10 Amazing Books Publishing in May 2023

Books to be Published in May 2023

The month of May is almost here in 2023! I can’t believe the time is flying by so fast and almost overwhelming. Now that we are about to enter a new month, we have to look at the newest books publishing in May 2023, too, as we do for every other month! Let’s look at them together here.

I had a peek at the various books publishing in May 2023, and I must tell you, you will be satisfied! There are many books, but I’ve picked the top 10. I’m assure you will like it.

The book list for May 2023 contains books from genres like contemporary fiction, Young-Adult fiction, Coming-of-age, and, most prominently, LGBT Literature. There are so many fictional books about LGBT this month, and they look amazing. 

Excited, right? Don’t worry. I won’t hold you for much longer. Let’s get right into it!

Top 10 Books Publishing in May 2023

1. The Half Moon

The Half Moon | Books Publishing in May 2023

Full Title: The Half Moon

Author: Mary Beth Keane

Genre:  Coming-of-age story

Publishing Date: 2 May 2023


The charming and outgoing Malcolm Gephardt, a long-standing barman at the Half Moon, has always wanted to open his bar. Malcolm is motivated to purchase the business when his boss finally decides to retire. He aspires to increase the Half Moon’s success because he sees its unfathomable enchantment and potential, but he soon learns that his customers don’t like change and that turning a profit will be complex.

Jess, Malcolm’s wife, is intelligent, self-assured, and committed to her legal profession. But after years of trying, she finds it difficult to accept that motherhood might not be in her future. Like Malcolm, she senses the passing of her youth and wonders how to reconstruct her life even though her aspirations and expectations don’t match the situation.

2. The Celebrants

The Celebrants | Books Publishing in May 2023

Full Title: The Celebrants

Author: Steven Rowley

Genre: LGBT Literature

Publishing Date: 16 May 2023


Jordan Vargas last saw his college pals in the second or five years, and it’s been 28 years since they graduated and began living as adults. At the start of a new decade, Jordan, Jordy, Naomi, Craig, and Marielle are faced with all the responsibilities of adulthood but are no closer to having their lives figured out, nevertheless, not through the want of trying.

They have met together again in Big Sur over the years to carry out a long-standing agreement to throw each other living “funerals,” celebrations to serve as a constant reminder to themselves that life is worth living and that their lives matter, at least to one another if not to themselves.

However, this reunion is unique. They aren’t grouped as they once were to support Marielle as her marriage broke down, to console Naomi after her parents passed away, or to step in when Craig admitted to engaging in art fraud. Jordan is holding a secret this time that will violate their agreement.

3. No Two Persons

No Two Persons | Books Publishing in May 2023

Full Title: No Two Persons

Author: Erica Bauermeister

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 2 May 2023


A writer is what Alice has always aspired to be. Her skill is natural, but her stories are secure and detached until a tragic tragedy tears her heart apart. This leads her to write a beautiful debut novel.

From a youngster disguising her homelessness to a free diver pushing himself to the limit, an artist enraged by the world around her, a bookshop looking for love, and a widower torn by grief, her words make their way to readers.

Each one is attracted to Alice’s story; they all learn something unique that changes their viewpoint and opens up fresh possibilities for their futures.

Together, their tales demonstrate how books can influence us in the most lovely and surprising ways—and how contrary to popular belief, we are all more interconnected than we may realize.

4. Meet Me at the Lake

Meet Me at the Lake  | Books Publishing in May 2023

Full Title: Meet Me at the Lake

Author: Carley Fortune

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date: 2 May 2023


Much too much of Fern Brookbanks’ adult life has been lost to her thoughts about Will Baxter. In her early twenties, she only knew the annoyingly handsome, idealistic artist for twenty-four hours after a chance encounter in Toronto became a daylong experience.

They agreed to meet one year from now despite the date being off since they had an irresistible connection and shared every secret and dream. Fern appeared. Will sat out. At 32, Fern’s life is very different from how she originally envisioned it.

Fern, who had promised never to manage her mother’s Muskoka lakeside resort, is now back home instead of residing in the city. Fern is still determining where to start because the property is in disarray, and her ex-boyfriend is the manager. She requires a strategy—a lifeline.

Fern is shocked to see it appear in the form of Will, who arrives nine years too late with a suitcase and a willingness to assist. Will might be the only person who can relate to Fern’s situation. But how could she possibly believe this phony man in the fancy suit who didn’t resemble the young man she first met all those years ago?

Fern is unsure about her desire to discover what Will is keeping hidden. But Will Baxter saved Fern ten years prior. Can she provide him with the same thing?

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect | Books Publishing in May 2023

Full Title: Practice Makes Perfect

Author: Sarah Adams

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date: 2 May 2023


In Rome, Kentucky, running her flower store, Annie Walker is searching for the right person to complete her peaceful, quiet existence. Unfortunately, she becomes concerned that her objective might be too far away after hearing her date describe her as “so unbelievably boring.” Is it too late to develop a flirty and enjoyable personality like the female leads in her preferred romantic films?

All she needs is a little practice, and Annie has just the teacher in mind: Will Griffin. Will, the flirtatious, tattooed, and gorgeous bodyguard, is temporarily back in Rome, providing security for Amelia Rose as anticipation for her upcoming wedding to Noah Walker grows. During his time in town, Will has one personal objective: stay away from Annie Walker. But no sooner does he get settled, Will finds himself not only breaking his rule but tasked with far more than simply providing security.

