30 Best Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

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It needs to be specially selected when you gift someone for who they are rather than what they like. Especially gifting to a library lover is challenging, so in this article, I’m going to talk about 30 gift ideas for library lovers.

“There is only one thing that could replace a book. The next book.”

I know a few friends who read books. They read, they’ll read and read. Getting obsessed with something you love and that which wouldn’t hurt you is one of the best and worst feelings at the same time.

Surprising a library lover with something that they’ll be excited by but that which is not a book is something you must keep your mind busy about. There are a hundred options out there like books, E-books subscription, scented candles, book lamps—you can choose from to gift your friend who is forever fascinated by words, books, and libraries.

So without any further ado! Let’s get started.

30 Awesome Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

1. Books

Image of books. | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

A book freak would always enjoy books, even if they have a library at home. So, if you are looking for a classic gift for a library lover, a book of their favorite genre is the best choice.

2. Kindle

Image of Kindle.  | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

If you are looking for an upgraded version of gifting books, then kindle paperwhite is here for you. Some love reading books in hand, while others are more comfortable with e-book readers and tablets as they are portable, customizable, can have millions of books within a 10-inch screen, and much more.

3. Audiobook Subscription

Book with headphones.  | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

If your reader friend loves reading but does not have much time for it, then gift them an audible subscription. There are various choices for the subscription, and you can choose anything per your budget. While audiobooks give a partial experience and feel like reading a book, they can still be a good choice when you cannot spend time but are desperate to read books.

4. Sign Them up for a Book Club.

Image of book with subscription. | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

It’s always a great feeling to read your favorite book or any book with peeps as keen on reading as you are. So, if your friend likes reading books with some great company, sign them up for a book club for their birthday or as soon as you want to see them excited.

Sometimes, a book can be a book. Your gift can be a piece or any form of their favorite book. Here, we have picked up our favorite gifts that can stay forever with them, reminding them of you and their favorite books.

5. Book Stamp

book stamp Image. | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

A book stamp is one of the cute gifts you can give someone. There are many websites that customize these stamps with their names or the name of their favorite authors or any of their famous quotes. If you’re gifting someone who is a library lover and journals, this is the one for you.

6. Bookmark

bookmark. | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

Any library lover will love bookmarks. And these days, bookmarks aren’t just hard sheets with quotes. They are available in various forms. Wooden and metal bookmarks are public on many websites. And you know what? They can be customized. There are multiple sites where you can gift bookmarks by customizing them with quotes, paintings, and pictures.

7. Line Pointer

line pointer. | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

If you are about to gift someone who is so busy but reads at least lines or paragraphs in the middle of everything, give them this. There are lovely and customized line pointers available in the market. These are also available in plastic, metal, and wood.

8. Scented Candle

scented candles images. | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

Customized scented candles – A blend of peace and excitement. 

You can customize the candle covers with pictures of your favorite authors or books.

9. Book Lamp

Book Lamp. | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

A book lamp is something most readers wish to buy. Most people read books while going to bed and it is usual that they often sleep while reading after a long busy day, but with the lights on. If your friend is someone like this, amaze them with a night lamp.

10. Customized Coffee Mug

customized coffee mug.  | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

A coffee mug may sound like an ordinary gift, but trust me. Avid readers need this. And most importantly, someone who loves morning reads. Any library lover would love a cup of coffee and a pleasant breeze with a book.

11. Miniature Bookshelf

Miniature book selves. | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

A miniature bookshelf is another cute gift. You can find this easily on online sites. It seems like a showcase gift, but it is still a great choice if the friend loves small handcrafted items.

12. First Edition Books

First edison books.  | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

I’d love a first-edition book by my favorite author. Everyone loves. This is not a budget-friendly gift if you are looking for one—and not an easy gift. It would help if you found legitimate websites that deliver genuine first-edition books. But if you can find one and if that site has a book you want to buy. That—ends the discussion.

