14 Best Zombie Books For Kids

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Zombies are designed to be frightening, and we naturally want to shield children from scary things. It is obvious that zombie and horror movies are geared toward grownups and teenagers, but youngsters also enjoy being afraid. So, keeping in mind all those kids here’s a list of 14 best zombie books, written specifically for them to enjoy!

I have a few nephews, and nieces who are of the age from where one should develop the habit of reading. And thanks to TV shows and cartoons, they have developed a taste for horror, including zombies. So, I thought, why not mix them both? This way, they would read with utmost interest. And guess what? I succeeded! Now we have around six new readers in the family!

If your children don’t know about zombies yet, picture books can introduce them to these creepy human-like creatures who love eating brains in a friendly, child-appropriate way. As if you’re into reading, the young ones around you will adapt that. Through literature for centuries, the folklore of the walking undead has been around even longer.

Are you ready to introduce the little minds around you to these creepy, freaky, yet interesting creatures (in the reading world only, of course)? Yes? What are we waiting for then? Let’s get to it.

14 Best Zombie Books For Kids to Read.

Here’s a list of zombie books for young children to read.

1. The Last Kids on Earth

The Last Kids on Earth | Best Zombie Books for Kids

Full Title: The Last Kids on Earth

Author: Max Brallier

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Year: 2015


Jack Sullivan, a typical 13-year-old, has been residing in his tree house since the monstrous apocalypse struck the town. He has equipped it with catapults, a moat, video games, and an unending supply of Oreos and Mountain Dew that he scavenged from closed stores. Jack, however, cannot defeat the hordes of Winged Wretches, Vine Thingies, Zombies, or the uncannily smart monster recognized only as Blarg on his own.

So Jack assembles a team consisting of his nerdy best friend Quint, the ex-bully Dirk from middle school, Rover, his faithful pet monster, and June, his crush. With their assistance, Jack will defeat Blarg, accomplish the pinnacle of catastrophic triumph, and cease to be ordinary.

2. My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish | Best Zombie Books for Kids

Full Title: My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: Fins of Fury

Author: Mo O’Hara

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Year: 2013


Frankie the goldfish gets submerged in hazardous green goo in Tom’s older brother’s first experimentation as an Evil Scientist. The fish must be revived by being shocked with a battery, as Tom and his best friend Pradeep understand the only option. But something peculiar about the new Frankie stands out. Now a large, fat zombie goldfish with persuasive abilities are seeking retribution.

3. No Zombies Allowed

No zombies allowed | Best Zombie Books for Kids

Full Title: No Zombies Allowed

Author: Matt Novak

Genre: Children’s literature

Publishing Year: 2002


Two witches start to ban zombies, ghosts, and vampires from their party as they look at pictures of their previous year’s Monster Party, but they ultimately realize that a party is more enjoyable when everyone is there.

Ask Witch Wizzle and Witch Woddle, for example. They’ll regale you with horror tales about the filthy manners and terrible habits of vampires, werewolves, spirits, skeletons, and swamp animals. It’s Halloween time once more. Who will Wizzle and Woddle invite to their upcoming party?

4. I Want to Eat Your Books

I Want to Eat Your Books | Best Zombie Books for Kids

Full Title: I Want to Eat Your Books

Author: Karin Lefranc

Genre: Children’s literature

Publishing Year: 2015


You rush to class, but as you get, you turn to discover a zombie seated at the desk next to you. But given that this zombie isn’t your typical one, chances are good that you’ll be alright. This zombie wants to devour your books rather than your brains. And he doesn’t have a picky palate; he enjoys anything from mysteries to history. But when the zombie smells the school library, the kids must act quickly to devise a strategy before all of their books are lost forever!

This humorous and enjoyable monster book has a powerful message about compassion and generosity. Children learn from tiny zombies not to assume the worst and to give people a chance.

5. Abigail and Her Pet Zombie

Abigail and Her Pet Zombie | Best Zombie Books for Kids

Full Title: Abigail and Her Pet Zombie: Summer

Author: Marie F. Crow

Genre: Children’s literature

Publishing Year: 2013


The average 5-year-old girl isn’t Abigail. She doesn’t have typical pets for a 5-year-old. Abigail owns a pet zombie. This is their journey, in which they learn that not all dreams come true, not all heroes emerge, not all parents are flawless, and not all professors always give their all. Every win, no matter how small or large, is a step toward the greatest discovery i.e., you. Hope is the purest light. Dreams can carry you to the highest of heights.

6. Zombelina

Zombelina | Best Zombie Books for Kids

Full Title: Zombelina

Author: Kristyn Crow

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Year: 2013


Zombelina enjoys dancing. She boogies with bats and casually strolls with mummies. She enjoys dancing for her family and spins and glides like a ghost. Everyone in the ballet class gets goosebumps as Zombelina enrolls in a class for real girls.

However, when stage anxiety strikes during her first recital, her crowd is scared away by her horrific grunts and zombie screams. Only her loving family can support Zombelina in doing the ballet premiere of her aspirations with their eerie cheers.

