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Hands of a Robot and a Human | 15 Top Books on Technology | 2022

How many of you use social media daily? Yeah, right. Is that even a question? Most (probably all) of you use social media in your daily life. It’s all technology. I’m sure there isn’t a single significant task you can’t get done with the help of technology in today’s era. But still, a lot of us have a lot to catch up on regarding technology in the world today, and to do that, here I am with a list of 15 excellent books that’ll update you on today’s scenario in terms of technology.

I believe it wouldn’t be wrong to say that technology is our future. I mean, think and make a list of all the things you do daily with the help of technology. There are a lot of them. Even if you talk about trading, you don’t necessarily need to buy physical books in today’s time. You can buy, read, and sell books online! How amazing is that?! I wouldn’t say that I’m a technology ‘pro,’ but I like to learn more about it, and these books have helped me with that.

Knowing about technology in today’s time is not just a desire but a necessity as anywhere, and everywhere you go, you need to have at least basic technical knowledge and skills. As much as news and tech magazines would help, there’s no way of keeping yourself up-to-date with technical information and facts than reading a few books about it. At least, that’s how I’ve done it.

Excited much? I’m sure you are! So, not holding you up here for much longer, here I present a list of recent technology books down below that you must read at all costs!

15 Books Related to Technology to Read | 2022

These books are a must for everyone!

1. The Age of AI

The Age of AI

Full Title: The Age of AI: And Our Human Future

Author:  Daniel P. Huttenlocher, Eric Schmidt, and Henry Kissinger

Genre: Non-fiction

Publishing Date: 19th October 2021


Three prominent philosophers have gathered to discuss how AI will alter our connections to information, politics, and the society in which we live in this book. By employing strategies that human grandmasters had never thought of, an AI learned to win at chess.

Another AI discovered a novel antibiotic by analyzing molecular characteristics that human scientists did not fully comprehend. Jets driven by AI are now outperforming skilled human pilots in computer-simulated duels. AI is becoming available in various industries, including browsing, broadcasting, healing, education, and many more. This is changing how people perceive the world.

2. Futureproof


Full Title: Futureproof: 9 Rules for Humans in the Age of Automation

Author: Kevin Roose

Genre: Self-help book

Publishing Date: 4th March 2021


The author of this book presents a positive, realistic perspective on how humanity might prosper in the era of AI and automation. Using lessons like Be surprising, social, scarce, Resist machine drift, and other strategies, he divulges the techniques employed by individuals and organizations that have made it out alive in earlier waves of technological change. He also outlines the skills required to stay one step ahead of today’s intelligent machines like:

  • Trace your handprints.
  • Deactivate your gadgets.
  • Treat AI like a troop of chimpanzees.

He disagrees with the popular wisdom that says we must evolve into hyper-efficient, data-driven workhorses to succeed in the AI era. He argues that we should put more effort into becoming more human and engaging in activities that even the most sophisticated robots cannot perform.

3. Exponential


Full Title: Exponential: How Accelerating Technology Is Leaving Us Behind and What to Do About It

Author: Azeem Azhar

Genre: Non-fiction

Publishing Date: September 2021


The author, a well-known technology analyst and host of the Exponential Podcast View presents a ground-breaking new framework for comprehending why technology is evolving so quickly and how it profoundly affects society. He bases his argument on the notion of an accelerating gap in which the rate of technological advancement exceeds the capacity of our society to keep up.

The author demonstrates how this gap explains several contemporary issues, including political division, skyrocketing inequality, and unfettered corporate dominance. He explores how the exponential gap is a nearly unavoidable result of the advent of AI, automation, and other exponential technologies that are on the horizon, such as renewable energy, 3D printing, and synthetic biology.

4. The Cloud Revolution

The Cloud Revolution

Full Title: The Cloud Revolution: How the Convergence of New Technologies Will Unleash the Next Economic Boom and A Roaring 2020s

Author: Mark P. Mills

Genre: Non-fiction

Publishing Date: 2021


The author predicts that over the next ten years, a convergence of technology will instead lead to an economic boom that history will refer to as the Roaring 2020s. It will result through the convergence of significant advancements in three key technological areas, namely microprocessors, materials, and machines, rather than a single major invention. Everything now has a microprocessor integrated into it. The building blocks of everything are developing new, almost supernatural qualities.

