated worldwide with a holiday by people of all religions. On this day, people specially attend church, decorate their houses and surroundings, arrange nativity plays, give gifts to each other, and have a traditional dinner with their family. A Christmas tree is decorated in every house and young children wait for Santa (a fictional character) to come and give them a present.

Let me share with you all the books that I’ve lined up and have started reading for the Christmas season of 2021.

13 Ultimate Christmas Books One Should Start Reading Now

This is my reading list for Christmas 2021.

1. Mistletoe Christmas: An Anthology

mistletoe christmas

Mistletoe Christmas: An Anthology, published in September 2021, is a romantic holiday fiction written by Janna MacGregor, Erica Ridley, Christi Caldwell, and Eloisa James.

This book is about relationships and romances. A festivity is organized every year by The Duke of Greystoke on Christmas, which is very popular in Britain for its entertainment programs but especially for the scandals that often go to marriages, the licenses to which were handed out like confetti by him.

2. The Santa Suit

the santa suit

The Santa Suit is a holiday fiction written by Mary Kay Andrews and published in September 2021.

This story is about Ivy Perkins, a newly divorced woman who shifts into The Four Roses’ farmhouse. The previous family that lived there left their furniture and junk behind for Ivy to sort it out. She finds a Santa Suit on the top of a closet, and in its pocket is a note that seemed to be written by a little girl, stating that her Christmas wish is for her father to return from war. This note leads Ivy on a Christmas adventure through which she finds everything she could’ve ever asked for.

3. The Certainty Of Chance

the certainty of chance

Written by Jacquelyn Middleton, The Certainty Of Chance is a contemporary romance novel published in September 2021.

A sulking woman named Madeleine Joy has been stranded in London due to the indefinite cancellation of flights to Paris. She has been separated from her sister and with the first death anniversary of her best friend approaching, she is feeling ever so less-festive. Julian Halliwell is an optimistic man whose life hasn’t been easy and he has gone through a cruel betrayal from his ex-fiancée. It’s the romantic season of Christmas, and fate has decided to unite Madeleine and Julian, despite looking like a not-so-good couple.

4. Blame It On The Mistletoe

blame it on the mistletoe

Blame It On The Mistletoe is a young adult fiction written by Beth Gerrod and published recently in November 2021.

This book is about a social media star named Elle who seemingly has a dream life. She is determined to shake up social media a bit and gain some new followers, and to do so; she is looking for a British fan to switch places with. Holly is such a British fan who loves Christmas, but she had a mistletoe accident with her ex and she can save her holidays by switching places with Elle, her favorite influencer. It is a win-win situation for both. How will this unveil? You have to read the book for that.

5. I’m Dreaming Of A Wyatt Christmas

i'm dreaming of a wyatt

I’m Dreaming Of A Wyatt Christmas is an October 2021 published holiday fiction written by Tiffany Schmidt.

Noelle is famous for her ballet, babysitting skills, and having a high Christmas spirit in her small town. Her favorite babysitting clients offer her to accompany them over the winter break to a ski trip. Since she is a little bored of the lessons taught at her dance school, she decides to go with them. She is also offered double the amount for accompanying them that she is usually paid, which she thinks of using to get into Beacon, her dream dance school.

6. The Christmas Escape

the christmas escape

Published in October 2021, The Christmas Escape is a romantic fiction written by Sarah Morgan.

Christy Sullivan has a trip to Lapland with her family and best friend, Alix, as the perfect Christmas getaway. But she is facing severe problems with her husband and needs to spend some quality time with him alone to overcome the differences. So, she asks Alix to take her young daughter to Lapland as a favor and go with her husband to reunite in Lapland. That Christmas brings numerous secrets and unexpected relationships in their lives and asks them to put up a fight for the ones they want to embrace the most.

7. Duke, Actually

duke, actually

Duke, Actually is a romance novel written by Jenny Holiday and was published in November 2021.

This book is about Maximillian von Habsburg, Baron of Laudon and heir to the Duke of Aquilla, whose Christmas is not going as merry as it should be as he has been turned down by a princess and is forcibly being sent to New York to meet a prospective bride. In New York, he meets Dani Martinez, an intelligent professor who has given up on love. They both hit it off with great friendship and deep conversations but eventually start getting attracted to each other, which they weren’t supposed to.

8. A Yuletide Kiss

a yuletude kiss

A Yuletide Kiss is a historical romance novel published in September 2021, written by Madeline Hunter, Mary Jo Putney, and Sabrina Jeffries.

This book is a collection of three wonderful romance stories of three different reigning queens, one by each author. The first story is named Unexpected gift, written by Madeline Hunter; the second is called When We Finally Kiss Goodbye, written by Sabrina Jeffries. The third and final one is titled When Strangers Meet and written by Mary Jo Putney.

9. God Rest Ye, Royal Gentleman

god rest ye, royal gentlemen

Published in October 2021, God Rest Ye, Royal Gentleman is a Ryes Bowen written historical mystery.

This book revolves around the life of a newlywed woman Georgie, who is looking forward to having the best Christmas with her husband, Darcy, as this is her first Christmas as a married woman. Still, destiny has planned a little something else for her. She receives an invitation from Darcy’s aunt, who is a close confidante of the queen. She soon realizes that the queen wants her to do a little spying, but what the queen wants is a little more than just some harmless eavesdropping, which might put the love of her life, Darcy, in danger. Will she still do it?

10. Stay Another Day

stay another day

Stay Another Day, written by Juno Dawson, is a holiday fiction published in October 2021.

This book’s storyline follows the lives of three completely different siblings, Fern, Rowan, and Willow, who are to reunite for a family dinner on Christmas. Fern intends the feed to be perfect as she brings her boyfriend along; Rowan couldn’t be any less interested in the family dinner, whereas Willow is just petrified of Christmas. This Christmas will get a whole lot of surprises for this family.

11. A Season For Second Chances

12 days of princess

A Season For Second Chances is a contemporary romance novel written by Jenny Bayliss and published in October 2021.

Annie Sharpe’s life has become a little monotonous as her 26-year old marriage has come to an end, her children are grown up, and the restaurant she runs is doing just okay. In search of new beginnings, she moves to Willow Bay, where everything seems to be just perfect for Annie to start a new life for herself. The neighbors warmly welcome her, the house is charming, and the sea breeze is phenomenal.

12. A Magical New York Christmas

a magical new york christmas

Written by Anita Hughes, A Magical New York Christmas is a romantic holiday fiction novel published in October 2021.

Sabrina Post is a 26-year old struggling journalist who is ready to accept the ghostwriting position for the memoir of a famous art dealer, Grayson Westcott. It’s the Christmas week going on, and surprisingly enough, she gets to stay for six nights in her suite in Plaza Hotel in New York City and also receives a paycheck. In the hotel. She meets someone special there, but they both refrain from telling the truth about themselves to the other person.

13. The Holiday Switch

the holiday switch

The Holiday Switch is a Tif Marcelo written holiday fiction published in October 2021.

This book revolves around Lila Santos, who is looking forward to her high school winter break as this will be her last one. She works in a local inn for some extra cash. The weather is just so pleasant and she has perfect plans for the holiday, but her happiness is short-lived. Her boss’s cute nephew, Teddy Rivera, joins her as a co-worker. They both are opposites, but they accidentally exchanged their phones one afternoon, and it turns out they are hiding something from each other.


I can’t wait to snuggle into my blanket and read all these beautiful Christmas books with Christmas almost there. They all are freshly out in the market, so go and enjoy them to feel the Christmas season vibe.

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