Top 15 Best Father-Son Relationship Books to Read

Top 15 Best Father-Son Relationship Books to Read

Father and son relationship is one of the most beautiful and purest bonds ever. But it is indeed one complex relationship as none of the parties are much expressive towards each other, but that’s what makes it even more beautiful. So, singing the beauty of all the father-son relationships, here are a few must-read 15 father-son relationship books read.

The tie between a father and his son is unlike any other relationship. A dad is the first hero in his son’s life. He has admired and looked up to his father ever since he was born, brought older with the ambition to one day be like him. From the moment a boy is born, his father plays an important role in shaping his life. He always teaches his son good lessons and guides him in the correct direction. He remains his buddy, mentor, mentor, and closest comrade throughout his son’s childhood.

Literature has a lot to offer regarding stories depicting the special tie between father and son. Some of the works are serious reflections on father-son connections, while others are amusing comedies about parental mishaps. Others show how important it is to have a new family. But, regardless of the tone or types of characters represented, novels are here to illustrate to us that neither is the same for everyone nor is the approach to becoming a father. In reality, there are an endless number of options.

So, without taking any more of your time stalling, I’ll get to the point and share with you the most amazing books out there that I could find for you guys to bond over.

15 Best Books About Father-Son Relationship One Must Read

These are certain books that I feel everyone should read. Fathers, sons, everyone! I am a daughter and even I’ve read them. So, here we go!

1. Grief is the Thing with Feathers

grief is the thing with feathers

Full Title: Grief is the Thing with Feathers

Author: Max Porter

Genre: Memoir

Publishing Date: 2015


This wonderful story is a reflection of sorrow, perseverance, recovery, and adaptation. Following the death of their mother, the two kids and their father struggle to cope with their new world, which is wounded by sadness. A crow interrupts them, threatening to remain when they no longer require him. The story has elements of a fable, such as talking birds, but it is mostly a quiet study on sorrow and recovery. This remarkable debut novel, full of surprising laughter and heartfelt sincerity, heralds the emergence of a fascinating and important new artist.

2. Not My Father’s Son

not my father's son

Full Title: Not My Father’s Son: A Family Memoir

Author: Alan Cumming

Genre: Autobiography 

Publishing Date: 7 October 2014


Dark, traumatic memories can be pushed to the back of the mind and buried. Until they all come flooding back in horrifying detail one day. His personal life is discussed in this memoir. When television producers approached Alan Cumming about appearing on a renowned superstar genealogy show, he was hoping to unravel the riddle of his maternal grandfather’s absence, which had hung over his family for years. But this wasn’t the only riddle Alan had to solve. He discusses his upbringing in Scotland in particular. Under the care of an aggressive and violent father who kept a grave truth hidden from his children. Alan decodes these recently revealed secrets and brings a riveting and devastating story to life in this intriguing and emotional memoir.

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad

rich dad poor dad

Full Title: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Author: Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

Genre: Non-fiction

Publishing Date: 1997


As the author highlights the distinctions between his biological dad and the definitive father figure in his lifetime, our major point is what it means to be a father, among many other things. What makes a father seem like someone whose blood doesn’t flow through your veins? This nonfiction book discusses the value of a father’s guidance and the bond that develops as a result of it, as well as provides useful financial advice. Rich Dad Poor Dad’s messages, which were attacked and questioned 20 years ago, are more significant, pertinent, and important these days than they were two decades ago.

4. Gilead


Full Title: Gilead

Author: Marilynne Robinson

Genre: Domestic Fiction

Publishing Date: 4 November 2004


He remembers the tense political connection between his father and grandfather, as well as his good friend and neighbor Jack Boughton and his estranged son. Gilead is a poetic reflection on fathers and sons, ruminating on the place of trust, mercy, and love amid humanity’s fragility. This is also the story of another astonishing vision, this time of life as a marvelously weird creature, rather than a bodily vision of God. It describes how Ames’ knowledge was created in his spirit during his lonely existence, and how history continues along through centuries, even when deceived and ignored.