Machines, which produce and transport a wide variety of goods, are also changing in a complementary way. The Cloud, the most significant infrastructure in human history founded on the fundamentals of next-generation microprocessors and artificial intelligence, is accelerating and allowing all of this.

5. The Science and Technology of Growing Young

The Science and Technology of Growing Young

Full Title: The Science and Technology of Growing Young: An Insider’s Guide to the Breakthroughs That Will Dramatically Extend Our Lifespan . . . and What You Can Do Right Now

Author: Sergey Young

Genre: Non-fiction

Publishing Date: 24th August 2021


Author Sergey Young, an investor and an insider in the sector, simplifies this book’s lifespan landscape. He cuts through the hype to teach readers what they can do right away to live better and longer and provides a glimpse into the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. We can radically change the study of aging and make it available to everyone if we think of aging as a disease that can be treated.

This book reinvents what it is to be human and grow up by combining helpful guidance with a fantastic overview of the new glorious world.

6. Skin-Close Computing and Wearable Technology

Skin-Close Computing and Wearable Technology

Full Title: Skin-Close Computing and Wearable Technology

Author: Andrews Samraj

Genre: Non-fiction

Publishing Date: November 2021


The concept of wearable tech, the need for wearables, its benefits, application areas, state-of-the-art advancements in this field, necessary materials and technology, potential future software, including cyborg developments, and the need for this area of influence in the future are all explained in this book.

The three main components of the scope are wearable technology, wearable computing, and related technologies. It helps the reader understand a wearable computing device’s necessity and practical uses.

Various examples and case studies from many fields outline a hybrid idea for virtual reality and medical care. It also provides samples of product-level descriptions and research proposals for upcoming development. Introduces different wearable technologies and associated technologies that will enable wearable computing.

7. Genius Makers

Genius Makers

Full Title: Genius Makers: The Mavericks Who Brought AI to Google, Facebook, and the World

Author: Cade Metz

Genre: Biography

Publishing Date: 16th March 2021


The author takes us into the settings where these concerns are being addressed through in-depth reporting and exclusive access to hundreds of interviews. Without many of us even knowing, an incredibly potent new artificial intelligence has been ingrained into our most prominent corporations, public debate, and everyday lives.

Artificial intelligence was a project relegated to the periphery of the scientific community for a long time since it was thought to be a technology of the far future. Then two researchers brought about a radical change. One of them was a professor of computer science who was 64 years old and could no longer sit down. Yet, he nonetheless traveled across North America for the occasion that would usher in a new era of technology.

8. The New Breed

The New Breed

Full Title: The New Breed: On Robots and Animals

Author: Kate Darling

Genre: Non-fiction

Publishing Date: 20th April 2021


Here, the author, a known authority on robot ethics, demonstrates that we must first get past the notion that this technology will resemble us to comprehend the new robot world. She contends that we ought to focus on our interactions with animals instead. Robots will complement rather than replace our skills and abilities, just as humans have used animal power to help us in both combat and work.

This book illustrates how the treatment of machines can provide new knowledge of our history, our systems, and how we interact with one other and non-humans in a fundamentally creative examination of our new future and the moral challenges that lie ahead.

9. An Ugly Truth

An Ugly Truth | 15 Top Books on Technology

Full Title: An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s Battle for Domination

Author: Cecilia Kang and Sheera Frenkel

Genre: Biography

Publishing Date: 13th July 2021


The writers use their unmatched sources to take readers inside the intricate court politics, alliances, and rivalries within the business to highlight the catastrophic flaws in the computer giant’s structural design. Their surprising discovery that the mistakes of the previous five years were not an aberration but rather an inevitable result of how Facebook was designed to operate came from their explosive, insider reporting.

Under the direction of Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, growth has been relatively the one constant during a time of unprecedented turmoil. Both have been praised as icons of executives who are distinctly 21st century. She is the ultimate businesswoman and has inspired millions of people via her books and speeches, while he is a tech boy prodigy who became a millionaire.

