8 Ways Of Reading Multiple Books At A Time

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Let’s get it straight, reading one book at a time can get a little bit monotonous and sober. While it is extremely common to read a book, it is also time-consuming to read one book at a time, so most people go by reading two books simultaneously.

But here is the thing. When you can read two books at a time and save some time and energy, why not increase the number gradually, say, read 3 or 4 books at a time? Wouldn’t that be a flex? Well definitely, but to master reading multiple books at a time is not that easy. But wait! How to do that? Here is how you can start!

I must say, reading multiple books at a time is a different level of thrill! And if you want to be thrilling too, this blog post will tell you how you can start reading multiple books at a time too.

There is no chemical formula to it. You just have to put yourself at ease, organize a bit, and set a different time for reading a different book, reading each book at a different place, reading different genres, reading through different mediums and sources, choosing a major book to read, and keeping the others side books, writing a synopsis of each book when you read it and being patient.

Still in a muddle? No worries! How to do each of the practices is explained below. All you have to do is just read this blog post to find out how!

1. Ease Yourself While You Try Reading Multiple Books at a Time.

If you are only used to read only one book at a time, make sure you suddenly don’t start picking up and reading three to four books at a time. You are going to be stuck and confused. You might get frustrated with yourself, and that will lead you to put off reading.

Instead start slow and go with reading two books at a time.

The primary purpose here is to make yourself comfortable. Try to start reading two books at a time. First, ease yourself, make yourself comfortable with two books, then jump to read multiple books at a time and increase the number gradually.

2. Set a Different Time For Different Book

Books with phone, glasses, and a watch

If you are trying to read different books or multiple books at a time or just starting with it, one of the ways to increase your efficiency at doing that can be to read one book at a specific time And assigning a specific time to read each specific book.

This is a great way to make your mind aware that you just have to read and think about this particular book at this particular time. This is also a great way to increase your concentration while you pick up reading multiple books at a time.

3. Read a Different Book at a Different Place

Here is the thing. Whether you realize it or not, your mind makes up a certain atmosphere related to a certain thing. The case is no different when it comes to reading multiple books at a time.

But how?

How is reading a different book at a different place helps in reading multiple books at a time?

Here is how-

When you read one book at a particular place, the mischievous mind of yours builds up a certain memory and setting to it which makes it more adaptive for you to read the book at that particular place.

And the same goes for different books that to pick up to read simultaneously.

4. Read Different Genres While Reading Multiple Books at a Time.

Why is it being advised to read different genres while reading multiple books at a time?

This is to break the monotony of the brain. One reason I would personally recommend reading different genres while reading different books at a time is that if you have to pick the same kind of books or the same genre of books to read, to read even when you’re reading multiple books at a time, the whole purpose of this activity kind of makes it vague.

Also, reading different genres will make you look forward to reading more, which is a good habit. But oh! Make sure you don’t read too much because that is not a good habit, or is it?

Also, this is very helpful in building a habit of reading.

5. Try to Read in Different Medium

Hmm… This one is a bit tricky.

I am someone who personally prefers reading through a hard copy which is also referred to as the “paperback edition” of the book. But when you are up to reading multiple books at a time, it is okay to read through different mediums.

You can opt for e-books, paperbacks when you want to use your eyes, and when not in the mood, you can opt for audiobooks- these are also a great mode to make peace with your huge TBR list.

But when it comes to which is better, the audiobooks or the hard copy of the books, this war seems never-ending because they both have their own pros and cons.

6. Choose an Important One and a Side One.

Well, this one is totally on you. While choosing the main book to read you can focus on that particular book, you can give that book more time than the other books.

For example, if you’re reading 3 books and read for 2 hours a day, read the main book for an hour and the other two books for half an hour.

This will also help you prioritize your stuff and not just the books you are reading. Because it is important to know what matters more than the others.

7. Write a Synopsis After You Read a Book.

For me, writing a synopsis of every single book I read is the best part post reading the book.

But Why to Write a Synopsis While You’re reading Multiple Books at a Time?

Writing a synopsis while you’re reading multiple books at a time is necessary if you’re too, a lazy head just like me. When I am up to reading more than one book at a time, I forget very easily what I read in the previous book.

This does not matter if you are reading a school book or reading a book for pleasure. Writing down a synopsis helps you recollect what you read.

This is just like making those short sticky notes while studying for a test! And this is why reading multiple books at a time is “thrilling”!

8. Be Patient With Your Books.

How should I put more stress on this point?

Being patient with your books while you are reading multiple books at a time is the key to reading them.

Here is why!

When you are just starting with reading multiple books at a time, it may get a bit overwhelming and you may sometimes want to quit on it.

But that is exactly when your patience will come into the picture. Being patient while you read different books simultaneously is how you will finish reading them in peace.

Or, just be ready for a small mental breakdown (just kidding.)!

Conclusion | Reading Multiple Books At a Time

Whatever may be the reason for you wanting to start reading multiple books at a time, go for it. It may seem a little difficult in the beginning but getting a hold on something is not that difficult especially when we are here to help!

You can also keep a bottle of water and grab some healthy snacks so that you don’t have to get up repeatedly and interrupt your reading in between. But make sure you take short breaks in-between so that your reading is as effective as possible!

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