10 Brilliant Authors Who Became Famous in Their Teens

10 Brilliant Authors Who Became Famous in Their Teens

“Age is just a number.” You might have heard it a lot of times and might also have brushed it off thinking- “That’s what everyone says!” But some have proven it too! And here is a list of Brilliant authors who became famous in their teens! Yeah, feeling left behind yet? Well, same.

It does not often happen that someone still living in the budding years of their lives becomes “famous.” It’s pretty tricky but not impossible. It has happened, and yes, it is a possibility! There has to be some uniqueness and authenticity in what you’re writing and bringing to the table. On that note, we found ten impeccable authors who became famous in their teens.

Anne Frank, Christopher Paolini, Charlotte Brontë, S.E. Hilton are just a few. I made a list of 10 authors, including these fantastic three authors who became famous in their teens. The list seemed quite long, but here are a few of them!

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10 Brilliant Authors Who Became Famous in Their Teens

As someone who is in her late teens herself, writing about authors who became famous in their teens was a harsh experience.

Hahaha, just kidding… unless 👀

It is truly wonderful how the sheer love for literature can take you places you never even dreamt of. So, without taking any additional time, let me take you straight to the authors who became famous in their teens! : )

01. Anne Frank

a page from anne frank's diary
Anne Frank

Do we talk about authors who became famous in their teens and not have Anne Frank on the top? That is a sin we’re not willing to commit.

So, number 1 on the list is Anne Frank.

She should not be a stranger to you whether you have read her only work, “Diary of a Young Girl” or not.

Sadly, she was not fortunate enough to live to see her fame, but she tops our list of the authors who became famous in their teens.

As mentioned already, her only work, Diary of a Young Girl, is her diary that she wrote during the Nazi terror rule. She has written her heart out in her diary. Her first crush, her first kiss, how she sometimes hated her mother, and so many other accounts of her day-to-day life.

If you haven’t read the diary, you should. It could be a significant source of information for you as well, apart from being a literary piece of work.

02. S. E. Hinton

10 Brilliant Authors Who Became Famous in Their Teens
S.E. Hinton

Ever heard of The Outsiders? S.E. Hinton is the mother of that book.

Her inspiration for writing that book came when she was merely 15 is exhilarating!

Book “The Outsiders”, was published when she turned 18-years-old, in 1967.

Later in 1983, the book was adapted into a huge movie. So if it weren’t for S.E. Hinton, we wouldn’t know the wild characters such as Ponyboy, Johnny, Sodapop, Dally, and more “greasers.”

03. Christopher Paolini

a man sitting
Christopher Paolini

Yes, good things take time. But if you work for what you want at a young age, you get there while you’re still a teenager!

And when your family supports you? Ah, divine!

That happened with Christopher Paolini. Writing at 15, Christopher Paolini self-published his first work, Eragon, at 18 in the year 2001.

Christopher self-promoted this entire campaign and was determined to sell more and more books. The book was re-published in 2003.

And by the time Christopher was 20, he was the youngest-ever bestselling author!

04. Charlotte Brontë

a lady; authors who became famous in their teens
Charlotte Bronte

Can you even imagine Charlotte Brontë getting rejected? Me neither, lol.

But well, that is true. Her work was rejected not because it wasn’t good, but because she was a woman.

But these four walls of the society never stopped Brontë.

However, her book didn’t get published in her teens, but she was always a rough reader and, not to forget, a writer as well.

05. Kat Zhang

a girl smiling
Kat Zhang

Imagine thinking about writing a novel when you’re just 12!

Yes, that is what Kat Zhang did with her first book!

However, the dream of becoming an author came to be true when she was 19, when her agent finally sold her first trilogy, The Hybrid Chronicles, to HarperCollins!

That is how it starts- with determination, you indeed can move mountains! Or well, sell books to HarperCollins.

06. Alec Greven

men in suit
Alec Graven

It’s not all just fantasies and fiction. Alec Greven wrote his first book “How to Talk to Girls” while still being a 9-year-old. And he got it published before turning 10.

It was not intended to be a self-help book. How will a nine-year-old know he has to write a book?

It started as a school project, leading it to be one bestseller!

Alec wrote the book when he noticed the mistakes guys make while talking to girls while playing in the park.

07. Anna Stothard

a girl
Anna Stothard, photographed by Charlie Hopkinson. ©

Born in 1983, who could have thought a 19-year-old will have a book published with her name.

Well, it happened when Anna Stothard published her first novel, Isabel and Rocco.

Now, Anna Stothard is a novelist, journalist, and scriptwriter who paved her way into the literary world before turning 20!

She has been now writing for several newspapers, including The Observer and The Sunday Telegraph.

08. Alex and Brett Harris

Alex and Brett
Alex and Brett

A blog somehow making it to the NYTimes bestselling list- isn’t that huge?

Twin brothers Alex and Brett Harris started their journey as “authors” at the age of 16 when they started their blog “The Rebelution.” That later became one of the most extensive speaking tours all across the globe.

Adding to the blog, they have also published two books for teenage Christians with Random House.

09. Maureen Daly

a lady sitting
Maureen Daly

If literature was a lady, I would love it if she looked like Maureen Daly.

Born more than 100 years back in 1921, Maureen started writing her first book “Seventeenth Summer” while she was still in her teens.

Her novel describes a teenage, young adult romance. Her book is also regarded as the first young-adult book, ever.

What could be more fascinating than that?

10. Lord Byron

lord Byron; portrait
Lord Byron

George Gordon Byron, also known as Lord Byron, is an English poet born in 1700. He was one of the emerging faces in the romantic movement.

Not to forget, Lord Byron is also regarded as one of the greatest English Poets.

Even after more than several hundred years, since he left this world, his works remain widely read and (duh) appreciated, all across the globe.

Conclusion | 10 Brilliant Authors Who Became Famous in Their Teens

Here were the authors who became famous in their teens and started writing in their teens as well. Success doesn’t come overnight.

I hope you find this article about the authors helpful, in some sense at least. If you did, can you tell me if Kendall and Kylie Jenner count as famous teen authors? They wrote a Sci-Fi book.

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