5. I Am Sorry to Think I Have Raised a Timid Son

I Am Sorry to Think I Have Raised a Timid Son

Full Title: I Am Sorry to Think I Have Raised a Timid Son

Author: Kent Russell

Genre: Autobiography

Publishing Date: 10 March 2015


The author explores the borders of the planet and the boundaries of society in this book in order to fully comprehend himself and his prickly, tough connection with his father. This collection of writings, which is deeply intimate and heartbreaking, paints a fresh picture of manhood and father-son interactions. He sets up camp among the Juggalos, the Insane Clown Posse’s fans, travels to the other side of the continent to learn how a legendary hockey fighter is prepared for his own death and investigates the Amish fascination with baseball, as well as his own love with terror, blood, and guts.

6. Better Dads, Stronger Sons

Better Dads, Stronger Sons

Full Title: Better Dads, Stronger Sons: How Fathers Can Guide Boys to Become Men of Character

Author: Rick Johnson

Genre: Christian literature

Publishing Date: May 2006


This book is about a father’s difficult but lovely relationship with his son. We are all aware that our fathers have a divinely mandated function. He is our family’s protector and bead weaver. He is continually striving to instill in their sons the highest moral principles and life skills in order for them to grow into respectable men. However, many fathers battle with feelings of failure and inferiority. That is the subject of this book. It will assist you in overcoming your feelings and instilling a sense of worth in your sons. We can encourage your son and be a good role model for him by reading this book.

7. Letters to My Son

Letters to My Son | Best Father-Son Relationship Books to Read

Full Title: Letters to My Son: A Father’s Wisdom on Manhood, Life, and Love

Author: Kent Nerburn

Genre: Self-help book

Publishing Date: 1994


This book covers a wide range of themes from all areas of life. It’s for fathers and even single moms looking for advice on how to raise their sons. Single mothers seeking assistance in raising a kid, fathers willing to share a voice of truth about life’s most essential challenges, and young men looking for an intellectual, compassionate, and resourceful partner on the road toward respectable masculinity have all praised it. The book will provide the fathers with a voice and clarity on some of life’s most significant issues that they have been searching for. It will assist parents in forging a bond with their son and beginning their path into manhood. It’s simply a one-of-a-kind and everlasting book.

8. Dear Son

dear son | Best Father-Son Relationship Books to Read

Full Title: Dear Son: Life Lessons from a Father

Author: Sandeep Sahni

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publishing Date: 29 April 2021


A father provides his 21-year-old son with life lessons in this book. It is organized into 21 chapters that are simple to read and understand. All of these chapters include essential advice and lessons for any child on the verge of becoming an adult. It covers a wide range of topics, including relationships, money, love, ambitions, and desires, among others. You are about to go on an amazing voyage with limitless possibilities, and you are considering how to be ready for it, handle it, and prioritize your chores. Every parent should read this book.

9. Sh*t My Dad Says

Sh*t My Dad Says | Best Father-Son Relationship Books to Read

Full Title: Sh*t My Dad Says

Author: Justin Halpern

Genre: Biography

Publishing Date: 4 May 2010


Soon after the beginning of this book, comic writer Justin Halpern proposed marriage to his then-girlfriend. But first, he sought his father’s counsel, which was extremely basic and that is to just think about it for a day.  It’s a mix of his father’s quotes and longer writings akin to David Sedaris and Chelsea Handler. It’s a humorous, unforgettable narrative of a one-of-a-kind father-son bond and the filthy wisdom that distinguished it. This is the account of that voyage down the memory lane, a spine-tinglingly honest pilgrim’s journey through adolescent relationships, intimacy, and love by one of today’s most hilarious writers.

10. Hollywood Park

Hollywood Park | Best Father-Son Relationship Books to Read

Full Title: Hollywood Park

Author: Mikel Jollett

Genre: Autobiography

Publishing Date: 26 May 2020


The author’s journey begins in a California experimental commune that subsequently became the Church of Synanon, one of the country’s most notorious and destructive cults. All children, including Jollett and his older brother, were taken from their families at the age of six months and given over to the sect’s “School,” as per the leader’s directive. Mikel and his mother and older brother fled the cult one morning after having spent years in what amounted to an orphanage. But, in so many ways, life from beyond Synanon was even more difficult and unpredictable. Jollett describes a childhood marked by severe poverty, pain, emotional abuse, disobedience, and the allure of alcohol and drugs in his honest, poetic, and compelling voice.

