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Six months have gone, and six are left to go. This year is passing so swiftly that it’s almost hard to believe. It only seems like yesterday we all were panicking over the increasing Covid count, and look at us now, healing at such a rapid rate. The Earth is healing and evolving gradually. Not only the Earth, but also the books being published with every passing year, month, week, and even day have evolved so much that it’s so crazy to even think about! I’ve got such 17 amazing books publishing in July 2022.

Honestly, I haven’t been doing anything else but reading for a while now. You won’t believe I’ve formed a new record of completing five books in 2 weeks! Sick, right? I have already finished reading almost all the books I bought for June 2022, and I’m excited about the books for July 2022. From what I’ve looked up online, these books will cause a blast in the book market.

July 2022 is going to be a pretty busy month for all the readers and book lovers, especially on the 5th and 26th of July 2022, as the most amazing books are scheduled to be released on those days! The book market scenario will be worth watching as everyone would be fighting to get their favorite books. It won’t take long for them to go out of stock, so buckle up and grip your books as soon as possible.

The list of books for July 2022 is so amazing that it’s almost impossible for a person to choose their favorite. But still, one can try. So without any further ado, let’s dive into it!

17 Best Books Publishing in July 2022

Here’s the list of awesome books lined up for publishing this July!!

1. Booked on a Feeling

Booked on a Feeling

Full Title: Booked on a Feeling

Author: Jayci Lee

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date: 26 July 2022


Jack Park wasn’t expecting Lizzy to return to Weldon, but he now has three weeks to enjoy with the girl of his desires. Lizzy is spending three weeks in Weldon to recover from her stress and discover what went wrong. There is no better place to refresh than the tiny California city where she spent her summers as a child with Jack, her best friend. 

His decades-long infatuation for her is unknown to her, and he plans to stay that way. He is an accountant at his family’s business who has never left his hometown, and she is a strong lawyer who lives in Los Angeles. He can’t take a chance on their relationship.

2. The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard

Full Title: The Bodyguard

Author: Katherine Center

Genre: Domestic Fiction

Publishing Date: 19 July 2022


Hannah Brooks may appear to be a kindergarten teacher, but she is an Executive Protection Agent recently hired to defend renowned celebrity Jack Stapleton from a stalker. Jack Stapleton is known for emerging from the surf in various tight board shorts and shining like a Roman deity, among other things. However, after a family catastrophe a few years ago, he disappeared from the public spotlight and disappeared from off-radar. When Jack’s mother becomes ill, he returns to the family’s Texas ranch to assist.

There’s just one catch: he doesn’t want his stalker to learn of his household or about the bodyguard issue. As a result, Hannah discovers herself claiming to be Jack’s girlfriend as a cover, without her will and better judgment.

3. The Last to Vanish

The Last to Vanish

Full Title: The Last to Vanish

Author: Megan Miranda

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Publishing Date: 26 July 2022


For ten years, Abigail Lovett has been operating The Passage Inn. A quaint, elegant lodge tucked in the North Carolina mountain village of Cutter’s Pass. Cutter’s Pass is renowned for its outdoor recreation, such as rafting and hiking, as well as its intriguing past and accessibility to the Appalachian Trail via a beautiful waterfall. 

When writer Landon West, lodging at the inn to explore the story of the vanishing trial, vanishes himself, the spate of unexplained disappearances that have plagued the community is thrown back into the spotlight. At times, Abby has felt out of place in society, but she has come to consider Cutter’s Pass her home. Abby can’t help but sense the community crushing in on her when Landon’s brother Trey shows there searching for solutions. She’s still on the outer looking in. 

When Abby uncovers incriminating information that could lead them closer to the truth, she soon realizes how little she understands about her colleagues, neighbors, and even family members.

4. Always Be My Duchess

Always Be My Duchess

Full Title: Always Be My Duchess

Author: Amalie Howard

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publishing Date: 12 July 2022


The harsh Duke of Montcroix, Lord Lysander Blackstone, has just one goal in mind: to increase his vast riches. He keeps his feelings deeply buried after a sequence of infidelities. Money can’t even break a man’s heart or promise things it can’t keep. When his image as a callous business person compromises a new business contract, he turns to an unorthodox and enticing remedy. 

