13 Greatest Christmas Books For Adults

13 Greatest Christmas Books For Adults

Christmas is undoubtedly the most festive time of the year around the globe. Despite it mainly being a Christian festivity, its celebration is not just limited to Christians. People all over the world and from different religions celebrate this day in their own unique ways. Some just go to the church to pay their respects, some enthusiastically decorate their house, or even the entire neighborhood, if they get a chance to, and some people enjoy a lavish dinner with their family. For me, Christmas means more and more books.

Now, if I talk about reading books on account of a particular occasion, reading with the entire family is sure fun, but still, there are quite some books I love to enjoy alone. There can be several reasons for it. For me, it’s because the books I read nowadays are more Gen-Z and it’s hard for other family members, especially the young ones.

Some books are meant to be read along with the entire family, while some are meant for a particular age group. The books made for people who are considered as adults, cannot and should not be read in front of young people. The reasons are that such books might contain either violence, or acts of discrimination, or some deep thoughts and contexts which are too much for a young brain to engulf.

Since I’m officially an adult, I have a few books that are meant to be enjoyed on your own in peace, or with your friends and cousins of the same age. Let me share a few of them with you.

13 Best Christmas Books To Read For Adults

Here are some of the books meant for reading by adults.

1. When Christmas Comes

when christmas comes

When Christmas Comes is a mystery novel written by Andrew Klavan published in October 2021.

Quite contrary to the vibe of the occasion of Christmas, this novel isn’t merry and romantic. This book revolves around the murder of a lady named Jennifer Dean and her boyfriend confesses to having been the criminal. Still, he is a third-generation Army Ranger and it’s hard to believe that someone like him would commit such a heinous crime. New angles unfold as the investigation goes on.

2. Mistletoe Season

mistletoe season

Mistletoe Season is an October 2021 published contemporary romantic fiction novel written by Michelle Major.

It is a beautifully written romantic novel about Angi Gilardi and a man named Gabriel Carlyle. She needs a man this Christmas, but she has an ill mother and an eight-year-old son to take care of and romance is the last thing on her mind. Gabriel is not from around here but has moved here for some time to help his grandmother. These two cross paths and have chemistry. How will this romance begin?

3. So, This Is Christmas

so, this is christmas

Published in early October 2021, this Christmas is a young adult fiction written by Tracy Andreen.

This book is about a young girl of sixteen, Finley Brown, who is moving back to her hometown from boarding school. She wanted to return to everything that she left, but she found the entire world upside down when that girl arrived. Nothing was the same as she left. Her hometown wasn’t exactly a paradise, but she tricked a boy into believing that it was and now he is here for Christmas. Now, Finley has to make sure he gets the Christmas he was promised.

4. A Little Christmas Spirit

a little christmas spirit

A Little Christmas Spirit is a Christmas romance novel by Sheila Roberts and was published in September 2021.

This book holds a beautiful story about a single mom, Lexie Bell, her next-door widower, Stanley Mann, and a haunting spirit. Lexie wants a perfect Christmas for her six-year-old, Brock, whereas Stanley has lost his cheerfulness after losing his wife. The nature of his wife haunts him to have him enjoy the Christmas season. With preparations at high and a ghost watching over for a perfect Christmas, what will happen to the two over this Christmas season?

5. The Winter’s Fail

the winter's fail

The Winter’s Fail is a fictional novel written by Sara Madderson and published in January 2021.

This novel recited the story of three individual girls, Emmy, Rosa, and Stacey, who are on the course of their respective lives to explore love, friendship, and careers. This book also contains context from the author’s previous books and mentions key characters like Evelyn, Angus, and Astrid.

6. One More For Christmas

one more for christmas

Written by Sarah Morgan, One More For Christmas is a contemporary romance novel published in October 2020.

This novel is about the women of the Mitchell family, which included two sisters, Samantha and Ella Mitchell, and their mother, Gayle Mitchell. Samantha and Ella are always excited for Christmas and the same goes for this ear but little did they know that they were going to get an unexpected gift this Christmas, their reunion with their estranged mother.

7. Christmas In Vermont

Christmas In Vermont is an October 2019 published romantic holiday fiction written by Anita Hughes.

This novel revolves around Emma and her ex-boyfriend Fletcher, whom she couldn’t get over. When she is in Vermont in a romantic inn for Christmas, her best friend, Bronwyn, signs her up to help the innkeeper as the children’s activity coordinator. There she meets Fletcher again, but he is with his fiancée and daughter. Will things take a different turn? Or is this how Emma finds her closure?

8. Christmas Bells

christmas bells

Christmas Bells is a historical fiction written by Jennifer Chiaverini in 1996.

This novel is inspired by the famous poem ‘Christmas Bells’ written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. In this book, a teacher is shown leading a children’s choir at church and she chose to recite a carol set to a poem by Longfellow.

9. The Twilight Before Christmas

the twilight before christmas

The Twilight Before Christmas is a paranormal romantic fiction written in October 2003 by Christine Feehan.

Being a paranormal and supernatural novel, it revolves around the lives of seven witch sisters but mainly on Kate Drake, one of the seven sisters and a well-traveled novelist. Upon discovering a charming yet spooky house, she decides to open a bookstore but accidentally releases some evil power into the world. To reign it, she would have to utilize the full of her supernatural strength and that of her sisters.

10. The Christmas Shoes

the christmas shoes

The Christmas Shoes is a holiday fiction written by Donna VanLiere in October 2021.

This novel revolves around two families: Nathan Andrew’s cash-strapped family with his mother being terminally ill, and the second, Robert Layton’s well-off family but at the brink of breaking apart due to Robert’s lack of attention towards them. Robert crosses paths with Nathan, collecting waste cans and bottles to buy his mother a pair of beautiful red Christmas shoes before she passes away. Robert is touched and realizes the true meaning of a happy and loving family. With this realization, will he be able to save his family from falling apart?

11. Letters From Father Christmas

letters from father christmas

Written by J.R.R. Tolkien, Letters From Father Christmas is a fantasy fiction published in 1976.

This book is a collection of letters written by the author for his children as Father Christmas. Those letters chronicle the adventures and misadventures of Father Christmas along with his helpers, his elvish secretary, and two sidekick cubs, Paksu and Valkotukka.

12. A Tiara Under The Tree

A Tiara Under The Tree is a contemporary Christmas romance fiction written by Carolyn Hector in 2017.

This novel tells the story of Waverly Leverve, a beauty queen, and Dominic Crowne, a bad boy turned business mogul. Waverly cannot appear in public after an embarrassing meme goes viral. Fate makes them cross paths and Dominic wants to sponsor Waverly in a pageant scheduled for Christmas Eve. They pledge to keep their relationship purely professional but will it be fulfilled when our former bad boy has started to fall for the beautiful princess?

13. The Christmas Sisters

The Christmas Sisters is a 2018 published romance novel written by Sarah Morgan.

This story is about the McBride household comprising a woman, Suzanne McBride, and her three adopted daughters, Hannah, Beth, and Posy. Suzanne couldn’t be less excited for Christmas as she is looking forward to a warm family celebration, but each of the daughters has her life crisis. Will Christmas go as Suzanne expects it to?


These books are a must-read from my side. I can guarantee you that these will make your Christmas even more fulfilling.

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