31 Crazy Book Tattoos That Will Make You Look Cool

31 crazy book tattoos that will make you look cool

If you’re a book lover, you would know that reading isn’t the only thing we like about books. Apart from a huge book collection, what else book-related stuff do we own? Bookmarks? Check. Book-themed keychains? Check. Crazy bookends? Double-check! Book-themes tattoo? Not checked. At least that’s how it goes for me. But don’t worry, I’ve researched a lot about them and here, I’ll be sharing with you guys, some very cool book tattoo designs for us to choose from them.

You see, I wasn’t very comfortable with the idea of getting a tattoo as I didn’t want something so permanent on my body. But once I laid my eyes on some very cool book-based tattoos, I’m actually looking forward to it very much. I have actually shortlisted quite a few of them but if not all, I’ll definitely get at least two of them.

Many people consider tattoos as a sign of delinquency but I don’t think that’s true. I feel like getting tattoos is a way of expression for a person. If you’re a book lover, you would understand how much we love to flaunt anything book-related we have. Getting a book-themed tattoo would be like a way for us to express our fondness for reading to the world.

Now, all you fellow readers, let’s get to the tattoo designs that I specially hand-picked by me for all of us to have a look at them together.

31 Book Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Want One Instantly

These are a few crazy book tattoos for us to chat about.

1. Broken Skin Tattoo

broken skin tattoo
Source: pinterest.com

This one looks so realistic. It looks like the owner’s entire body is made of paper from books. I liked this one. It is so unique and looks cool. If I get one, it’ll probably be on my back right below my left shoulder blade. 

2. Flying Books Tattoo

flying books tattoo
Source: favim.com

This one is not too fancy, not too simple. It’s a mix of both in just the right proportions. Birds are beautiful and so are books. This tattoo is a blend of both beautiful things. If I decide to have this one done, it’ll be on my arm, starting from the wrist going up t the elbow joint.

3. Quotes Tattoo

quotes book tattoo
Source: buzzfeed.com

I loved this one at first sight only! What’s more interesting and fun than having a quotation (or a few) tattooed on your body from your favorite book? I’m sure I’ll be getting this one of those tattoos done. As far as the design area is concerned, I’ll be having this one on my collar bone.

4. Ornate Book Tattoo

ornate books tattoo
Source: inkme.tattoo

This design owes its title ‘ornate.’ look at how beautifully decorated and detailed it is. It is full of colors yet not very fancy. It’s just a simple, sober, and colorful tattoo design. I would be willing to get this one on my right shoulder.

5. A Pile Of Books Tattoo

a pile of books tattoo
Source: tattooblend.com

This one depicts the owner’s love and crazes for a big book collection. It’s definitely made for someone like me who likes to flaunt their book collection. If I have to get this one, I’ll get it done on my upper arm, starting from the elbow joint.

6. Vintage Book Design Tattoo

vintage book design
Source: nextluxury.com

No list can be complete without some old-school vintage designs. Now that we’re discussing tattoo designs, how can we forget this one here? At first, I couldn’t even believe that it was not a painting but a tattoo. If I ever think of getting this tattoo done, It’ll probably be on the shoulder.

7. Floating Books Design Tattoo

floating books tattoo
Source: favim.com

First flying and now floating. Books can do anything. I feel calm just by looking at it. Doesn’t this seem so peaceful and graceful? I’ve seen this design before many times with butterflies. I wasn’t a big fan of it then, but now that I’ve seen butterflies replaced with books, I’m all in for it. I’ll probably think about getting this on my back, just like in the picture.

8. Bundle Of Books Tattoo

bundle of books tattoo
Source: nextluxury.com

Not to be confused with the previously mentioned tattoo on the list, that one’s a pile and this one’s a bundle. While many would say they’re the same, I would strongly disagree. Both might seem somewhat the same but are unique in their ways. If not the pile, then I’ll be getting this bundle of books done.

9. Other Language Book Tattoo

other languages book tattoo
Source: inkme.tattoo

I love quotes that are in languages other than English. Especially when they occur inside a book. I don’t know about you guys, but it’s quite classy and attractive for me. I am having such a quotation, not in English tattooed would look super elegant and graceful. It’ll probably be having one on my right wrist.

10. Ships And Books Tattoo

ships and books tattoo
Source: kickassthings.com

This one represents the dream of every book lover. If I get an option, I’d like to sail off in the faraway seas so that I can read books peacefully. The world here is just too noisy for reading, you know. I’d say on the shoulder if I were to pick an area to get this done.

11. Letters Book Tattoo

letter and book tattoo
Source: pinterest.com

This one is rather an abstract design. Letters are coming out of it and I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty calming to look at. The more I look at it, The more I feel the urge to have this one on my body. I’ll probably be having it on my back below the shoulder.

12. Harry Potter Book Tattoo

harry potter book tattoo
Source: readinsideout.com

I know for a fact that most of you readers here must be Harry Potter fans. This tattoo design is especially for you guys. This tattoo lets you flaunt your love for the series in a rather cute and cheerful way. I thought this tattoo would look lovely on the back of my hand.

13. Detailed Book Design Tattoo

detailed book designed tattoo
Source: nextluxury.com

This tattoo has a detailed design and finishes, just as the title suggests. Though it’s not colorful like many others, it is one of the best and the most beautiful tattoo, in my opinion. If I decide to get this one done in the future, it’ll be on my back.

14. Multiple Elements Book Tattoo

multiple element book design tattoo
Source: inkme.tattoo

I find this one such eye candy, isn’t that true? It is so bright and contains many elements, with the key element being the books. It’s really attractive and attention-seeking. I would be willing to get this one in a rather small size on my arm.