Miss Geneviève Valery, formerly a promising ballerina, is now jobless. Nève was swiftly shown the door to the streets after rejecting to become a wealthy patron’s mistress. When she saves the life of a dashing duke by accident, she thinks the meeting could go any differently than her previous meeting with royalty. Rather than proposing to her, Montcroix presents Nève with a proposal she can’t refuse, that is, pose as his bogus fiancée in return for enough money to start again.

5. Long Story Short

Long Story Short | 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

Full Title: Long Story Short

Author: Serena Kaylor

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 26 July 2022


Beatrice Quinn, who was homeschooled in Berkeley, California, dreamed of learning new mathematical problems at Oxford University. She had always assumed that the most difficult aspect would be getting in rather than persuading her folks to get her out. But, while arithmetic always has made perfect sense to Beatrice, she has never been able to figure out how to make friends.

She must show her parents that she will not devote the next four years lurking in the library before they can send her halfway around the globe. The solution is the Connecticut Shakespearean Summer Academy and a thorough checklist of adolescent changes. Beatrice must first endure six weeks in the character of an average teenager if she is to fulfill her Oxford goal.

Beatrice rapidly discovers that connections are more complex than mathematics when she is recruited by a bunch of diverse theatre youngsters and promptly makes a foe of the famous and painfully attractive British son of the camp’s proprietors. With her career on the line, this wonder kid wanders through illegal gatherings, double dog dares, and far more Shakespeare than she can handle.

6. The Charmed List

The Charmed List | 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

Full Title: The Charmed List

Author: Julie Abe

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 5 July 2022


Ellie Kobata has spent most of her high school career in the shadows, maintaining her artwork on Instagram hidden and avoiding the limelight. Ellie is part of a hidden magical community that nobody outside of it knows about, and she can’t even tell her one buddy, Lia, who she truly is.

Ellie’s sole true friend was Jack Yasuda, a childhood buddy who had strangely begun to shun her some few years previously. But, before senior year, Ellie is prepared to take some chances and have a life-changing summertime, beginning with her Anti-Wallflower List, a thirteen-item to-do list. She hopes that by making this list, she will finally break out of her shell, even though she will never be able to share her entire identity with the world. But when number 4 on Ellie’s list is getting vengeance on Jack Yasuda that goes tragically wrong, she believes her summer is doomed.

Ellie is imprisoned in a car with Jack, going to a magical convention, instead of enjoying her summer with Lia. However, as Ellie and Jack journey down the California coast, number 13 on her list, falling in love, might be occurring beyond her knowledge.

7. Circling Back to You

Circling Back to You | 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

Full Title: Circling Back to You

Author: Julie Tieu

Genre: Romance novel

Publishing Date: 12 July 2022


Cadence Lim has progressed from a backstage data cruncher to an important Prism Realty’s sales department member. Despite her advancement in the business world, her complex connection with her separated elderly father weighed heavily on her mind, and she couldn’t seem to help the urge for a fresh start. Cadence can always rely on Matt Escanilla, her favorite colleague and co-conspirator.

Matt, an always unmarried top trader with a failed love life, is continuously pestered by his adoring Filipino family to settle. When a work trip brings them back to their hometown, Matt enlists Cadence’s help as a false lover for a family event.

The new after-hours situation compels the friends to see each other differently, and their formerly suppressed emotions arise rapidly. When conflicting advancements threaten to divide Cadence and Matt, they must band together to gather their aspirations and families to promote their long-awaited love.

8. Lia and Beckett’s Abracadabra

Lia and Beckett's Abracadabra | 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

Full Title: Lia and Beckett’s Abracadabra

Author: Amy Noelle Parks

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 5 July 2022


Despite her parents’ objections, seventeen-year-old Lia Sawyer is ecstatic to receive a strange offer from her grandmother to participate in a theatrical magic competition.