13. Invisible Bookshelf

invisible book selves.  | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

Are you gifting someone who has a mini library at home? Buy them this. These look elegant and also act as a part of home décor. These are available on amazon and other online sites. These make the books look like they are hanging in the air.

This one is a must-choice if your friend loves organizing their mini library – creatively.

14. Lap/Bookstand

Lap book stand. | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

Only some people read sitting on a chair and keeping the book on a table. Most readers look for comfortable and flexible ways of reading. Gifting them a book stand would aid great help for them to read conveniently in any position.

15. Book Locket

Book locket.  | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

Creative gifts are everywhere today. These lockets can also be customized with their favorite books. Gifting them there would be a book-ish stylish addition to their wardrobe.

16. Book Art

Book art. | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

If your gift is to someone who is an absolute art lover and a reader, gift them this. There are paintings and artworks available in the market, including pictures of book covers.

17. Shot Glass with Favorite Author’s Quotes

shot glasses. | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

This can be an exclusive gift if you want something funny, classy, and creative. Though these might be expensive, they will be worth the cost.

18. Neckband Lamp

Neck lamp

Travelers who are reading freaks would need this. It is only sometimes possible or convenient to read with the flash on if you are traveling somewhere. This can also greatly aid those who go to bed reading.

19. Book-Shaped Pen Holder

Book shape pen holder

Gifting a reader who is also a writer? Surprise them with these customized book-shaped and front-cover printed pen holders.

20. Customized Vases

Customize vase

Flower vases can be printed on the front covers of books and can be gifted. These are available in the shape of a book itself. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for something adorable.

21. Tote Bags

tote bags.

Who doesn’t love tote bags today? And which library lover wouldn’t love a tote bag printed with their favorite author’s face that can be taken everywhere carrying everything?

22. 1000 Books to Read before You Die

books self

Though this is similar to the book bucket list that you can consider gifting, this is something classic you can give a book freak.

23. Book Bucket List

Bucket list. | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

A book bucket list is one of the best gifts on a birthday or new year. There are a lot of keen readers who set upon a list or target of a particular number of books.

This is a great choice also for people who are beginning to read books. Bucket lists are always exciting, and a book bucket list is more exciting.

24. ‘Do Not Disturb’ socks.

socks with do not disturb written.

Does your friend complain about people often disturbing them while reading? Buy them these do-not-disturb socks. Let them wear it, sit on a cozy sofa, take an exciting thriller novel in hand, and read until they are done. Shhhh! Do not disturb.

25. Miniature Highlighter

Miniature Highlighter

If your friend is a non-fiction reader, who reads many factual and informative books, gift them these little highlighters. They are cute, handy, and usable.

26. Book of the Month

Book of the month. | Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

This is a thoughtful gift as an audible subscription. Getting your close one’s a subscription to this will give them a target to complete a new book every month.

27. Any Book Collection

book Image.

Fiction readers love book collections. Any fiction lover will have a Harry potter series at home. So, find their favorite genre and gift them the best collection of series books.

28. Authors Cards

authors card

An author card is an exciting gift, especially if that person loves card games. You can print or customize cards with pictures of their favorite authors, books, or quotes. They can have this as a memory for a lifetime.

29. Book Printed Scarves or Wearables.

Printed scarves.

This can be a good choice if your friend or the person you are gifting to is also a fashion freak. You can customize scarves, dresses, and t-shirts as any other gift with their favorite books, author names, or quotes from their favorite books.

30. Bookworm Pencil

pencil from bookworm.

Bookworm pencil is a brand dedicated to library lovers. It has pencils that have printed texts on them with the names of famous books from every genre. You can customize it as per your choice too.

Conclusions | 30 Best Gift Ideas For Library Lovers

Indeed, any library lover loves things that would serve as a part or fragment of anything related to them and reading. Choosing the right gift is a difficult task.

Make sure you gift them something they can connect to, cherish and enjoy. Happy reading! Happy gifting!

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