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Relentless by Mark Greaney is a beautiful tale in which the author has put together some engaging stories for the numerous plots and character arcs, making them all highly fun and intriguing. I am totally in love with this book, and so, I have come with a review of this book for you to fall in love with this book too!

Mark Greaney with the intense and spectacular characters and story makes Relentless one of the best books of 2021. I liked his novel ‘commander in chief‘ of Jack Ryan series and so decided to pick this novel and must say I wasn’t disappointed at all. Even though, I felt as if the scenes were playing in front of me, maybe it his excellent writing or my vivid imagination.

This book, which takes place immediately after the events of the novel One Minute Out, dispatches its main character Court Gentry on a dangerous mission with ties to the major conspiracy in South America. After a disastrous firefight from a third party that was not fully foreseen, Gentry travels to Europe to support his romantic lead, Zoya, who is in Berlin working with an unrelated lead as an undercover.

You might have figured by now that I’m in love with the author’s writing style, especially the Gray Man series is just awesome! Here I am, reviewing the 10th book of the series below for you. So, let’s dive into the article without delay.

Relentless by Mark Greaney | Book Review

Relentless by Mark Greaney | Cover Image

About The Author | Mark Greaney

Novelist Mark Greaney was born in the United States in 1967. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and is the son of Ed Greaney, who has worked at WMC-TV Memphis for more than 50 years and is the inspiration for the newsroom that bears his name today.

Greaney holds degrees in political science and foreign relations, two subjects that would subsequently be crucial to his writing career. Mark and his wife Allison are still residing in Memphis, Tennessee.

He is well known for working with Tom Clancy on his final works while he was still alive and for carrying on the Tom Clancy universe and the Jack Ryan character after Clancy’s passing in 2013. He is also well-known for the Gray Man book series, which Netflix will adapt into a motion picture.

Book Overview| Relentless by Mark Greaney

Full Title: Relentless

Author: Mark Greaney

Genre: Adventure fiction

Publishing Date: 16th February 2021

Series: Gray Man

Preceded by: The Gray Man (2009), On Target (2010), Ballistic (2011), Dead Eye (2013), Black Blast (2016), Gunmetal Gray (2017), Agent in Place (2018), Mission Critical (2019), One Minute Out (2020)

Followed by: Sierra Six (2022)

Page Count: 528

Main Characters: Court Gentry, Zoya Zakharova, Matthew Hanley.

Point of View: Multi-perspective narrative

Setting: The Gray Man, Court Gentry, is sent to Venezuela when a lost American agent reappears, but a group of killers has other plans. Court makes it out alive and with some crucial information. CIA operative Zoya Zakharova is currently in Berlin.

Themes: Mystery, Conspiracy, Thriller, Suspense, Politics


Agents of intelligence are missing one-by-one all across the planet. The Gray Man, Court Gentry, is sent to Venezuela when a lost American agent reappears, but a group of assassins has other plans. The court makes it out alive and with some crucial information.

CIA operative Zoya Zakharova is currently in Berlin. Her objective was to penetrate a private spy agency with concerning ties. She has a worse chance of survival, the closer she gets to the solutions. Court and Zoya are only two parts of this grand chessboard, but they will learn an unavoidable truth: sometimes you have to give up some pawns to get the king.

Book Summary | Relentless by Mark Greaney

Relentless by Mark Greaney Cover Image

Several high-ranking intelligence personnel is missing worldwide, and CIA deputy director Matthew Hanley wants to know why. Hanley is forced to deploy the Gray Man, his most lethal asset, when a former American spy thought to be dead reappears in Venezuela under the auspices of the country’s secret police.

Gentry is known as the Gray Man and is dreaded throughout the world for being a deadly assassin and rogue agent, but in reality, he works for Hanley at the CIA as a covert hitman. Gentry makes touch with the former agent while travelling to Venezuela. The former agent tells a story of intrigue and betrayal in the heart of Europe before being ruthlessly killed by a well-armed group of killers.

Gentry persuades Hanley to send him to Berlin to find out the truth after barely making out alive and being persuaded that there is a broader plot at work. At the same time, Gentry’s lover and fellow CIA agent Zoya Zakharova is breaking into a private German intelligence agency that has connections to the Venezuelan assassin. As Zoya tries to figure out who is truly in charge of the organization, her previous employers in Russian intelligence dispatch their deadliest assassin to assassinate her, putting her back in their crosshairs.

Gentry and Zoya begin to comprehend the full scope of the scheme they have found themselves in as they struggle for their lives in Berlin. Someone is engaged in a risky global game and is willing to influence the governments of the United States and Europe to achieve their objectives. The question is whether Gentry and his allies will be able to uncover this plot before it’s too late or a catastrophic attack will push America into an impossible-to-win conflict.

My Thoughts on Relentless by Mark Greaney

This book’s specific and clear focus on international spying fits the plot. I appreciated all the unique details the author added, such as a replica of a significant recent real-life spying incident. I adored all the intriguing details the author incorporated, such as a reproduction of a recent real-life intelligence event of significant importance. This book’s thorough and captivating concentration on international espionage seamlessly fits into the plot.

Since Gentry is dealing with a significant illness due to a stab wound he sustained in the previous book, One Minute Out, I particularly like how the author gave him a significant disadvantage in this most recent adventure, linking the current book with the previously following storyline.

Also, Hanley experiences several significant moments, and it will be intriguing to see what happens to him afterwards. In addition, I liked Maksim Akulov, the crazed Russian assassin hired to assassinate Zoya but then turns on Gentry because he sees him as the most significant challenge.

What I’m mainly surprised about is that there isn’t mainly anything that I would want to point out as ‘disappointing’ or ‘letting down. Everything seemed to be just where it was meant to be.

My Ratings For The Book

I think this book rightfully holds a rating of 4/5 stars.

Final Words

This book has a tremendous and intricate plot with many plot twists, and I quickly became engrossed in the well-written and passionate tale. I enjoyed reading this book. A dramatic and fast-paced tale that I rapidly became hooked on is at the centre of this fantastic work. I’m interested in how Greaney will carry on with this series in the future.

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