11. The Pale-Faced Lie

The Pale-Faced Lie | Best Father-Son Relationship Books to Read

Full Title: The Pale-Faced Lie: A True Story

Author: David Crow

Genre: Autobiography

Publishing Date: 7 May 2019


David Crow and his brothers adored his father, a self-taught Cherokee who loved to brag to his kids about his World War II exploits when they were growing up on the Navajo Indian Reservation. With time, David discovered Thurston Crow’s darker side, the ex-con by his own ethical code that condoned cruelty, violence, deception, and even murder. Thurston forced his son towards doing his illegal bidding by abusing him with beatings. David’s mother was unable to protect him because she was too psychologically ill to care for the child. David was able to get into college and attain professional success through sheer determination and the assistance of these few angels along the way. When he eventually summoned the strength to defy his father’s unlawful requirements, he unknowingly set in motion a conspiracy of vengeance that would pit him against Thurston Crow in a lethal battle.

12. A Lot Like Me

A Lot Like Me | Best Father-Son Relationship Books to Read

Full Title: A Lot Like Me: A Father and Son’s Journey to Reconciliation

Author: Larry Elder

Genre: Autobiography

Publishing Date: 7 May 2018


Elder and his father went ten years without speaking to one another. When they eventually met, they had an eight-hour chat about Elder’s father’s path from Jim Crow South through Marine Corps duty to establishing a company in Southern California. Elder arose not only united with his father but also admiring him and understanding that he’s never completely known or comprehended him. This book, first released as Dear Father, Dear Son, is a profoundly emotional memoir that is heartfelt, wonderfully written, and obsessively engaging.

13. Between the World and Me

Between the World and Me | Best Father-Son Relationship Books to Read

Full Title: Between the World and Me

Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Genre: Autobiography

Publishing Date: 14 July 2015


What is it like to occupy a black body and find a way to live within it? is Ta-Nehisi Coates’ attempt to address some questions in a letter to his teenage son. And how can we all come to terms with this tumultuous past and release ourselves from its weight? From Howard University to Civil War fields of battle, from the South Side of Chicago to Paris, from his family’s house to the living area of moms whose children’s lives were taken as American plunder, Coates shares with his son, and readers, the story of his ascension to the reality about his position in the world through a sequence of prophetic perceptions.

14. Dreams from My Father

Dreams from My Father | Best Father-Son Relationship Books to Read

Full Title: Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance

Author: Barack Obama

Genre: Memoir

Publishing Date: 18 July 1995


The son of a black African dad and a white American mom look for a functional purpose to his life as a black American in this poetic, dispassionate, and powerful memoir. It starts in New York, with Barack Obama learning that his father, a person he remembers more as a legend than a man, has died in a car crash. This untimely death sets him off on an emotional roller coaster, first to a small town in Kansas, where he retraces his mother’s family’s migration to Hawaii, and then to Kenya, where he meets his African side of the family, needs to confront the harsh truth of his father’s life, and finally reconciles his partitioned inherited wealth.

15. Pops

Pops | Best Father-Son Relationship Books to Read

Full Title: Pops: Fatherhood in Pieces

Author: Michael Chabon

Genre: Autobiography

Publishing Date: 15 May 2018


Michael Chabon wrote an essay on going to Paris Men’s Fashion Week with his son Abraham Chabon, who was thirteen at the time. Chabon Sr., whose taste in fashion stops at second-hand stores for antique western shirts or Hermès neckties, sat quietly by, battling the want to yawn and think the whole thing was a gigantic waste of time, while Abe, who has a precocious sense of style, was in his element conversing with designers he loved and casting a discerning lens to the freshest runway designs of the season, was in his element. Despite his own apathy, Chabon gradually developed a profound appreciation for his son’s devotion as he chauffeured him to and from design events. The video went viral in a matter of days.

Conclusion| Top 15 Best Father-Son Relationship Books to Read

So, what do you think? Heart-warming, wasn’t it? It should be noted that the father-son connections were evolving from a lack of affection and dedication to a close fondness and respect. It’s difficult to conceive greater deep and loving emotions between the boy and the father than there were between them. It’s important to note that the more difficult life became, the closer the dad and son became. Such a circumstance is simple to explain because when people find themselves in difficult situations, they need someone to encourage them. During difficult times, the father and his kid were capable of supporting one another. That’s what these books depict and I feel wholehearted about it.

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