14 Stunning Books Publishing in August 2022 | Must-Read

14 Stunning Books Publishing In August 2022 | Must-Read

The summer is at its peak. The temperature is all hot and humid, which calls for keeping yourself busy with one thing or the other, which means more books for a reader! I’m sure you must still be in the process of reading and waiting for the books of July 2022, but it wouldn’t harm anyone to have a look at 14 amazing books publishing in August 2022.

It has become a hobby of mine to make a book list for every month for myself and you all. So, the same I did for the next month as well. I’m enjoying a fulfilling reading year even though we’ve just had half of the year to read fantastic new novels. Also, what makes this month most interesting for books is that most writers and publishers usually try to save their most bank on books for the fall and holiday season, that is, August!

This month, many book series have their new sequel scheduled to publish. Many old authors have come up with their unique masterpieces, while so many authors are looking forward to publishing their debut novels. From literary fiction to historical fiction to fantasy fiction, a little bit of everything is there! 

Since I love it so much to read and share books, new and old, I’ve listed some of the many excellent books to be published in August 2022 that one must read at least once.

14 Upcoming Books of August 2022| Must Read

Here are 15 books that you should look forward to in August 2022.

1. Carrie Soto Is Back

Carrie Soto Is Back | Books publishing in August 2022

Full Title: Carrie Soto Is Back

Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid

Genre: Literary fiction

Publishing Date: 30 August 2022


Carrie Soto is tenacious and unpopular due to her desire to win at all costs. But she is the best when she finally decides to give up playing tennis. She has twenty Grand Slam titles and has broken every record. And Carrie will tell you that she has a right to each one. But six years after she had retired, Carrie found herself gazing from the stands at the 1994 US Open as Nicki Chan, a harsh and impressive player, broke her record.

At the age of 37, Carrie makes the momentous choice to come off the bench and receive one final year of coaching from her father to recapture her record. And even if it means overcoming her vanity to train with Bowe Huntley, a guy with whom she once came dangerously close to falling in love. Like her, he has to succeed before permanently giving up the game.

2. Babel

Babel | Books publishing in August 2022

Full Title: Babel: Or the Necessity of Violence: An Arcane History of the Oxford Translators’ Revolution

Author: R. F. Kuang

Genre: Historical fantasy

Publishing Date: 23 August 2022


The mysterious Professor Lovell transports the cholera orphan Robin Swift from Canton to London. Babel is the epicentre of translation and, more significantly, silversmithing, the practice of magically reproducing the meaning that has been lost in translation using enchanted silver bars. The British Empire had unmatched strength because of the silver industry, and Babel’s study of foreign languages aided the Empire’s mission to dominate every region it came across.

For Robin, Oxford, the city of rising spires, is a storybook. It is a romantic place where knowledge is sought for. But since power is derived from knowledge, Robin, a Chinese lad raised in Britain, must necessarily forsake his motherland to serve Babel. As his studies advance, Robin is forced to choose between Babel and the mysterious Hermes Society, a group whose goal is to undermine the silver-making that fuels imperial conquest.

3. The Final Gambit

The Final Gambit | Books publishing in August 2022

Full Title: The Final Gambit

Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 30 August 2022


Avery’s fame, life, and loves are at stake in the game that will be the talk of the town. Avery Kylie Grambs must get through a few more weeks in Hawthorne House to receive billions. She has the media following her everywhere. Financial strains are intensifying. Life is full of risk. The Hawthorne brothers are the only ones who can help Avery get through it all.

Their lives are entangled with hers. Avery and The Hawthorne brothers are aware of each other’s secrets. A guest who needs her assistance and whose existence in Hawthorne House could alter everything arrives just as the time is running out for Avery to become the wealthiest kid on the planet.

4. These Fleeting Shadows

These Fleeting Shadows | Books publishing in August 2022

Full Title: These Fleeting Shadows

Author: Kate Alice Marshall

Genre: Horror

Publishing Date: 9 August 2022


Helen Vaughan is unsure of why she and her mother left their immediate family’s Harrowstone Hall house or why they haven’t spoken to them since. She is startled to discover that her grandfather left her everything when he passed away.

She must remain on the premises of Harrow for one entire year to get the fortune; otherwise, she would lose everything. Harrow’s dreams have plagued Helen for as long as she can recollect, and now those nightmares have crept into her waking hours. Helen is aware that she must learn Harrow’s mysteries to make it through the year.

