Audible Vs Scribd: Pros & Cons, Membership in 2022

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Audible Vs Scribd—Reading books was always the most fun activity and the most knowledge gaining activity but with the flow of time book reading must evolve to stay a relevant activity and that happened when books were turned into audiobooks when reading was turned into listening. We will discuss the differences between Scibd and Audible, as well as the unique characteristics of each platform, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

Especially in the past decade, the rise of audiobooks has been phenomenal and it is a real blessing to be in the world of audiobooks. Audiobooks make the life of readers so easy and hassle-free as all the readers had to go before when we had to find a proper place and environment just to read some pages of our desired book but now with the audiobooks all of this is solved, but does this mean that audiobook solved everything? The answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’

When I was thinking of buying an online audiobook service I also thought of these two at first. My main doubt was which is better and which one should I buy so I researched for it and found out that both have their benefits and disadvantages. There were many doubts in my mind but after I searched for it, I was all clear and I will make sure to leave you with no doubts as everything is discussed in detail and after reading you can easily decide what to buy and why according to your needs.

Just like every other advancement audiobooks saved us a lot of time and it is an effective and efficient replacement of books but then comes the real problem, From where do we access these audiobooks? When we go look at the top of the audiobook world, it is mainly ruled by two companies, Audible and Scribd. But we only need one so which should we choose, which has a larger library, which is cheaper and more efficient etc all of these things will be answered in this article.

Audible and Scribd Major Difference Overview


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Essentially Audible is a huge collection of audiobooks and podcasts summing up to around 200k+. Audible can be used on a pay as you go or subscription basis. If you pick a subscription, you will get book credits into your account each month or year, depending on the length of your subscription. You may then search for your favourite audiobook on the Audible website or app and select ‘Buy with 1 Credit.’ The book will be in your library in seconds, it’s that simple.

The added benefit of having an Audible subscription is that you have unlimited free access to all Audible Original Podcast episodes; simply choose the one you like and click ‘Add series to the collection.

The Advantages of Audible

  1. Among its competitors, it has the most extensive selection of audiobooks.
  2. A large number of original titles are available.
  3. Even if you discontinue your subscription, all books purchased are yours to keep indefinitely.
  4. The Audible app syncs with other audible applications and allows you to make purchases (including iTunes and Google Reads)
  5. Bookmarking is made simple (your current spot, whether audio or visual, is always saved and synced)
  6. An incredible array of free content An impressive array of free material
  7. Bluetooth speaker support, as well as well-known narrators, actors, and actresses
  8. Additional books can be purchased at a member discount.
  9. Many audiobooks are available in shortened versions at a lesser cost.
  10. Within one year after purchasing a book, refunds are available.
  11. The ability to pause your membership for a specific amount of time.
  12. In addition, the option to adjust the listening pace (speed it up or slow it down).
  13. You own the books when your Audible subscription expires, so you get lifetime access to them.
  14. Audible has more than 200K titles; Scribd does not say how many titles it has, but according to the estimate it’s fewer than 40K.
  15. Audible audio quality is substantially better, at 64 kbps than Scribd’s 32 kbps.


Audible works with a wide range of devices. The Audible app is available for free on iOS, Android, Windows 10, Fire Tablets, Kindle, Alexa. You may get it through the app store on your smartphone. It provides a quick and comfortable listening experience with amazing features you’ll like.


Scribd is a subscription service for audiobooks and e-books that provides subscribers with access to millions of titles. Scribd swiftly rose to prominence as one of the top digital library platforms, with over 80 million readers worldwide. It’s essentially a cheaper version of Audible and Kindle Unlimited. Scribd subscribers may listen to and read an infinite amount of audiobooks, e-books, periodicals, and sheet music for a monthly price of only $8.99. Scribd is sometimes referred to as the “Netflix For Books” because of its subscription-based model. Scribd is an all-in-one service that offers both audiobooks and eBooks that you can borrow and read on almost any device imaginable.

The Advantages of Scribd

  1. Price: $8.99 per month for all-you-can-read (and-listen) books.
  2. Free two-month trial period.
  3. A massive library of ebooks and audiobooks. There are also several publications and sheet music.
  4. The app and website are simple to use.
  5. Works with iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and more devices.
  6. Excellent support staff.
  7. Discounts for students
  8. Members may use Blinkist, MUBI, and other amazing services for free.
  9. You may post your files (short stories, books, etc.).
  10. Download books to listen to/read offline.
  11. You may use it on up to four mobile devices.


The Scribd app is compatible with a wide range of internet-connected mobile devices and e-book readers. They are always attempting to increase the platforms on which Scribd is available. Devices that are compatible with Scribd are IOS, Android 5.0 or newer and PC.

Audible Vs Scribd—Differences

Audible vs, Scribd: DifferencesAudible imageScribd image
MembershipMonthly membership- $14.95Monthly membership- $9.95
CollectionsAudiobook collection- 200000+Audiobook collection- 40000 est
Free Audiobook/month- 1Audiobook/month- Unlimited/Throttled
Audio QualityAudio quality—64 kbpsAudio quality—32 kbps
AccessLifetime access to the booksNo lifetime access to the books
Ownership of the bookYou own the audiobooks even if subscription endsYou don’t own the audiobooks when subscription ends
Access to the libraryThey do not provide access to their ebook libraryThey provide access to their ebook library
CompatibilityCompatible on more devicesCompatible on less devices
MagazinesNo magazinesIt has over 100 high quality magazines
Audible Vs Scribd

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Everything we discussed above may have solved all your doubts. Now, this depends on the person that what he/she wants to buy. Scribd is less expensive than Audible. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. Now it depends on the person that what suits him/her. And each and every detail is shared in this article which will clear all doubts and every information is provided. Hope after reading this article you will be able to decide what suits you well.

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