Will formally promises to teach Annie how to become the next leading lady of Rome, Kentucky, and discover the love of her life, even though he doesn’t believe in love himself. Will doesn’t want to change the charming and attractive Annie, but he can’t refuse her request.

It doesn’t take long for the boundaries of their friendship to become muddled between pretending to be in a relationship so the nosy town doesn’t figure out what’s going on on their practice dates and teaching classes that persuade Annie to add passion to her list of must-haves in a partner.

6. That Summer Feeling

That Summer Feeling

Full Title: That Summer Feeling

Author: Bridget Morrissey

Genre:  LGBT Literature

Publishing Date: 30 May 2023


Garland Moore once held onto the notions of magic, the virtues of optimism, and omens from the cosmos. Over Valentine’s Day dinner, her spouse later presented her with divorce papers as a surprise. Garland isn’t sure what to believe anymore other than that she will never be able to find another love. She and her sister believe it’s a chance to take the kind of summer vacation they never had as children when new acquaintances offer her to spend a week at their recently reopened sleepaway camp.

This is a sign that Garland still believed in them—her chance to put her past behind her and start again at summer camp. Camp Carl Cove, tucked away in the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains, offers Garland the perfect getaway—until she crosses paths with Mason, a guy about whom she had a premonition following a brief encounter years before.

Despite her best efforts to flee, the cosmos seems determined to bring love back into Garland’s life. She even shares a room with Stevie, Mason’s sister, a cheerful ex-park ranger who is equally charming and competitive. The clues make Garland increasingly perplexed as she spends more time with Stevie.

The universe is lining together like Garland could never have anticipated. Garland is drawn to the stunning blonde outdoorswoman who makes her laugh and swoon despite camp competitions and moonlit dances. The love Garland finds at summer camp may not last forever, but if she can learn to trust her gut, it just could.

7. The Chateau

The Chateau

Full Title: The Chateau

Author: Jaclyn Goldis

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Publishing Date: 23 May 2023


Welcome to the charming region of Provence, where Séraphine Demargelasse, the Lady of the Chateau, has graciously welcomed her granddaughter Darcy and three companions inside. The four girls’ close relationship was forged twenty years ago while they were studying abroad in France and making weekend trips to see the elderly lady. Why, then, this unexpected invitation?

It soon becomes apparent that each woman accepted the offer for a hidden motive amid vineyard excursions, market visits, and elegant meals with views of olive groves and lavender fields. Then, following a wild night of revelry, Séraphine is discovered dead. Fingers start being pointed as the women seek answers to this horrible incident.

A shady Instagram account appears, exposing photos from the friends’ private times at the chateau and threatening to divulge more. They discover the chateau is home to many secrets—some worth dying for—as they strive to find out who killed Séraphine and is now chasing them.

8. They Hate Each Other

They Hate Each Other

Full Title: They Hate Each Other

Author: Amanda Woody

Genre: Young adult fiction

Publishing Date: 9 May 2023


Like oil and water, Jonah and Dylan get along well. They don’t realize “falling for your enemy” isn’t as impossible as it appears until a bogus dating scheme gives them a fresh viewpoint. Jonah Collins has a wide vocabulary to choose from when describing Dylan Ramrez. To name a few, “golden boy,” “arrogant,” and “spoiled.”

Dylan believes that his description of Jonah as an attention-seeking a*shat who never keeps his mouth quiet is correct. When Jonah and Dylan wake up in the same bed after homecoming, their friends believe their dislike for one another is simply thinly disguised lust.

Dylan and Jonah are mortified, so they make a mistake that works in their favor by pretending to date. They can definitively disprove their compatibility with their pals if they maintain their act long enough to destroy their “relationship” in a huge staged altercation. But as they spend more time together, their strategy starts to unravel more and more, and they move closer to finally being able to see each other.

9. Girls Like Girls

Girls Like Girls

Full Title: Girls Like Girls

Author: Hayley Kiyoko

Genre: LGBT Literature

Publishing Date: 30 May 2023


Coley, a 17-year-old, is once more all alone in the summertime. She is in no position to put her already weak heart at risk after being forced to migrate to rural Oregon shortly after losing her mother. However, she immediately feels attracted to Sonya. Coley worries that she is unlovable. Everyone she’s loved up until this point has abandoned her. Additionally, Sonya has never been with a girl.

What if she is too terrified to attend Coley’s party? What if Coley is risking everything by letting her heart open? They both understand that Coley and Sonya will contract when things are put to the side, and feelings are made to wither away. The song doesn’t only make sense once they receive the love they need and deserve most.

10. Something Like Possible

Something Like Possible

Full Title: Something Like Possible

Author: Miel Moreland

Genre: Lesbian Literature

Publishing Date: 23 May 2023


On the worst day of her life, Madison is dismissed from her job as the campaign manager for her ex-girlfriend, gets dumped by her, and rear-ends the student government adviser—the only person whose recommendation might help her be accepted to a main summer camp for young politicians. But Madison is unquestionably a lady with a plan, and she isn’t allow anything as minor as heartbreak (or a slightly dented bumper) to stand in the way of her goals.

She will soon have a new junior class president candidate to support, albeit they are becoming too close on the campaign trail. After juggling her increasing crush and managing a disinterested election team, Madison has had it with unforeseen alterations to her well-prepared plans.

Conclusion| 10 Amazing Books to be Published in May 2023

Did you like my recommendations? They seem amazing, don’t they? The most important and busiest dates in May 2023 to look out for are 2nd May, 23rd May, and 30th May. Not only these, but the whole month of May is booked with the publishing dates of some awesome books!
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