4 young female Kashmiri writers to look out for

4 young female Kashmiri writers to look out for

Kashmir is popularly known for its majestic beauty, Saffron, Weather, Dry, fruits, Shikara and in the past for the violence. Violence in Kashmir has made a big impact on its tourism and trade in the past years. Amidst all the tensions in the valley, the young Kashmiris have also come out on top in sports, academics and even literature. There are many young Kashmiri writers mainly female emerging in valley.

In this modern era, females are overpowering males in every platform and Kashmiri girls are no less. These Kashmiri writers have kept all the distractions of politics and violence away from their dreams. Amid all the tensions, many of the writers have emerged and published the book on their own and were heavily praised for their book.

These 4 Kashmiri writers have wrote book on different genres and have been praised highly by the people and some has even won awards. They are:

  1. Soliha Shabir
  2. Bushra Nida
  3. Rubayata Umeed
  4. Touyiba Binti Javed

Here, in this article I will tell you about the recent books of these young female Kashmiri writers and how they managed to launch their career in the same field.

4 Young Female Kashmiri Writers to Look Out For

1. Soliha Shabir

Soliha Shabir is a young Kashmiri writer who has won the title of Grand Master in Asia book of records for her book Zoon-The heart of Habba Khatoon. She has already received awards from India’s world records and India book of records.

Shabir is a 22-year old girl from Srinagar who is currently pursuing masters in English literature and had started writing since she was 15. She has written three books till now namely “In the lawn of dark“, “Obsolete- The poem market” and “Zoon- The heart of Habba Khatoon“.

All the three books of Soliha Shabir are multi-dimensional books where she wrote inspirational and motivational quotes also reflecting and recreating the theme of Habba Khatoon’s poetry and essence.

Soliha Shabir

At a very young age, she started writing as she hated being social. She was a brilliant student and was selected in medical college as well but she had no interest. Encouraged by her teacher, she started writing and wrote motivational quotes accumulated herself over the years in the first book. The second book consisted of series of poems while in the third book she recreated the life of Habba Khatoon’s poetry as she was connected with her since childhood.

She tried her best to pin the pain of Habba khatoon in the book but since not many authors can match the perfection of Habba Khatoon, Shabir tried her best to inspire the youth of J&K with her poetry to use their talent and not to waste it for fame and most of the youth is misdirected. she urges every citizen of J&K to avoid fame at the cost of tradition, language and culture.

2. Bushra Nida

Bushra Nida is a young Kashmiri writer who has won prestigious Kalam’s golden awards 2021 as best writer of the year. Kalam’s golden awards is named after Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for his contribution to the country in the field of defense, humanities, scientific developments and student’s welfare.

She is a 17-year-old-girl from Kulgam district of Kashmir. She has written three books till now as a 12th class students namely “Tulips of Feeling”, “The Davy”, and “E= mc²”.

Bushra Nida

Her first book was registered in India Book of records as soulful poem by a teenager while her second book got registered in Golden Book of World Records and Asia Book of Records.

She wrote her first book “The Tulips” on her personal loss and ecstasy to make her father proud. “The Davy” is a small book of 80 pages in which she described the physical properties of elements of periodic table in poetry. She is studying to be a doctor and loves to write on science topics which also portrays her third book.

“E=mc²” is the third book of Bushra Nida in which she used beautiful verses to describe the different theories, framed Einstein’s life and famous equations.

3. Rubayata Umeed

Rubayata Umeed is the youngest fantasy novelist of Kashmir having 2 books published under her belt. She is 16-years-old and started he career as a poet and later shifted to fantasy writing.

She belongs to the village Mulgam, 40 kms north of Srinagar. She lives with her single professor mother. Being a young novelist and fantasy writer when she told the story to her mother, they decided to publish it.

Rubayata Umeed

Now she has 2 books published namely, “Wizards X Beasts” and “Zero”. Her book never got the praise in her own homeland but she soon found he audience in South and East India.

She is a calm and composed child of Class 10th who admires nature, animals and is concerned with the issues like, Pollution, greenhouse effect, global warming, climate change, etc. She also loves painting, math & physics problems, drawing and Japanese anime shows which helped her a lot in these fantasy books.

She loves Japan, Japanese people, their culture, their names, etc. which also reflects in her stories.

4. Touyiba Binti Javed

Touyiba Binti Javed is a young fiction novelist hailing from Kashmiri. She is also one of the Kashmiri writers that grew up amid violence. She wrote her first fiction novel “LUNA SPARK and future telling clock” at the age of 12 in 2019.

She hails from Tral area of South Kashmir. Inspired by her grandfather and Italian child book author Elizabeth Dami. She had a habit of writing since 4th standard and took 1 year to complete her 1st novel while studying in class 7th.

Touyiba Binti Javed

J&K cultural academy published her novel for which she was praised from all around. Touyiba Binti Javed is a fiction novelist and poet and aims to become a literature professor and a writer.

The story of her book evolves around cats in which author herself is a cat named Lana Spark and is on a hunt for future telling clock and traveled to a kingdom of dreams. The children novel “Geronimo Stilton” motivated her to read and write creative stories.


These young Kashmiri writers are a source of inspiration for everyone around the world. Amid the tensions in the valley in the last 2-3 decades, these young writers pursued their passion in the early age to fulfill their dreams away from all the distractions of the world.

With loads of talent in the world, the youth must take an example of these young writers to follow passion as well as studies without crumbling under the unimportant distractions of the world.

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