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Kindle v/s Audible | What Should You Prefer?

Kindle vs. Audible are a never-ending debate. Both kindle and audible are in trend these days, and they have replaced the old and traditional books, which has made people shift their interest and replace their books with apps similar to kindle and audible that provide access to books on different mediums. Kindle and Audible provide […]

Audiobooks Vs Reading | What Should You Prefer?

Audiobooks vs Reading is a never-ending discussion. While both have their own advantages, like a coin has two sides, it has its disadvantages too. Audiobooks are trending in these times and people are losing interest in reading books instead are switching to listening to audiobooks. As a result, most of the people are parting their […]

Kindle vs. Scribd | Full Comparison

Kindle vs. Scribd is a never-ending war. Both Kindle and Scribd are now in trend these days. People are slowly changing their preferences and interest from traditional books to E-learning platforms like kindle and Scribd. People are parting their ways with traditional and old ways and adapting digitalization because it is believed that digitalization is […]

TRAIN TO PAKISTAN by Khushwant Singh

An event as grim and tragic as the Partition of India on religious lines has never been witnessed in world history. When Britishers decided to divide the country before leaving, it set in motion certain events which led to the world’s largest, abrupt and unplanned mass exodus whose reverberations are felt even today. Bengal and […]

13 Approaches For Protecting Your Book Collection

A considerable book collection brings vast responsibilities. Being a book lover myself, I hate seeing my books get ruined or tampered with dirt. Over time, I have grown so protective of my books that I never compromise with their hygiene and cleanliness. I still have the books I bought a long time ago, but believe […]

Top 13 Recommended Books by Elon Musk

Elon Musk is among the top influential as well as wealthiest people of the world who always dreams big and inspires everyone to dream beyond limitations. Apart from being a multi-billionaire businessman, he is also a book reader and hence we will discuss his top 13 recommendations in this article. As opposed to many recommendations […]

Best 13 Books Recommended By Warren Buffett

Knowledge is the basis to be successful in life and reading books is one of the factors that helps in increasing knowledge. Books are an ultimate source of knowledge and if you’re looking for recommendations for reading books why not ask Warren Buffett. It has always been a dilemma to choose our next book to […]

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