Book Review: True Believer by Jack Carr

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True Believer by Jack Carr is the Second book in the series. As a former Navy SEAL sniper, author Jack Carr has extensive knowledge of the position, politics, and transactions. His experience as a SEAL gives his main character and Reece’s unit credibility. The reader gets an eye-opening look at the realities of the war on terror and government corruption, thanks to Carr’s personal experience.

I was recommended to read this book series by a friend, and once I started it, I swear I couldn’t stop myself. I had to force myself to put the book down and sleep at night while I was reading this book series. Although I’m not much into action, I enjoyed this one and didn’t get bored or disappointed even for a minute.

The sequel to Jack Carr’s Terminal List is called True Believer. Commander Reece discovers himself working for the people who were just months ago after him. This suspenseful drama is filled with rekindled friendships and tactical deployment. Jack Carr’s memories of serving his country are vividly detailed.

What you just read is not even half of what will come. Keep on reading to know more.

True Believer by Jack Carr | Book Review

The Author

Jack Carr Author of Terminal List, True Believer

Jack Carr

Former US Navy SEAL Jack Carr is also a published author. On July 3, 1975, he was born in New Brunswick, US. The US special forces’ operations on land, in the air, and at sea are referred to as SEAL operations. In the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Jack commanded Special Forces soldiers.

He spent roughly twenty years there as a sniper for the US Navy. From a Special Forces agent to a best-selling book, Jack Carr adjusted. His book, “The Terminal Forces,” mixes lessons from his mother, the librarian and his experiences serving in the US Navy.

Following his service as a US Navy SEAL, Jack started writing books. He has always had a passion for it and attributes his innate skills to his mother, a librarian. His debut novel, “Terminal List,” won over people worldwide.

It could be because a real soldier was writing his lightly fictionalized stories. His second novel, “True Believer,” was just as good and got some excellent reviews from successful authors.

Jack Carr has published five books so far. After the first two, in 2020, he released “Savage Son,” and in 2021, “The Devil’s Hand” followed by “In the Blood” in May 2022.

Jack hasn’t once revealed the identity of his wife in the thousands of postings he’s made on his social media accounts on all the main sites. We do, however, know that the wedding took place on June 19, 2000. After a few years, Jack finds himself the father of three kids.

Book Overview | True Believer by Jack Carr

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Full Title: True Believer

Author: Jack Carr

Genre: Thriller

Publishing Date: July 30, 2019

Page Count: 496

Series: James Reece series

Preceding Novel: The Terminal List

Succeeding Novel: Savage Son, The Devil’s Hand, In the Blood

Main Characters: James Reece

Themes: True Believer, a thrilling roller-coaster journey that establishes Jack Carr as the new Master of Political thrillers, erupts with action and realism.

Setting: Former Navy SEAL James Reece has fled the United States after embarking on a deadly quest for vengeance. He has since made his way deep into Mozambique’s wilderness.


The most challenging hunting on earth, the pursuit of men, is explored in Jack Carr’s True Believer. These hunters represent the finest our government has to give in bridging the gap between good and evil, flaws and all. You’ll wonder what lurks in the shadows as you ride this mind-blowing, heart-pounding adventure and, more importantly, whether you can survive it.

Book Summary | True Believer by Jack Carr

The general markets tank when a spate of horrifying terrorist acts rocks the Western world around the holidays. An enigmatic former Iraqi commando who vanished into the European underworld is organizing the attacks. James Reece, the most wanted domestic terrorist alive, is a resource that the United States government can use to turn the Iraqi against his employers.

Reece emerges from the Mozambican jungle under the protection of the family of his estranged best friend and fellow former SEAL Squad member after exacting revenge for the murders of his family and team members. When his locations are discovered, the CIA recruits him using Reece’s presidential pardon and the allies he enlisted to aid him in his vengeance mission’s immunity.

Reece traverses the world as a reluctant tool of the US government, hunting down terrorist leaders and uncovering geopolitical conspiracies that expose a treacherous CIA officer and a nefarious assassination plot with global ramifications.

My Takeaway from the Book

True Believer Image

Jack Carr has written a second novel that is more amazing and thrilling than his first. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. True Believer is one of the few books that lives up to its reputation. True Believer is a relentless, suspenseful thriller. Action-packed, suspenseful, and mysterious. Anyone who enjoys action, suspense, and thrills should read it.

What did I Think About the Book? True Believer by Jack Carr

This book has received criticism for being excessively long or having a slow middle. I am opposed. Everything in the book serves a purpose and advances James Reece’s character and the plot. The most turbulent action may occasionally occur inside a character rather than in their environment.

True Believer is a quick-paced sequel to The Terminal List, and if you enjoyed that book, you’d enjoy this one as well. However, the second book in Carr’s series differs from the previous one in that James Reese gets more attention, and the setting is worldwide.


This book rightfully holds a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Conclusion| Book Review: True Believer by Jack Carr

This book was an absolute blast. The US Government views James Reece favourably after he assists them in thwarting a mastermind bent on world dominance in the second excellent novel of the series. Once more, the conclusion is fantastic, and this time it makes you want to read the next book in the series since some intriguing loose ends need to be resolved.

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