Some of The Best Books on Logic

Some Best Books On Logic

What has a bank but no money? What has keys but no locks? What’s white when it’s dirty? I’m pretty sure you might have heard these common riddles or maybe some more similar ones. How does one solve it? Let’s take the game of chess as an example. How does one pull out a check and mate? It’s all by the use of logic and common sense.

I won’t say that I am a very good logical person but I am learning just the way many of us might be. Do you know how most of us try to be logical and learn. Simple, by reading more and more. To some, it might sound a little weird, but it works. There’s hardly anything that a book can’t provide you with.

Many people have confused or wrong ideas about what logic is. Logic is the ability of a person to reason with things by analyzing the given facts. There’s hardly anyone who is born with the skills of logical analysis and reasoning, but lucky enough for us, it’s a skill that can be developed during one’s lifetime and there’s no better way to do it that than with the help of some good books.

Want to know what magical books I came across that made me so confident about my logical skills? They’re right here!

Some Finest Books To Read On Logic

These are some of the many books that will surely upgrade your logical ability.

1. A Concise Introduction To Logic

A concise introduction to logic

A Concise Introduction To Logic is a philosophical book written by Patrick J. Hurley in 1972.

This book contains a lot of guidelines and exercises for honing one’s logical ability. It includes real-life scenarios and everyday examples so that people who are new to the concept can also relate.

2. The Languages Of Logic

The languages of logic

The Language Of Logic is a philosophical book written in 1986 by Samuel Guttenplan.

This book establishes a relationship between natural language and logic. While reading this book, you will feel motivated to acquire technical and formal logic skills.

3. Being Logical

Being Logical

In 2004, Being Logical: A Guide to Good Thinking is a reference book written by Dennis Q. McInerny.

This book contains all the aspects of making a person logical, including sense, judgment, sanity, and wisdom. This book also addresses the dangers that can arise due to a person’s illogical thinking.

4. Logic


Logic: A Very Short Introduction is a philosophical book written by Graham Priest in 2000.

This book attempts to break the myth in many minds that says logical thinking is not involved in every aspect and has nothing to do with the philosophy of life. This book highlights the importance of having a solid analytical ability to pass through one’s life.

5. Beginning Logic

Beginning Logic

Beginning Logic is a 1965 published reference book written by John Lemmon.

This book is mainly for those who have well understood the basics of Logic and are transparent with why it is essential as this book deals more with technical stuff than philosophical stuff. It focuses on derivations, deductions, and formulas related to Logic.

6. How to Win Every Argument

How to Win Every Argument

How to Win Every Argument: The Use and Abuse of Logic is a 2006 published psychological book written by Madsen Pirie.

Once learned and understood the proper use of logic, one can win every argument even when the point we’re defending is baseless. Yes, it is possible and this book tells us all about it. This book can be a boon and a bane at the same time. It shows the use and how a person can abuse this power to win over the other person.

7. Logic And Structure

Logic and structure

Written by Dirk van Dalen, Logic And Structure is a 2004 published logical book.

This book contains the basics of technical logic, explained very well with the use of classical theorems like Gentzen’s Natural Deduction and the traditional two-valued semantics, culminating in the completeness theorems. This book is less philosophical and more technical.


Logic is such a skill that, once attained ultimately, can grand you win in any kind of debate. These books are highly recommended for everyone to read at least once in their life to have basic intelligence and learn how to tackle such situations if ever it arises.

If you have read any of these books do comment down to share your experience. Meanwhile do check out articles below as well:

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