About Us

Hello everyone, I am Suksham 25 years old, a postgraduate, a businessman and a reader.

I started reading novels at the age of 21 during my train journey. I was coming back home from college when i saw novels in a shop on the railway station. It was a short story based on the college life of a student. Started reading as a source of entertainment soon turned out as a hobby.

I have completed my studies in forensic science and hence took a lot of interest in thriller stories. This was also the reason why novels became a part of my life sooner than later. After my studies, I took an interest in business and is now currently running a business.

Business/Job makes our life more hectic, but creating a balance between work and reading is very important. Starting from fiction, I have also increased my interest in non-fiction with time for self improvement and self study.

Reading everyday has been my routine even if its for half an hour and has been my constant source of improvement. Reading has been my inspiration and with the hope to inspire others to read, I started this website with my best friend Ayush Anand who also became an avid reader at the same time I started reading.

We both started this blog as a hobby and has been the same since 2020. With time, we also created a team of readers and is willing to create it more for the audience than just a hobby for ourselves.

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