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Near Dark by Brad Thor—A political thriller novel written by Brad Thor, is the 19th book of the Scot Harvath book series of the author. Has this ever happened to you that you feel totally out of place in your life due to some recent events, but suddenly, something so urgent comes up that you can’t ignore it no matter how much you want to? If yes, you would relate to our protagonist here.

This novel is a long book series, and at first, I was skeptical about starting it due to the length, no matter how many recommendations I got. But once Covid hit and I actually did start it, I haven’t been able to stop ever since! Trust me on this one, and once you start with this series, you won’t be able to have enough of it. It’s so engaging.

This book has been titled “the best” book of the Scot Harvath book series by many reviewers, and honestly, one wouldn’t know why until and unless they have read it. It is sadness, sorrow, intensity, passion, action, thrill, and politics, all in just the right proportions. The action, in particular, is realistic and highly convincing. It brilliantly unraveled the mystery.

You might have already figured out how amazingly the author has displayed his talent in this book. As much as I want to rush to tell you more about this book, I suggest you go for the previous volumes of this book series for obvious reasons. But, if you’ve been following the series all along, dive into it!

Near Dark by Brad Thor | Book Review

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The Author

Brad Thor

Bradley George Thor Jr., a mystery author from the United States, was born on August 21, 1969. Thor spent eight years in Park City, Utah, after being born and reared in Chicago. He graduated from the Francis W. Parker School in Chicago, the Sacred Heart Schools, and the University of Southern California, wherein he majored in creative writing under the instruction of novelist T.C. Boyle.

The International Thriller Writers Association put his book The Last Patriot up for “Best Thriller of the Year.” His book Blowback was selected as one of the “100 Best Ever” Killer Thrillers by listeners of National Public Radio.

Book Overview | Near Dark by Brad Thor

Full Title: Near Dark: A Thriller

Author: Brad Thor

Genre: Thriller

Publishing Date: 23 June 2020

Series: Scot Harvath

Preceded by:  The Lions Of Lucerne (2002), Path of the Assassin (2003), State of the Union (2004), Blowback (2005), Takedown (2006), The First Commandment (2007), The Last Patriot (2008), The Apostle (2009), Foreign Influence (2010), Full Black (2011), Black List (2012), Free Fall (2013), Hidden Order (2013), Act of War (2014), Code of Conduct (2015), Foreign Agent (2016), Use of Force (2017), Spymaster (2018), Backlash (2019)

Succeded by: Black Eye (2021), Rising Thor (2022)

Page Count: 432 (approx.)

Main Characters: Scot Harvath, Slvi Kolstad, Andre Weber, Lieu Van Trang, Carl Pedersen,

Setting: The world’s largest bounty has just been placed on America’s top espionage. His only prospect of life depends on his ability to outwit, outrun, and outlast his opponents for long enough to discover the truth.

Themes: Grief, Action, Thrill, Politics

Description: The biggest bounty in the world has just been set on America’s top spy. His only chance of surviving is to outsmart, outpace, and outlive his adversaries for sufficient time to learn the truth. Scot Harvath will require a lot of aid to complete his most hazardous assignment to date, one that has already taken the lives of those nearest to him, notably his new bride. Slvi Kolstad, a Norwegian intelligence agent, is an odd ally for Harvath, who is unsure of whom to trust. She possesses not only the abilities but also a damaged, broken history that matches Harvath’s own. She is equally as intelligent, deadly, and relentless as Harvath.

Book Summary | Near Dark by Brad Thor

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The aftermath of Backlash (the previous novel) has left Harvath a damaged man. After traveling to various vacation places, Harvath’s situation changed when two thugs attacked the retired Navy SEAL, who became a counterterrorism agent, in a pub. Harvath takes the two thugs outside to serve them a lesson while half-intoxicated and frustrated, only to discover that the whole event was a setup.

A professional assassin who is only too willing to shoot him between the eyes is waiting for him. Fortunately, Scot lives thanks to the assistance of his former teammates, who bring him back into the group to inform him of a contract that has been posted on the dark web and distributed through a web of murderers.

It turns out that a 100 million dollar bounty has been set on Scot Harvath’s head by someone with a very serious vendetta. Neither The Carlton Group nor the CIA is aware of the mystery person’s identity or the reasons behind their tremendous efforts to eliminate Scot. The fact that the agreement is open makes things worse because it encourages a race to present Harvath’s skull on a platter first since the first assassin to complete the task will receive payment.

Harvath thinks waiting to die isn’t his style because there are uncounted killers out there seeking him. Instead, he decides to attack, putting things into his own hands and turning the tables on those trying to catch him. But when the time runs out, all bets are off as Scot fends off waves of killers long enough to identify his killer and revoke the contract before it’s too late.

This time, however, there is no assurance that he will be alive when the dust settles.When the stakes are at their highest, one mistake might be devastating.

What to Learn from the Book | Near Dark by Brad Thor

Compared to his earlier books, this one delves considerably more deeply into the protagonist’s emotional and mental state, strengthening our connection to and empathy for Scot. We know they are far more challenging than they’ve been when he is confronting impossible conditions.

We know that situations get overwhelming at times, and in those times, we feel like we’re not going to make it through, and nothing is worth fighting for, but still, we somehow manage to pull ourselves together to keep our lives going. That is the type of emotion this novel triggers. At times, I even found myself rooting and cheering for the protagonist for striving to make it through the mess!

What do I Think of the Book? Near Dark by Brad Thor

Near Dark by Brad Thor Book cover

This book is written in the same crisp, no-nonsense, entirely professional style that we’ve grown to enjoy in a Scot Harvath novel. Action, strategy, mystery, and a cast of people we want to support. I liked this style, being the ‘down-to-business’ person I am.

Another fact I appreciate in any novel part of a series is its relevance to the previous volumes and the scope for the upcoming one. This book does that for me as it conveniently picks up from where the last novel had ended, and we also get to see some familiar characters from the past books.

Nothing about the writing or the plot was flawed, but as a fan of the series, I had become accustomed to expecting more nuance, wit, and twists. Additionally, I thought the prior 18 novels required you to be fastened to your seats, whereas I felt that this one could wait and be read in segments as time permitted.

This book is just as exciting and unique as any other thriller novel. I mean, look at the plot! I had a great time reading it.


I think this book deserves a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Conclusion | Near Dark by Brad Thor- Book Review

Wasn’t this fun? To me, it was a LOT of fun! The only downside of reading such a unique and exhilarating book as this one is that it ends! I had a great time reading the book and felt like I was living it. I would recommend this book (and the entire book series, for that matter) for you to read. Trust me. You won’t regret it!

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