10. My Robot Gets Me

My Robot Gets Me | 15 Top Books on Technology

Full Title: My Robot Gets Me: How Social Design Can Make New Products More Human

Author: Carla Diana

Genre: Technology

Publishing Date: 4th May 2021


We see how creative applications of light, music, and movement can elicit human responses to even the most ordinary objects by presenting realistic examples of social design guidelines, including product presence, object expressiveness, and interaction intelligence. Diana provides concise instructions and critical insights for envisioning, creating, and perfecting products using scenario storyboarding, video prototyping, behavior charts, and more.

Anyone interested in or active in the developing smart market, from product developers and designers to executives and venture capitalists, will benefit from this book’s insightful insights and actionable suggestions.

11. Reality Media

Reality Media | 15 Top Books on Technology

Full Title: Reality Media: Augmented and Virtual Reality

Author: Blair MacIntyre, Jay David Bolter, and Maria Engberg

Genre: Non-fiction

Publishing Date: 16th November 2021


This book firmly embeds virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in modern media culture. The authors see AR and VR as media, the most recent in a line of what they call reality media, taking their position alongside film and television rather than the newest, most touted technologies.

Reality media adds a media layer between us and how we perceive the outside world. AR and VR do not replace reality. Instead, they reshape it for us. Each reality media filters and corrects. It provides a fresh picture that we unconsciously contrast our direct and indirect world experiences.

12. AI 2041

AI 2041 | 15 Top Books on Technology

Full Title: AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future

Author: Chen Qiufan and Kai-Fu Lee

Genre: Sci-fi

Publishing Date: 14th September 2021


The former head of Google China and bestselling author of AI Superpowers collaborates with renowned novelist Chen Qiufan to picture our world in 2041 and how AI will influence it in this intriguing book. They take readers to a variety of eye-opening 2041 locales in ten riveting short stories, including:

  • In Tokyo, a music lover is engulfed in a VR and mixed reality-based type of superstar worship.
  • A teenage girl in Mumbai rebels when AI’s analysis of big data interferes with romance.
  • Parentless twins in Seoul have new methods to interact thanks to virtual companions with honed natural language processing (NLP) abilities.

13. Proxies

Proxies | 15 Top Books on Technology

Full Title: Proxies: The Cultural Work of Standing In

Author: Dylan Mulvin

Genre: Non-fiction

Publishing Date: 17th August 2021


Some parts of the world end up serving as standards for other parts for technology designers, with which they develop and calibrate. Even though they are hidden from view, these proxies nonetheless hold distinct values. The author investigates how infrastructures, standards, and technology unavoidably reflect the cultural contexts of their administrative homes.

He looks into some of the fundamental components of our common infrastructures via archive research. He narrates the development of technology through the labor and social customs of individuals such as those who clean kilos to maintain the metric system, the women who act as test subjects, and the actors who portray the illness and incapacity of medical students.

14. In Silico Dreams

In Silico Dreams | 15 Top Books on Technology

Full Title: In Silico Dreams: How Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology Will Create the Medicines of the Future

Author: Brian S. Hilbush

Genre: Non-fiction

Publishing Date: 14th July 2021


This book offers a revealing and novel viewpoint on the fusion of two robust technologies, AI and biotech. Successful CEO, author, and genomics expert provides readers with a brilliant examination of the most recent work of innovative tech behemoths and biotechnology startups that have already begun altering healthcare.

The book offers a thorough grasp of the innovation-producing factors causing the medical establishment to move away from therapeutic discoveries made by chance and toward designed drugs and curative treatments.

15. Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons

Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons | 15 Top Books on Technology

Full Title: Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons

Author: Herbert S. Lin

Genre: Non-fiction

Publishing Date: 2021


This book is the first to address these risks thoroughly. Herbert S. Lin breaks down the cyber hazards to the American nuclear enterprise in his book Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons. This book walks readers through a little-understood part of the risk profile that policy decisions should be predicting, with the help of several scenarios that clarify the junction of cyber and nuclear risk.

This is the first book to examine cyber hazards across the nuclear sector, and its recommendations for managing the conflicts between developing nuclear capabilities and rising cyber risk are vital.

Final Words

Wasn’t this just mind-blowing? I had so much fun reading and writing about these books. As I already mentioned, I’m not a very technical kind of a person, so a lot of terms were new to me, but not anymore! I can confidently say these were indeed a bunch of informational books that are also engaging to read—highly recommended to read from my side!

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