5. A Venom Dark and Sweet

A Venom Dark and Sweet | Books publishing in August 2022

Full Title: A Venom Dark and Sweet

Author: Judy I. Lin

Genre: Fantasy

Publishing Date: 23 August 2022


The realm of Dàxi has experienced a dreadful evil. The Banished Prince has resurfaced to take control, and the widespread poisonings that have kept the populace mired in mistrust and terror have aided his ascent to the dragon throne. Princess Zhen has been exiled by Ning, a young but mighty shénnóng-shi who wields magic utilizing the age-old and sensitive art of preparing tea.

Ruyi, the princess’ devoted bodyguard, and Shu, Ning’s recently recovered sister, join them. The four young women journey together across the kingdom in quest of allies who can aid in driving out the invaders and reclaiming Zhen’s legitimate crown. Ning’s nightmares, however, are constantly plagued by images of conflict and bloodshed caused by the golden serpent.

6. The King Will Kill You

The King Will Kill You | Books publishing in August 2022

Full Title: The King Will Kill You: The Kingdoms of Sand & Sky Book Three

Author: Sarah Henning

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 2 August 2022


Princess Amarande is about to get all she desires. No one or legislation would stand in the way of her being with her genuine love, Luca. No marriage is required to govern Ardenia as queen ultimately, as Luca does with the transformed Torrence. to reestablish The Sand and Sky as a nation where the will of its inhabitants governs rather than outdated, authoritarian laws. Threats, though, lurk behind Amarande’s imagined happily ever after.

One anticipated and fatal to her love and all of her goals. The other appeared out of nowhere with the terrible intent of taking vengeance. A continent is so wicked as to merit his fury, the princess who murdered him, the guy whose love drove her to commit the crime.

7. Isaiah Dunn Saves the Day

Isaiah Dunn Saves the Day | Books publishing in August 2022

Full Title: Isaiah Dunn Saves the Day

Author: Kelly J. Baptist

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 2 August 2022


For super-kid Isaiah Dunn, things are going well. He and Charlie, his younger sister, are adjusting to their time spent with Miz Rita, and Mama is doing better. Isaiah and Angel’s poetry publishing venture is succeeding, and Sneaky, his best friend, is constantly working on something new.

In addition, Isaiah has access to his father’s writings for inspiration or counsel. Maybe right now, given how difficult it is to enter middle school. Especially when Kobe, his apprentice, won’t stop getting into mischief. Isaiah is confident that something is wrong, but to discover Kobe’s deception, he must depend on every hero he is familiar with, including himself.

8. The Lies We Tell

The Lies We Tell | Books publishing in August 2022

Full Title: The Lies We Tell

Author: Katie Zhao

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 9 August 2022


As she begins her first year at the famous Brookings University in her hometown, Anna Xu leaves her parents’ house and moves into the dorms across the street. But neither the campus nor her parents’ faltering Chinese bakery, Sweetea, are far away. Anna wants to maintain her excellent grades at Brookings while looking into the mysterious death of her former babysitter on campus. Additionally, she runs across Chris Lu, a familiar face from middle school. The Lu family, who recently built Sunny’s, a hip new bakery on Sweetpea’s block, is the Xu family’s commercial rivals.

Although Anna grew up in this community, she wonders if she truly feels at home. Alternatively, she may be concerned that other residents believe she doesn’t belong. When a specific threat is made against Anna, she turns to the only Person she can trust for assistance. Chris and Anna work together to identify the stalker and undertake a risky investigation into the hate crimes taking place on campus.

9. What Hunts Inside the Shadows

What Hunts Inside the Shadows | Books publishing in August 2022

Full Title: What Hunts Inside the Shadows

Author: Harper L. Woods

Genre: Romantic fantasy

Publishing Date: 30 August 2022


The wind from Nothrek is whispering Caldris’ name. We only whisper about the legend in closed-off spaces for fear of arousing his anger once more. He wants to bind me to his side for all eternity, but his motives are murky and his ambitions immoral. He directs us to the starting point, the settlement of Mistfell, and the frontier where the Veil formerly glistened in the breeze, with the Wild Hunt serving as our guard.

The Mist Guard have sworn to prohibit us from entering Alfheimr and walking on Faerie land, even if innocent people lose their lives. They are under orders to revive Mistfell’s dazzling barrier, but as usual, there will be a higher price than disclosed. Once, when the Veil fell, the residents of Northern held me responsible.

10. A Duel with the Vampire Lord

A Duel with the Vampire Lord

Full Title: A Duel with the Vampire Lord

Author: Elise Kova

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Publishing Date: 18 August 2022


Because of her expertise in forging, Floriane holds a revered status as the smith maiden of Hunter’s Hamlet, arming and safeguarding the vampire hunters. Until the night of the blood moon, she keeps her place and is a devoted servant to Master Hunter and her neighborhood. Until she witnesses her brother killed by the vampire Lord Ruvan. Floriane battles the vampire lord out of a desire to protect her house at all costs, willing to sacrifice her life to save his. However, Ruvan desires her more than he wants to take her life.

