9 Reasons Why You Should Never Stop Reading?

9 Reasons why you should never stop reading.

Growing up, I have the misconception that reading is only part of academics, and it is only limited to the teacher who makes us read in front of the whole class. I wondered how people were sitting alone, putting their heads into the novels while traveling in buses or trains.

I found many people reading books as a fashion until my twenties, so I bought one novel named “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas“. I read that book while traveling to college, and ever since, reading has become my daily habit and an essential part of my life. Reading helped me in transforming my life. I started using the unique words in our daily life, which I read earlier in the book. I began to know what I was unaware of, and reading makes me feel more confident and motivated.

Here in this article, I will state some of the essential reasons one person can have to continue reading books. So, if you are a person who thinks like me or anyone who started reading books but lacks interest forcing you to quit reading, this article is for you.

In this article, I have shared some of the personal insights, I experienced i my life and will guide you why you should never stop reading.

9 Reasons Why You Should Never Stop Reading

Reading Books Nourishes our Mind and Good for our Brain’s Health

You eat good food to nourish your body to remain healthy, the same applies to your mind when you read good books. You are nourishing your mind, which shapes your thought, behavior, and choices you take in your life.

In today’s era, it’s very easy to choose quick reading through social media while scrolling, as it does little to improve the quality of output of your mind, besides these medium books goes much deeper and provide us with more detailed information, it stimulates our minds to engage and ultimately improves our brain’s health.

Books are Brilliant Life Coach and Counselor

There are always people in public’s eyes whom they adore very much, I am sure you also have one of the public figures. They might be a world-class expert in the field of their particular field, a writer, an athlete, an actor, industrialist, or any philanthropist, someone you want to sit with and counsel yourself.

For most of us it’s highly unlikely we will ever get a chance for the counseling session, but if they have the book, which many do then it is the best thing that will happen to you. There are thousands of books regarding health, fashion, sanctity, there are top-notch experts who throughout their lifetime written and shared valuable information through books. They teach us directly through their books.

When you read books, the author speaks directly through his books they talk about life, wisdom, experience, mistakes, values, and lessons of life. You read them to soak up their knowledge, it the same like they are counselling you through books.

Reading Increases our Knowledge

Knowledge plays a very essential role in one person’s life. It helps us to distinguish between right and wrong, and a large part of the knowledge we gain by reading. Knowledge bridges the gap between us and helps us to understand the world better.

Reading Develops our Thinking and Changes our Perspective

Reading a book is a commitment of quality time, as books have the nature of long-form and depth, it has the details of the distinct general ideas. It eliminates rumors of our society. It helps to understand the different ideas of happiness and peace among us and also helps to fight against different perspectives.

The world is full of chaos. People are struggling against various forces of the world, and are being judged by their race, religion, and color. Societies are divided into different income groups, and a large part of these forces are catalyzed by rumors and misconceptions. So reading develops your thinking against these forces and builds a general perspective about the people.

So the way you think about something before and after reading the book will never be the same.

Reading can Accelerate our Brain Power

Now it is known that reading makes help us thinking better. It makes us smarter but reading can also increase our brain power. It’s just like we go to a jog to improve our cardiovascular system, reading regularly is a good workout that improves memory function of your brain. As people age, they face decline in memory and brain function, reading may slower the process and keep the mind sharper longer.

Reading also helps to avoid Alzheimer’s disease. If a person engages their brain in puzzling, playing chess, and especially reading they less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than the people who avoid such mental activity.

Reading Helps us to Concentrate and Focus

Reading is a source of entertainment & pleasure but we have to invest time in the process of reading. Reading also helps train our ability to concentrate and focus for a longer duration of time.

We live in the digital world and according to the researches, spending too much time on digital platform affects our brains and cognitive capacities. Thus reading books act as an exercise that trains our mind to concentrate and focus more.

Reading Increase our Intelligence and Boost our Creativity

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” 

Dr. Seuss

Reading several books opens a whole world of knowledge to us it not only increase our intelligence but it also raises our IQ Level. Reading books makes us learn different vocabularies which not only leads us to scoring higher in academics but also help grabbing the language more strongly.

Reading also helps us in developing skills. It makes us creative. Reading books on a different niche makes us creative in that particular niche, and we implement our creativity in our life. We start to see things differently and try to add more creativity to the work which we do in our day-to-day life.

Reading Knock the Stress and Help us to Relax

As we pick a book to read, it offers a form of escape and we enter in a different world, free from the stress of our daily life. We start to live the world of imagination created by the author, we shift our heavy-loaded stressful mind to a free world of imagination.

According to the research in the University of Sussex in 2009, it suggests that reading other than jogging, and listening to music can be very helpful in fighting stress. Reading for just 6 minutes after a tiring long working day can help relax your muscles and slow your heart rate.

Reading Before Bed Helps us to Sleep

Creating a bedtime routine, like reading books before going to bed indicates your body that now it’s time to sleep. As days pass our mind adjusts with it. Reading a book before sleep is more relaxing than watching a video or scrolling screens. Screens like tablets and phones can actually keep you awake and also effects our sleeping routine.

While scrolling screens our eyes constantly seek attention. Your mind will eventually forget about sleep and you will be awake till late at night but reading before sleep makes your eyes tired which eventually makes you feel sleepy and you’ll sleep faster.


So these are the 9 reasons why one should never stop reading, a person always finds reasons to quit something but struggles to find any reason to continue.

As these reasons worked enough for me, and improved my daily life habits, I wish these reasons may help you to continue reading for a long time.

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