7. Why I Quit Zombie School

Why I Quit Zombie School | Best Zombie Books for Kids

Full Title: Why I Quit Zombie School

Author: R. L. Stine

Genre: Horror fiction

Publishing Year: 2011


In addition to forcing Matt Krinsky to leave all of his pals behind, his parents have also enrolled him in a boarding school. Even while it’s not a familiar environment, not everything there is necessarily normal. These kids walk incredibly slowly, unlike Matt, who is accustomed to becoming one of the more athletic students in his class.

He quickly becomes aware that there are zombies all around him. Additionally, his peers have noticed his heated skin and racing heart. Can Matt keep them believing he is deceased longer enough to survive?

8. Runway ZomBee

Runway ZomBee | Best Zombie Books for Kids

Full Title: Runway ZomBee: A Zombie Bee Hunter’s Journal

Author: Amanda Humann and J. A. Watson

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Year: 2018


Raksha, a 12-year-old, is on summer break but isn’t doing much unwinding. She gets to attend a fiercely competing design camp that is too good to pass up when there is only one assignment left before her Science Squad team achieves their last badge and a vacation to Hawaii is on the line.

Her life quickly becomes dominated by her Science Squad activities, looking for zombie bees. She hardly has time to prepare for the fashion camp’s runway display. Can Raksha put everything together to demonstrate that she can be a science geek and fashionista?

9. Alice in Zombieland

Alice in Zombieland | Best Zombie Books for Kids

Full Title: Alice in Zombieland

Author: Gena Showalter


Publishing Year: 2012


Alice Bell would have scoffed if someone had told her that one heartbeat might alter the direction of her entire existence. But it only took that. A single heartbeat. Everything she loved and knew vanished in a blink, a gasp, and a second. Her dad was correct. The creatures exist. Alice must gain combat skills if she wants to exact justice on her family.

She needs to learn to trust Cole Holland, the deadliest of the bad boys, if she wants to survive. However, Cole also has his secrets, and if Ali isn’t watchful, those secrets may end up being even more frightening than the zombies.

10. I Turned Into A Zombie

I Turned Into A Zombie | Best Zombie Books for Kids

Full Title: I Turned Into A Zombie

Author: Wil Zombie

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Year: 2020


Will became a zombie on his eleventh birthday. He was playing video games one moment, and started to turn green the next moment. He even desired to consume brains. Only one thing will be able to save him. Junk and unhealthy foods.

His journal contains entries about the weird, unpleasant, and amusing occurrences that occurred to him and his friends. For children who enjoy reading about strange events, He Transformed Into a Zombie is a fascinating and captivating chapter book.

11. Zombies Don’t Eat Veggies

Zombies Don't Eat Veggies | Best Zombie Books for Kids

Full Title: Zombies Don’t Eat Veggies

Author: Megan Lacera

Genre: Children’s literature

Publishing Year: 2019


Zombie Mo Romero only enjoys planting, preparing, and consuming veggies. The issue is that Mo’s parents want their child only to consume zombie food, such as arm-panadas and finger meals.

They keep reminding Mo that zombies don’t eat vegetables. But Mo finds it difficult to picture a life spent only eating zombie cuisine and skipping his vegetables. Mo tries to persuade his folks to try peas while questioning his zombie existence.

12. The Celery Stalks at Midnight

The Celery Stalks at Midnight

Full Title: The Celery Stalks at Midnight

Author: James Howe

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Year: 1983


Bunnicula has disappeared. Chester is certain that the world’s veggies risk having their vital fluids drained from them and becoming zombies. Harold and Howie will soon be rushing around poking toothpicks through cabbage hearts and whatever other vegetables they can find. Chester has a history of making mistakes, but when a vampire bunny is loose, you can not be too cautious.

13. The Zombie Awakening

The Zombie Awakening

Full Title: The Zombie Awakening

Author: Chris Grabenstein

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Year: 2017


Someone or something is being kept secret in the basement of Zack’s new school. Joseph and Seth Donnelly, siblings who died in a mysterious fire, are two ghosts. The ghosts aren’t Zack’s biggest issue, though. Zack is extremely terrified by what they tell him about: a malicious zombie is hiding beneath the school. Zack’s new buddies Malik and Azalea can luckily aid him in his paranormal explorations.

They’ll try to avoid the zombie, a hit man looking for treasure, a black magic spirit looking for a new corpse, and other dangers. Will they make it through to break or finish up on the lunch buffet?

14. The Zombie Chasers

The Zombie Chasers

Full Title: The Zombie Chasers

Author: John Kloepfer

Genre: Horror fiction

Publishing Year: 2010


A slumber at Zack Clarke’s house has become a level three creep-over due to an unexpected zombie infestation. Zack is left to fight off his sister’s snarky BFF, Madison, and his living corpse, flesh-eating neighbors, while his sister is now a zombie, and his house has been destroyed. Fortunately, Zack’s geeky friend Rice has a strategy to stop the dead if these three zombie hunters can survive.

Final Words

I know these books are meant for young kids, but is it weird that I got hooked to them too while writing about them? Even if it is funny, who cares? All that matters is that these books are super cool, cute, and adequately frightening for the young kids around you. It’s highly recommended that you make them read these books (or maybe read them out to them!).

If you liked this recommendation, I have mentioned more books for kids below:

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