Floriane is now blood pledged to the vampire lord after being abducted and taken to the vampire palace. She is physically and mentally tethered to her worst adversary. But Ruvan isn’t the evil Person she believed him to be. She gains knowledge of the vampires’ reality. They are not unthinking monsters; and instead, they are proud people who have been afflicted and warped by an old curse. Ruvan thinks Floriane may hold the answer to putting an end to his people’s misery. Floriane only wants to protect her house. The lines between truth and deception, hatred and desire, and loyalty are all tested.

11. The Honeys

The Honeys

Full Title: The Honeys

Author: Ryan La Sala

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 16 August 2022


Mars is always the less attractive twin, Caroline’s brilliant sidekick. Mars, however, is driven to learn everything he can about Caroline, his once-inseparable sister, who had unfortunately drifted apart after she passed away in a horrifying situation. Because of his genderfluidity, Mars is frequently left out of his politically influential family’s customs and expectations. This includes attending the esteemed Aspen Conservancy Summer Academy, where his sister devoted much of her time. But he insistences ongoing in her place because his loss is still so raw.

Mars discovers a bucolic fable that was not written for him. The folkloric charm and sun-drenched festivals conceal old-fashioned gender stereotypes and a harmful level of preparation. Mars looks for the girls known as the Honeys, who keep beehives behind their cabin and are among his sister’s old pals. They are stunning and terrifying, and Mars is confident. They are involved in Caroline’s passing.

12. Mika in Real Life

Mika in Real Life

Full Title: Mika in Real Life

Author: Emiko Jean

Genre:  Domestic Fiction

Publishing Date: 2 August 2022


Mika Suzuki’s life is in chaos at the age of 35. Her previous relationship went wrong. A hoarder, maybe her roommate/best friend. She never ceases to let her traditional Japanese parents down. She was most recently let go from her most recent dead-end employment. When Mika receives a call from Penny, the daughter she gave available for adoption sixteen years earlier, she is at her lowest point. In response to Penny’s desire to reconnect with her birth mother, Mika yearns to live up to Penny’s expectations.

Faced with her shortcomings, Mika makes up a piece of information about herself. What begins as a small white lie gradually grows into a full-fledged fictitious existence in which Mika is responsible, polished, and accomplished in love and her job. The specifics of Mika’s presence might be a fantasy, but everything she tells the inquisitive, obstinate Penny is accurate, including her hopes, dreams, weaknesses, and Japanese ancestry.

Thomas Calvin, Penny’s adoptive widowed father, has a harder-won heart. A tense, rough relationship initially develops into camaraderie and eventually something more.

13. My Imaginary Mary

My Imaginary Mary

Full Title: My Imaginary Mary

Author: Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publishing Date: 2 August 2022


Mary may have acquired her late mother Mary Wollstonecraft’s sharp mind, but she leads a meager existence above her father’s bookshop. Ada Lovelace, whose father is Lord Byron, the most well-known poet in history, is no stranger to having superlative parents. The world-changing machine Pan, also known as Practical Automaton Number One, is Ada’s best invention to date, but only if she can figure out how to make him independent.

Mary and Ada discover they are fae, magical beings with the power to manifest whatever they imagine when fate brings our two geniuses together.

14. Three Kisses, One Midnight

Three Kisses, One Midnight

Full Title: Three Kisses, One Midnight

Author: Evelyn Skye, Roshani Chokshi, and Sandhya Menon

Genre: Fantasy

Publishing Date: 30 August 2022


Everyone born and nurtured in Moon Ridge remembers the legend of the young woman who died at the age of twelve that very same night, forfeiting the life she was about to start with her closest love. Moon Ridge was founded 400 years ago. Since then, the Lady of Moon Ridge has appeared one day per year to walk among the villagers and bestow an aspect on those eager to fulfill their hearts’ aspirations.

This year at Moon Ridge High, a circle of friends known as The Coven will put on a unique masquerade ball that will combine magic, science, and the arts. With assistance from Onny’s grandmother’s love potion, True, Ash, and Onny are confident that everything is set up to deliver them the warmth, tolerance, and forgiveness that can only come through romance.

Conclusion| 14 Books to Read in August 2022

This year is a blast for book lovers and readers. We have witnessed the awesomeness of this year for 6 months already and now in terms of books, as we have gone through the books scheduled to be published in the month of August of this year, I can’t help but be even more excited for it! I’m really looking forward to it. Are you, too?

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