13 Ultimate Books On Body Language

13 ultimate books on body language

Actions speak louder than words‘ Many of you must have heard this phrase. It is believed that actions communicate much more than what our words do and it’s pretty much accurate if you ask me. Apart from your words and actions, your body language also helps in conveying your message and display your confidence.

As an active reader, I’ve not read much about the facts and psychology behind one’s body language but still I can notice every person’s posture and gestures. I also make sure I’m at my best posture when I’m up for something significant and it has always helped me get things my way.

Body Language refers to the movements and postures that our body makes both consciously and unconsciously and a person’s feelings are predicted through these actions. A person’s body language plays a vital role in maintaining one’s reputation and a person with good body language is least likely to create embarrassment in a social situation. Having a good knowledge about body movements and actions can also make you a good judge of people.

I am very particular about behavior and body movements and some of the credit goes to the books I’ve read. Let me share some of them with you to make you just as conscious regarding body language as many people.

13 Best Books About Body Language

Out of all the books I’ve read, here’s a list of few books I found to be the best regarding body language. After a good investment of time and researching, I found many more and have added to the list as well.

1. You Say More Than You Think

you say more than you think

You Say More Than You Think: Use the New Body Language to Get What You Want! The 7-Day Plan, written by Janine Driver and Mariska van Aalst, is a self-help book published in 2010.

This book is here to prove everyone wrong. It claims that whatever we might have heard till now regarding body language is wrong and we might be giving out the wrong message to others unconsciously. This book tells us the correct body movements for the right situations.

2. What Every BODY Is Saying

what every BODY is saying

What Every Body Is Saying is a self-help book written in 2008 by Joe Navarro.

This book is about reading others’ body gestures, movements, and expressions. It helps you better understand how others react in a particular situation and enables you to make out when one is lying about something. 

3. Spy The Lie

spy the lie

In 2008, Spy The Lie is a self-help book by Don Tennant, Michael Floyd, and Susan Carnicero.

This book is there to make you a master of uncovering lies and deceptions by reading one’s body gestures. People think they are masters at deceiving others, but once you’ve read this book, they wouldn’t be able to lie at your face again.

4. Winning Body Language

winning body language

Winning Body Language: Control the Conversation, Command Attention, and Convey the Right Message Without Saying a Word is a self-help book published in 2010 and written by Mark Bowden.

This book talks about how leaders make good use of their body language while presenting an idea, hosting a meeting, negotiating deals, or delivering a speech in front of people and how it plays a crucial role in maintaining their role as a good and powerful leader.

5. Without Saying A Word

without saying a word

Without Saying a Word: Master the Science of Body Language and Maximize Your Success is a 2018 self-help book written by Kasia Wezowski and Patryk Wezowski.

This book focuses on the minor details of one’s actions and tells us how they can affect the message we are trying to give out. Even the people who know how to have a proper body posture for every situation make some brief but grief mistakes that this book addresses.

6. The Silent Language Of Leaders

the silent language of leaders

Written in 2011, The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can Help–Or Hurt–How You Lead is a self-help book by Carol Kinsey Goman.

This book is for aspiring and existing leaders as to how having proper body language is a must for them to create and maintain their effectiveness on their team and their work. This book is a must for you if you are to manage a team.

7. Body Language

body language

Body Language is a 1981 published self-help book written by Allan Pease.

This book talks about the concept of body language as a whole and how we can interpret what’s going on inside a person’s head by just overserving their movements, postures, and gestures.

8. The Definitive Book Of Body Language

the definitive book of body language

The Definitive Book Of Body Language, written by Alan Pease and Barbara Pease, is a 2004 self-help book.

It is a simple book about how having appropriate body language can help us from day-to-day life. From acing an interview to creating an excellent first impression on someone, a proper posture and the right gestures are all it takes.

9. Body Language Mastery

body language mastery

Body Language Mastery is a 2019 published psychological self-help book by Brandon Cooper.

It is a combination of 4 books in 1, namely The Ultimate Psychology Guide to Analyzing, Reading, and Influencing People Using Body Language, Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Persuasion, and Manipulation. The topics like emotional intelligence, manipulation, and persuasion have been talked about in it.

10. Captivate


Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People is a self-help book written by Vanessa Van Edwards in 2017.

This book, through science-backed reasonable facts and first-hand real-life experiences, reveals how one can take charge of any interaction, be it a personal or a professional one. It teaches us skills like reading a person’s face and how we can go up and talk to anyone we want.

11. The Secret Language Of Your Body

the secret language of your body

The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness is a 2007 published self-help book written by Inna Segal.

This book takes a different approach to body language than other books on the list. It talks about the fitness aspect of having proper body language and how people’s lives are affected just because they don’t have proper posture while carrying out their everyday activities.

12. The Secrets Of Body Language

the secrets of body language

The Secrets of Body Language: An Illustrated Guide to Knowing People Are Thinking and Feeling was a psychological self-help book by Philippe Turchet in 2012.

This book talks about how most of us might be giving our completely different messages to what we wanted to and must be interpreting the wrong meaning out of a person’s message, just because of inappropriate body language. This book tells us what gestures go with the type of message we’re supposed to give out and how to read the hidden meanings behind someone’s gestures.

13. Signals


Written in 1984, Signals: How to Use Body Language for Power, Success, and Love is another Allan Pease written self-help book on the list. 

The three ultimate and the most common things a person wants in their life are power, success, and love. This book tells us how one can increase their chance of attaining all three by mastering proper body postures, movements, and signals.

Final Words

Body language plays a crucial role in one’s life in every aspect. Proper body language increases one’s chance of becoming successful and this is not something one needs to be born with. It can be learned through a person’s lifetime and the books mentioned above are just the right ones for doing so.

If you liked this book list, I bet you would love the below recommended books:

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