Nikita Prajapati

I am Nikita Prajapati. A student, blogger, poet, reader, book reviewer, pianist, karateka, hopeless romantic and a lame comedian. Fortunately, I knew at an early age that my heart has a deep set passion for writing, poems, books and literature and I decided to follow it!

book over lady face. with text written ( Is Reading Too Much Bad)

Is Reading Too Much Bad?

Reading for a long time or “too much” reading can actually be harmful to you. There are several health damages- both mental and physical that can happen if you read a lot. You become lazy, slow, drained, and exhausted if you read for an unreasonable amount of time. However, a healthy reading time is everything you need.

Is It Important To Read Old Books? feature image

Is It Important To Read Old Books?

Is it important to read old books? Yes. Not just for the sake of reading but also for the sake of self-development, growth, and knowledge too. Reading an old book has the power to give your personality a whole new charm. Literature is an ever-evolving thing. If you are curious enough, it is very important to read old books so that you can not only track but also see the course of how literature and the style of writing have evolved in due time.

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