But she’ll be evaluated by a group of old-school magicians who believe that because she’s a girl, her only magical abilities are to wear glittering gowns, deceive others, and be chopped, squashed, or twisted. Lia cannot seek assistance from her grandmother since she has vanished, leaving only her best magic tricks, a few cryptic hints, and a warning to stay away from the Blackwell brothers, the next generations of a rival magic family.

Lia intends to follow her grandmother’s rule until she meets the son of the most powerful old magical guard family in the world, Beckett Blackwell.

9. Below Zero

Below Zero | 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

Full Title: Below Zero

Author: Ali Hazelwood

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date: 5 July 2022


Mara, Sadie, and Hannah are first and foremost friends, then scientists. Although their areas of science may take them to various parts of the globe, they can all agree on one fundamental truth: opposites attract. 

Competitors make you burn whenever it comes to relationships and science. Hannah has a nasty feeling about this situation. Not only has a NASA aerospace engineer been wounded and abandoned in a remote Arctic research station, but the only individual willing to take on the dangerous rescue operation is her long-time adversary. 

Ian has played various roles for Hannah, including the antagonist who tried to sabotage her trip and ruin her life, as well as the man who appears in her most gloriously grotesque nightmares, but he’s not been the savior. Then why is he putting his life on the line to be here? Why does his existence threaten her heart as much as the oncoming blizzard?

10. Bet on It

Bet on It | 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

Full Title: Bet on It

Author: Jodie Slaughter

Genre: Romance Novel

Publishing Date: 12 July 2022


Aja Owens is experiencing an anxiety attack in the packaged food area of the Piggly Wiggly when she meets the guy of her dreams for the first time. The second time, he’s introduced to her as the semi-estranged grandson of her favorite bingo pal.

After that, it just takes one game for her to see that he will be an issue. And if she has one thing in abundance, it’s issued. There are just two valuable things in Greenbelt, South Carolina, in Walker Abbott’s opinion. His grandmother’s deteriorating health and the peach pie at his old favorite café. He’s pulling himself back after a decade apart, anxiously counting down until Gram recovers and he can resume his normal life. Away from the anguish that exists within the municipal lines. Only when he believes he’s got it all figured out does Aja show up to throw everything off?

This thing between them is supposed to be kept in check by a hastily formed bingo-based sex contract. Especially when giving in to their emotions risks upsetting their neatly orchestrated lives. However, emotions, like bingo callers, refuse to be dismissed.

11. That’s Debatable

That's Debatable | 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

Full Title: That’s Debatable

Author: Jen Doll

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 19 July 2022


She’s here to win, and she’s on course to do it for the fourth year in a row when she wins the state debate competition. Millie is calm, collected, and always in command. She doesn’t give a damn what other people think of her, least of all of the sexist bullies out to ruin her name. To the dismay of his colleagues, school, and parents, Taggart Strong is unconcerned with gaining debate. If the group he supports wins, he might even like losing.

However, when the competition takes a terrifying turn, Millie and Tag find themselves dealing together in unpredictable ways.

12. Beating Heart Baby

Beating Heart Baby | 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

Full Title: Beating Heart Baby

Author: Lio Min

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 26 July 2022


Everyone in the incredibly skilled marching band greets artistic and compassionate Santi with open arms as he joins his new high school.

Except for Suwa, the fiery, proud musical genius who doesn’t believe Santi has what it takes to join the band. Santi and Suwa, on the other hand, have difficult pasts in common, and as they open up to one other, a fragile friendship blossoms. And it doesn’t take long for that friendship to develop into anything more.

Will Suwa’s quest for a solo spotlight tear them apart? Will both lads come to terms with what it’ll take and how they’ll have to let that go to achieve their goals?

13. The Witchery

The Witchery | 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

Full Title: The Witchery

Author: S. Isabelle

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 26 July 2022


The town of Haelsford, Florida, is a shithole as Logan, a new witch battling to manage her talents, believes when she first reaches Mesmortes Coven Academy. Iris is a deathwatch who wants to do nothing more than break the town’s curse.

