Book Review: The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller

The Shadows between us book review

An exciting fantasy fiction of villain romantic novel that you should experience once a lifetime. Set in a fantasy realm with a shadow king, court and a young girl who was always overlooked. This novel ‘Shadows between us’ is one of the most delicious YA books of the year 2020.

I read this book during the end of the year 2020 and it was so amazing that I got obsessed with its storyline and recommended it to many of my friends and almost everyone liked it. As soon as I finished reading, I would randomly throw lines out of this book, to sound like a cool protagonist, such were the lines of this novel.

Published on 25th February 2020, this Fantasy Romance Novel was written by Tricia Levenseller and mainly focused on the theme of boldness and feminism. Despite an authoritarian and patriarchial backdrop, the protagonist (female) is the boldest YA character you might have ever come across in any novel you’ve read, making it even more enjoyable.

Without delaying it anymore, I suggest you should delve into it to know more about this novel.

The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller | Book Review

About The Author | Tricia Levenseller

Tricia Levenseller was raised in Oregon, where she enjoyed pretend play and climbing trees. She graduated with a degree in editing and English and is happy she won’t have to study a textbook again.

Now that she is a full-time writer, she resides in Utah with her obnoxious dog, Rosy. “Daughter of the Pirate King” and “The Shadows Between Us are two of the six YA fantasy books she has written.

Tricia likes to assemble jigsaw puzzles, play Overwatch and Sea of Thieves on her Xbox, and hunt for good places to attend when she’s not writing or reading.

Book Overview | The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller

Full Title: The Shadows Between Us

Author: Tricia Levenseller

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Publishing Date: 25th February 2020


Alessandra is fed up with being ignored, but she has exactly the scheme to take control:

1) Charm the Shadow King
2) Wed him.
3) Murder him and seize control of his realm.

Nobody knows the full scope of the newly minted Shadow King’s power. Some claim that he can direct the swirling shadows around him. Others argue that they communicate with him, whispering his adversaries’ views. Regardless, Alessandra will exert every effort within her power to obtain what she rightfully owes. However, Alessandra isn’t the only person attempting to murder the king.

She finds herself striving to keep him safe longer, exceptionally so for him to crown her as his queen while fighting not to lose her heart as efforts are made to take his life.

Book Summary | The Shadows between Us by Tricia Levenseller

Alessandra, 18 years old, has decided to marry the Shadow King, slay him, and then rule six nations. She, along with her father, enters the palace where she talks to other people to attract the king’s attention while wearing clothing she knows he will notice. The king eventually approaches her, and they dance together but without physical contact before he extends an invitation for her to remain at the castle.

Alessandra eventually discovers why Kallias, the king, refuses to allow physical contact. Alessandra receives a note asking her to meet and talk with an unidentified individual attempting to kill Kallias following an attempted attack that Kallias escaped.

She poses as an escort and looks into where they met Kallias. In a moment of bewilderment, someone touches Kallias. They proceed to be about each other, happily falling in love even though they know someone in his court is pursuing him. When Alessandra’s troubled past returns to torment her, Kallias dismisses it and forgives her.

On the eve of her great ball, when Alessandra is so close to becoming queen, Kallias pops the question to her. It is their best option, and Alessandra no longer desires to murder him.

Kallias is poisoned, and they discover that this was one of his counselors who did it. The other individual, a former partner of the king’s father, is located, and it appears that the case is ended. All night, they hold hands and kiss. They decide that if they share a bedroom, everything will be ideal.

Alessandra is expelled by Kallias when he discovers the poison she had brought to kill him while shifting her belongings. She retaliates by kissing his best friend, and it isn’t until she leaves the castle that she understands the truth. Was their love story successful? Or something unexpected occured?

My Thoughts On The Book

I love the personalities and the connections that are formed in the story. Alessandra, who has never had female companions before, manipulates men to achieve her goals. She makes friends for the first time when she eventually enters the court of the Shadow King, initially out of necessity. I particularly enjoyed seeing how her relationships with men and women changed.

She is so incredibly self-assured and ambitious, which I adore. She will do whatever it takes to succeed. She distinguishes herself via her unique creations, which reinterprets the fashions of the court. A total feminist and fashionista are what I’d like to title her!

The protagonists are sex-positive, and the book has themes of equality throughout, despite the authoritarian and sexist culture in which they live. There isn’t anything that I’d say I ‘disliked’ about the book, but I wish a little more were written about the social setting.

Though there were some descriptions about the society, like the law described, and it can be established that it was a patriarchal society, it was majorly character-oriented. The outside world wasn’t much focused. I did miss knowing about the societal scenario of the novel’s setting, but not too much, as the characters kept me engaged.

The-Shadows-between-Us-by-Tricia-Levenseller cover image

My Ratings For The Book

Many online reviewers have pitched this book as ‘Slytherin Romance,’ which totally stands up to the unofficial title.

You will be captivated by this book from the first line, and each chapter only gets better and better. You’ll like seeing Alessandra develop, in particular her personality.

A few not particularly intense intimate situations and some violence that isn’t depicted in great detail are present, but you may skip those parts if you’re uncomfortable.

As I’ve mentioned, this book does NOT contain much explicit content. However, a few incidents are there that might be deemed inappropriate for young children, so I would suggest this to readers above the age of 13 or adult guidance if you don’t meet the age limit.

I feel this novel deserves 4.3/5 stars.

Final Words

You’ll adore our crafty lead character Alessandra if you like characters who are sarcastic, self-assured, and ambitious. Alessandra is prepared to go out on her own to achieve the success she longs for, but the law dictates that she cannot make her social debut until her sister is wed.

This novel was delightful to me. The characters’ relationship jumps off the page, and Alessandra shares their enthusiasm for fashion. I heartily suggest you pick up this book if you enjoy exciting stories and characters about friendship and love.

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