Book Review: Hacking Growth by Morgan Brown and Sean Elli

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Book Review: Hacking Growth by Morgan Brown – shows you how to expand your start-up steadily. The writers offer hundreds of suggestions that have been beneficial for some of the most profitable start-ups in history, including Facebook and Evernote. A book on start-up growth is interesting.

Growth comes from more than acquiring new customers. Still, businesses frequently focus all their time and effort on this area of their business, ignoring other opportunities for growth and profit. Hacking growth shows you how to use the growth hacking process to find the winners faster than your competition and assists you in finding wins wherever they may be in your business.

This book uncovers how to attract new consumers, keep them engaged, and increase your revenue with a pinch of coding know-how and a tight budget. Millions of dollars are spent using conventional marketing techniques with dubious returns. On the other hand, growth hacking employs an analytical strategy to integrate marketing into the products and promote organic growth.

Did you get an essence of what’s upcoming? You’re sitting back tight and ready to engross all the upcoming knowledge. Well, let’s get to it without any further waiting.

Hacking Growth by Morgan Brown and Sean Elli | Book Review

The Author(s)

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Morgan Brown

With more than 15 years of practical experience working with early-stage start-ups, Morgan Brown is an established expert in start-up marketing. Morgan Brown served as COO of Inman News and Head of Growth at Qualaroo and True Vault. 

He was also a co-founder of Full Stack Marketing, which focuses on growth-oriented marketing. He completed his studies in zoology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Sean Elli

More than 150,000 marketers, designers, and growth engineers use the platform, founded and led by Sean Ellis. He previously developed and oversaw Qualaroo, a SaaS company that served firms like Uber, Starbucks, Spotify, and Intuit, and was acquired by Xenon Ventures in 2016.

Sean Ellis, a renowned proponent of digital marketing, is credited with creating the term “growth hacker” in 2010. He received his degree from the University of California, Davis.

Book Overview | Hacking Growth by Morgan Brown and Sean Elli

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Full Title:: How Today’s Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success

Author: Morgan Brown and Sean Elli

Genre: Self-Help Book

Publishing Date: 25 April 2017

Page Count: 320 (approx.)

Themes: Business, Technology, Science, Leadership


This book guides readers through developing and implementing their unique growth hacking strategy. It is an accessible and practical toolset that teams and businesses in all industries can use to grow their customer base and market share.

Any marketer, business owner, inventor, or manager who wants to replace huge wasteful bets and “spaghetti on the wall” strategies with more reliable, repeatable, financially sensible, and data-driven outcomes must read it.

Book Summary| Hacking Growth by Morgan Brown and Sean Elli

It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time when Facebook was MySpace’s sorry step-brother, LinkedIn was an exclusive network for C-suite executives, and Uber was a scrappy upstart that couldn’t compete with the Goliath that was New York City Yellow Cabs. Airbnb was the best-kept secret of travel hackers and couch surfers. Pinterest was a niche website only used by bakers and crafters.

How did these businesses develop from such small beginnings into the industry leaders they are today? Contrary to popular opinion, they didn’t achieve enormous global success by simply creating a brilliant product and crossing their fingers that people would like it.

The amazing success of these businesses was the result of a well-researched, methodically applied strategy. This method is known as “Growth Hacking,” and it is used by not only the most popular start-ups of the moment but also businesses like IBM, Walmart, and Microsoft, as well as the millions of business owners, marketers, managers, and executives who are members of the community.

Imagine that the Lean Start-Up and Scrum methodologies did for product development and productivity, respectively, and that the Growth Hacking approach does for market-share growth. Cross-functional teams, quick testing, and iteration focus on customers’ acquisition, retention, engagement, and motivation to make further purchases.

This book, written by the method’s creators, is a comprehensive toolkit that any business, regardless of sector, can use to implement its Growth Hacking strategy. It covers everything from how to set up and manage growth teams to how to find and test growth levers and evaluate the results and take appropriate action.

It is intended for any business or leader looking to escape the limitations of conventional marketing, improve collaboration, cut down on waste, and produce more reliable, repeatable, and data-driven outcomes.

My Takeaway From the Book

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Since this book comes under the category of business or self-help, there isn’t any moral that can be drawn but sure, and there was a lot to take away from it. The book’s insights on how to operate in growth hacking teams inspired me in various ways.

This should emphasize the importance of visibility into consumer behavior and platform/product performance for smaller or older organizations.

I learned the following from reading this:

  • 1. Provide your growth teams with a precise measure to hack
  •  2. learn quickly by doing the experiments
  •  3. Set priorities
  •  4. Continue the procedure.

What did I Think About the Book?

Since one of the first online “growth hackers” wrote this book, there are many excellent case studies and examples to learn from. Beneficial for companies looking to productize their growth and increase organic visitors. It provides pertinent examples as well as a block-by-block breakdown of the procedure. Sparked several fruitful growth concepts.

The ideas in this book can substantially enhance one’s capacity for business growth. An essential book for experts in digital marketing. The book is well-researched. I never found the book to be dull anywhere. This book was fantastic, and each chapter inspired new thoughts in me.


This book holds a rating of 4 stars out of 5.

Conclusion | Hacking Growth by Morgan Brown and Sean Elli

I found this book helpful. I don’t find many books of this genre as helpful and insightful as I did this one. This is the book that new readers should start with. Encompassing all facets with concrete examples and provocative thoughts.

The best strategy to develop your solutions would be to read this book while also analyzing your idea.

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