Thalia is the gifted Greenwich on the flight from her religious family and background that still bothers her. Jamilah is one of the most amazing witches at the academy whose ambition for power may lead her down a terrible path. With the Haunting Season nearing, wolves from the marsh will emerge to kill, and humans and witches will have to work together to endure the seasonal attack. However, humankind and witches have a long and bloody history, with the present peace being tough and precarious.

The risks are even higher this year, as two students from Hammersmith School set to offer their initial offerings to the witches in return for safety. When students begin to die, Iris, Thalia, Jamilah, and Logan realize they’ll have to use their abilities to stop the Wolves on their own.

14. Night of the Living Rez

Night of the Living Rez | 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

Full Title: Night of the Living Rez

Author: Morgan Talty

Genre: Literary Fiction

Publishing Date: 5 July 2022


With piercing humor, lasting empathy, and deeper understanding, the author breathes new life into family and community narratives as they fight with a traumatic background and an unknown future in twelve incredible, dazzling stories.

A youngster discovers a jar containing an ancient curse, setting his family’s unraveling in action. A man encounters a friend knocked out in the forest, his hair freezing into the snow while attempting to scam some pot from a dealer. A grandma who has Alzheimer’s projected the history onto her grandson, and two pals, motivated by Antiques Roadshow, seek to loot the tribal collection for precious root clubs.

15. Boys I Know

Boys I Know | 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

Full Title: Boys I Know

Author: Anna Gracia

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 5 July 2022


June Chu is a good but not-so-good girl. June’s mother demands that she continue in her sister’s footsteps and receive a violin scholarship to Northwestern, but she doesn’t see sense in putting in too much effort if she’s going to fail.

Instead, she concentrates her energies on officializing her connection with Rhys. But, once her carefully organized, the sloppily performed strategy goes off the rails, she jumps into a new engagement with another man who isn’t opposed to the term girlfriend.

However, as the line between love and sex fades and the temptation to plan out her whole fate begins to explode, June will have to choose on whose conditions she will live her life, even if it means irreparably fracturing her bond with her mother.

16. Wake the Bones

Wake the Bones | 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

Full Title: Wake the Bones

Author: Elizabeth Kilcoyne

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 12 July 2022


The tiny slumbering farm where Laurel Early did grow up has come to life. The ground beneath her hands is lifeless, the forests are moving, and her bone mound has just risen and left the room. After dropping out of college, she only wanted to restart her life as a tobacco worker and taxidermist and try not to worry about the boy she can’t stop loving.

Instead, a demon from her history has resurfaced to court her, much as he did years ago with her late mother. Laurel must now untangle her mother’s deadly inheritance and tap into her inner magic before her destiny, and the fates of everybody she cares about are compromised.

17. How Maya Got Fierce

How Maya Got Fierce | 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

Full Title: How Maya Got Fierce

Author: Sona Charaipotra

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 12 July 2022


Maya aspires to work in the publishing industry. Her path, though, is fixed as the daughter of garlic farmers. It’s off to Cow Camp instead.
However, when she arrives in the New York City region and discovers that one of her cousin’s girlfriends works for Maya’s favorite magazine, Fierce, an internship opportunity comes up. She can’t say no to her ideal career, even if it means upsetting her family and betraying her parents. There’s only one issue.

Maya has yet to accept the position as an intern. She’s taken a full-time position as a staff writer at Fierce. Everybody in the magazine believes she’s 26. Maya is on the verge of attaining her ambitions, even if the glossy life at Fierce isn’t nearly as glitzy and glamorous as she had thought. All attention is on her as she offers the ideal candidate for a huge story and proceeds to obtain the scoop.

Conclusion| 17 Amazing Books Publishing in July 2022

So, did you like it? Seriously, I know I was excited about these books before, but now that I’ve summarized them here, I can’t wait for them, and I’m sure all the readers out there feel the same. Also, it won’t be wrong to say that it’s the era of Young Adult fiction and Contemporary Romance. Look at the list (I’m not complaining, though)! It’s all so amazing.

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