15. Dark Book Tattoo

dark book design tattoo
Source: pinterest.com

This one is different from every other tattoo on this list. It’s dark, intimidating, and rather mature. I think it’ll be cool for those who are more into dark or horror novels. I’d suggest getting this on one the shoulder.

16. Magical Book Tattoo

magical book tattoo
Source: pinterest.co.uk

Standing up to its title, this tattoo is indeed magical. Reading is the most beautiful, pleasant, and magical feeling in the whole world and that’s exactly what this tattoo represents. I would want to get this design on my arm, from my wrist to the elbow joint.

17. Fun Book Tattoo

fun book tattoo
Source: cafemom.com

Books are fun. Reading is fun. The glossy cover pages of the books are fun. Everything about books is fun and so is this tattoo. It is simple, colorful, and super attractive. It is one of the tattoos I’ve decided that I’m getting. I’ll probably get it done on my wrist.

18. Reading Owl Tattoo

reading owl tattoo
Source: pinterest.com

Owls have always been used as a symbol of intelligence and wisdom. I know many of you might not be very thrilled with the idea of having an owl tattooed on your body, but it’s not just any owl. I might think of getting this one on my back.

19. Reading Crow Tattoo

reading crow tattoo
Source: pinterest.com

Look at this! It’s a little reading crow. Now, I also know that some of you might be freaked out by the thought of having a crow tattooed on your body, but if you look closely, it’s not bad. I think it’s pretty cool and authentic-looking. If not the owl, I would get this reading crow on my back.

20. Hot Tea/Coffee And Book Tattoo

hot tea/coffee and books tattoo
Source: pinterest.com

Everyone knows and probably agrees that tea/coffee goes the best while reading a book. A book and a tea/coffee is a combination no one in this entire world can deny. I love having coffee while reading a book. I think it’s a must about this tattoo, and I’ll probably think of getting it on my back right below the shoulder.

21. New Bookmarks Tattoo

new bookmarks tattoo
Source: tattoosimages.biz

I know we all readers love bookmarks. But sometimes, we don’t have a proper bookmark around. What do we d then? Despite folding the pages, we tend to use other beautiful and harmless stuff (like flowers, petters, leaves, etc.) as bookmarks. It is how I interpret this tattoo. I’d suggest having this one on the side of the neck.

22. Colorful Books Tattoo

colorful books tattoo
Source: tattooblend.com

This one is a pretty common design, but I can’t deny the fact that it’s eye-catching and amazing. It’s so colorful it’s almost impossible for me to take my eyes off it. I am getting this tattoo and that too on my arm.

23. Watercolor Art Tattoo

watercolor art book tattoo
Source: amreading.com

This design does not seem like a tattoo at all. It looks like an artist’s bestselling painting. I mean, just look at it. It gives out so youthful, cheerful, and positive vibes. If I get one in the future, it’ll probably be on my leg.

24. Open Book Tattoo

open book tattoo
Source: askideas.com

This tattoo is one of the simplest designs here on this list. I find it nice because it’s not something big or eye-catching, so if you’re not sure about having a big, colorful, and attention-seeking tattoo, you can go for this one. I’d suggest having one on the wrist.

25. Cute Book Tattoo

cute book tattoo
Source: pinterest.com

This one is titled cute book tattoo. Do you think it’s cute? Well, I think it’s super cute. Just have a look at it. It’s nothing big or complicated. It seems like just a few lines stacked together, but it still manages to look so charming. It’ll probably be one of the first tattoos I’l get. I’m not quite sure, but I’m thinking of getting this on my neck just a little above the collar bone.

26. Galaxy Of Knowledge Tattoo

galaxy of knowledge tattoo
Source: pinterest.com

Books contain an entire universe of knowledge, creativity, and wisdom. This tattoo is just the representation of this. This design is so colorful and attractive yet so decent. If I get one in the future, it’ll be on my back below the shoulder.

27. Floral Design Book Tattoo

floral design book tattoo
Source: designrulz.com

Whenever we are to decorate anything, the first thing that comes to our minds is flowers. Floral designs are the best. They go with every theme. And now that we’re looking at tattoo designs, we wouldn’t forget our flowers here now, would we? If I make up my mind to get this one done, it’ll be on my shoulder.

28. Reading A Book Tattoo

reading a book tattoo
Source: tattooimages.biz

Making meaning out of this one wouldn’t be that hard. It’s a woman reading a book representing our love and craze for reading. I find this tattoo design to be very decent and delicate. Moreover, this lady in the design looks so elegant. I’d suggest getting this one on the back of your hand.

29. Simple Book Tattoo

simple book tattoo
Source: pinterest.com

Officially the simplest tattoo on the entire list. It is especially for those who are not very certain about getting a big tattoo or are new to the world of tattoos (just like myself) to get the point to start from. I’m not certain about other ones, but I’m pretty sure that I’m getting this one on my wrist.

30. Growth Book Tattoo

growth book tattoo
Source: pinterest.pt

This tattoo contains a beautiful message about books. Books lead people to grow both mentally, emotionally, and personally. The flowers coming out of the books represent us humans and our growth each time we read a book. I’m in love with this design and I’ll probably get it done on my ankle.

31. Flying Book Kite Tattoo

flying book kite tattoo
Source: inkme.tattoo

This tattoo shows a book kite. I want to interpret this tattoo as that books make us readers free and open-minded. Every time we read a book, it’s like we’re on a whole new level. I do think that this design is a bit too large, though. I can think of getting one smaller on my leg, starting from my ankle to just below the knee.


These were some crazy book tattoos that I looked up on the internet and found pretty cool. I like all of them, but obviously, I’ll have to choose very few of them. I can’t get all of them done (or can I?). I’ll think more about which ones to get and you should do too!

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