50 Most Popular Hashtags For Book Lovers

50 most popular hashtags for book lovers

What’s new on social media these days? What’s it that most people and probably some of you do on social media to express yourself? From what I’ve noticed, hashtags are being used in a wide range these days, especially on Instagram and Twitter. It’s a generation of hashtags!

I didn’t use many hashtags while posting at first as I wasn’t familiar with their usage, but as I discovered more of them over time, I love using them! Especially while posting about a book. They upgrade my post and look pretty cool too.

Hashtags are usually used in the captions of a post for expressing more in fewer words in a stylish and GenZ manner. They make social media posts more eye-catching and make people with similar interests explore each other’s content.

 Now, since we’re all readers gathered up here, let me share with you guys the most popular and mind-blowing hashtags about books that you can use in your captions while posting. Enjoy!

50 Fantastic Hashtags For Book Lovers

Here are the 50 most crazy and popularly used hashtags for books and book lovers, along with interesting examples as to how one can use them in a caption while posting.

1. #bookaesthetic

A room filled with the smell of fresh books. The glossy paperback covers shining brightly. A chair for me to sit in the middle and books and books everywhere I look.


2. #bookish

I always top my class. Not because I’m super intelligent but because I love reading so much that I don’t care even it’s my course book I’m reading.


3. #bookaholic

Just finished a book and that makes a total of 12 in a single week and I feel like I need more.


4. #booksarelife

Guess what guys? Had to go on an impromptu trip for 2 days and I coudn’t take any of my books along and I already feel sick.


5. #bookoftheday

Oh my god!!! Got chills down my spine reading this little thing.


6. #bookster

I want this book. And this, too. And that, too. And this one’s a must. Ugh!! I want all of them!


7. #bookobsessed

Just got a total of 15 books yesterday and I’m going on a shopping spree with my cousins today. Will probably buy more books.


8. #alwaysreading

Had to go on a picnic with family. Went there reading, read after reaching there, and came back reading. Completed the whole book. Just can’t control myself


9. #bookworm

Had 5 continue lectures free today. Literally finished the entire book without a break. My friends now think that I’m crazy.


10. #booksta

Okay so I just found out that we can get paid for reading. OMG!!! My kinda job.


11. #amreading

OMG!!! I can’t believe he escaped the bullet! Can’t wait to see what is going to appen next.


12. #booknerd

Today was a holiday after so long. Spent the whole day reading but my family is complainig that I didn’t see them the entire day or even had my food due to reading. I don’t see where the problem is.


13. #bookgeek

Transfered to a new college and seems like people here aren’t familiar with the concept of reading. Kept giving me weird stares everytime I bumped into something or someone when passing by while reading. Is it not what normal people do?


14. #bookloversproblems

Don’t have a single centimeter of space left for more books but there’s a book sale going on. What do you guys suggest I should do?


15 #newbook

Bought this new friend home today. I specially saved up money for this one. Oh, it’s fresh smell, it’s so refreshing.


16. #greatreads

See this stack over here. These hold a special place in my in my heart. It’s been a while but still can’t get them out of my mind.


17. #newrelease

Hey you, fellow readers! Didn’t you get the update yet? JK Rowling’s new book has officially been released today! I’m so buying it right now!!!


18. #bookaddict

Finished two 300-pages books today and I’m on to the next one. Am I tired? Nope!


19. #bibliophile

I officially completed a collection of 500 books today! Should I open my own library? What do you guys say?


20. #literature

Books not only give you pleasure but also enhance your knowledge and vocabulary. Thery’re the ultimate source of learning.


21. #bookcommunity

Found these amazing people in my college. We all love to read and have made a group reading schedule for every weekend.


22. #booklove

Can go without eating, can go without seeping but there’s no way I’m going without reading.


23. #bookalicious

This book makes me smile and cry at the same time. It’s a whole damn package.


24. #booksforlife

My friends think that I read just because it’s in trend and I would stop once the hype goes away. Little do they know that it’s an impossible to escape this cycle.


25. #bookcrazy

I can’t hold myself from buying books everytime I pass by a bookstore. I ain’t crazy.

I am #bookcrazy

26. #bookishvibes

I like to sit in a library. Even when I’m not reading, I like to be in a library. I love the smell of books there. It’s a whole different environment.


27. #booklist

I got these 15 books today and my target is to finish them all in two weeks. I’m pretty sure I can pull it off.


28. #bookmagic

Was feeling hella sad today. Got a random book out of my bookshelf and after reading for 15 minutes, my mood got all better.


29. #booksandcoffee

It’s raining outside. I by my window, listening to the sweet sound of rain falling on the ground with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. It’s a whole different mood.


30. #cantstopreading

This book is really an intersting one. I just bought it today and I’m already halfway through it; and I’m not sleeping without completeing it.


31. #ilovetoread

What do I do when I’m feeling low? I read. What do I do when I’m tired? I read. What’s the thing I’m most excited about? It’s reading a book.


32. #bookalert

My fellow readers, I’ve got a news to share. There’s a book sale in the store near my house. Grab you wallet and run!


33. #booksmell

I went to my friend’s and her father has an entire room filled with books. I entered in there and felt so refreshing that I didn’t want to leave.


34. #nextread

So, my cousin got me this book for my birthday and it’s the best gift he’s even given me. I’ll finish it off this week itself, after I’m done with the one I’m currently reading.


35. #onmybookshelf

If anyone wants to borrow a Jane Austen book, you can contact me. I’ll lend one to to you for not more than a week. I have every Jane Austen book.


36. #whattoread

I’ve bought so many books that I can’t decide which one to go with.


37. #romcom

I love this book. Makes me giggle and sniffle at the same time.


38. #litfic

This book that I’m reading… Though it’s interesting, it’s hard to explain which genre it fits into. In fictional definitely, but has a literary theme.


39. #paperbacks

All my books need high maintenance but at the same time, they’re easy to carry, light to hold, and classy to look at.


40. #booksbooksbooks

I have booksunder my bed. I have books in my closet. I have books in all my 4 bags. I have books everywhere!


41. #weekendreads

It’s weekend finally. Now, I can relax and read these light hearted books to shed the whole week’s load.


42. #readallday

No one’s home today. Do you know what that means? No interruptions while reading! So excited and relieved.


43. #readingisfundamental

Many people say they don’t like reading but little do they know that reading forms the basics of learning anything in our lives.


44. #booksparks

People get attracted to humans of the opposite gender. I get attracted to the shiny and lusturous front pages of books. I’m different, I know.


45. #idratherbereading

The girl I hate the most is hosting a party and she invited me. Invitation accepted but I ain’t going. I don;t need that kind of negativity in my life.


46. #bedtimereading

It’s past my bedtime but I can’t sleep. Why can’t I sleep? Oh right! I didn’t read anything before laying down. I’ll go and get my book right now!!


47. #bookpassion

“Why do you read books all the time?” they asked

“To survive” I replied


48. #readersgonnaread

So, apparantly people hate seeing me having fun while reading. But do I care? Nope!


49. #epicreads

Woah! This is the most legandary book I’ve ever read! I just finished it and I’m gonna go through it again.


50. #readingtime

Okay so, I got new books today and it’s time for me to read them. Do not disturb me for next 3 hours atleast.



Posts are incomplete without hashtags these days. As stated above, they help your post be explored by others, and when you’ve made your post look glamorous with books in them, what’s the fun of it when people can see and appreciate it, right? Upgrade your posts with the help of hashtags such as the above.

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