Top 13 Halloween Books To Read For Children

top 13 halloween books to read for kids

Reading is a healthy habit and I believe that it needs to be developed from the very beginning. These days, young kids are more into electronic gadgets and not into any healthy physical or mental activity, which will have unhealthy and long-term effects on their bodies. Isn’t it better if they spend their time doing something as productive as reading? I’m sure you agree, but how do we get today’s kids to read books? Well, they will like it if the book is related to something that interests them, something like Halloween!

I have a few young cousins who are crazy about Halloween, ghosts, and all kinds of scary stuff. I believe that it’s an age where you’re more into fictional and superstitious things, but why don’t we use it for their benefit? Whenever I visit my young cousins, I take a few books related to Ghosts and Halloween with me, which are neither too scary, nor too mild for them to develop good reading habits.

There are numerous Halloween books available, which are meant specially for kids to develop reading habits with fun and be more creative. Such books are specially intended to create young minds and let them know more about the Halloween tradition.

Since Halloween is approaching, why not indulge the young kinds around us in the fruitful habit of reading, starting with some scary but not so frightening horror books.

13 Halloween Books For Kids

These are some horror novels that I personally recommend the young ones around me to start reading with.

1. Peek-A-Boooo!


Peek-A-Boooo! is a children’s literary book written by Sandra Magsamen in 2018.

It is a simple, short book filled with illustrations to be liked by young children. The writing style of this book is also effortless and sweet. Focused entirely on Halloween celebration, this book is not a scary one and it gives the lesson of learning ourselves just the way we are and not changing for anyone or anything.

2. How To Scare A Ghost

how to scare a ghost

Written by Jean Reagan in 2018, How to scare a ghost is a child fiction book.

Unlike the Halloween novels meant for elders, since this book is for young ones, the children are in charge of the book and the ghost, supposed to be the kind of Halloween night, is the victim here. It is a humorous and not-so-scary book meant to be liked and enjoyed by all young children.

3. The Frightful Ride Of Michael McMichael

the frightful ride of michael mcmichael

The Frightful ride Of Michael McMichael is a horror fiction novel written by Bonny Becker in 2018.

This book is about the protagonist, Michael McMichael’s eerie ride on a bus which seemed unusual and creepy from the very beginning to him but he had an important errand to run so he had no other choice than to board it. As the ride continues, everything in the bus seems to be getting crazier and creepier than before.

4. Go To Sleep, Little Creep

go to sleep, little creep

Go To Sleep; Little Creep is a fictional bedtime storybook written by Davin Quinn in 2018.

This book is basically about putting the little ‘monsters’ to sleep. It is a perfect book for putting the young ones around you to sleep. They can either read it themselves before sleeping or be read out to by their parents or caregivers.

5. Sophie’s Halloween Disguise

sophie's halloween disguise

Sophie’s Halloween Disguise, written by Rosemary Wells in 2018, is a children’s literature book.

In this book, two kids, Sophie and Grover, swap their Halloween costumes to trick their grandmother into recognizing who is who, but when their door is opened, they get a surprise, and their grandmother is the one to do it have the last laugh.

6. Mix And Match: Halloween

mix and match: halloween

Mix And Match: Halloween was written by Roger Priddy in 2016.

This book is on the list as I feel that our little ones’ imagination and creativity shouldn’t be confined to reading and relating. It is a board Halloween book where the kids can mix and match to create their creative and desired scary characters. This board book can prove to be a great fun and valuable gift for young kids.

7. Little Blue Truck’s Halloween

little blue truck's halloween

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween is a children’s literature plus board book written by Alice Schertle in 2016.

This book shows the little blue truck picking up his friends for a costume Halloween party where everyone will be dressed as something fun. As it’s a board book, the kids can flip the flippers to find out who dresses as who.

8. Boo! Haiku

boo! haiku

Boo! Haiku is a children’s literature book written in 2016 by Deanna Caswell.

This book displays scary yet fun creatures like a skeleton, a ghost, a cat, a bat, an owl, a scarecrow, and many more characters related to a typical Halloween setup. As the book moves further page-by-page, each character that has been hiding comes out to our young readers.

9. Bad Kitty Scaredy-Cat

bad kitty scaredy-cat

Bad Kitty Scaredy-Cat is a 2016 published humorous fictional children’s literature book written by Nick Bruel.

The protagonist of this book is a cat who was brave and lion-hearted but one October, a group of huge and terrifying monsters showed up at her doorstep which turned our brave cat into a scared kitty cat but it’s enough now and it’s time she takes the matter in her hands-I mean paws.

10. The Super-Spooky Fright Night!

the super spooky fright night

The Super Spooky-Fright Night is a children’s literature book written by Tracey Corderoy in 2014.

This book is about Pandora’s grandmother, an old witch who is very friendly and fun. She is very clumsy when it comes to her magic and creates magical chaos everywhere she goes. It’s a fun story for young kids to read.

11. The Most Frightening Story Ever Told

the most frightening story ever told

The Most Frightening Story Ever Told is a mysterious horror book written by Philip Kerr in 2016.

This book is probably the most horrifying one on the entire list. This book is about Billy Shivers, who has a boring life and likes to spend his time reading at a library. One day, he is drawn to the Haunted House Of Books, where readers are challenged to survive one night of reading ghostly, terrifying horror stories.

12. Stumpkin


Stumpkin is a children’s literature book written by Lucy Ruth Cummins in 2018.

This book is about a perfect pumpkin with no wrong side, ideal roundness, and beautiful, radiant orange color. He has just one problem and that is, he has a stump in place of a stem. He desires to be a jack-o-lantern, but no one would pick him as he wants to make a lantern out of a stem-less pumpkin.

13. Room On The Broom

room on the broom

Room On The Broom is a fictional picture book written in 2001 by Julia Donaldson.

It is a sweet book for young children. It is about a witch and her cat. The witch is friendly because she invited another animal and her cat to ride on a magical flying broom.


These were some of the Halloween-related books that I always recommend to young and sweet kids, especially those into Halloween and spooky stuff.

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