15 Books For Book Lovers Released in 2022

15 Books to Look Forward in 2022 For Book Lovers

The year 2022 has already passed . Many things have changed except for one thing, that is, our everlasting love for reading books. Just like every year, this year has also brought about a new book collection for us to have sleepless nights over. If you guys haven’t already made your reading list for the year yet, don’t worry, we can do it together as I talk about a few book releases to look forward to in 2022 in this article.

I cannot tell you how excited I have been since December last year, as so many book releases were announced for the year 2022. As I explored the summaries and descriptions of many of the books scheduled to be released this year, some of them suddenly became my favorite ones. I don’t know, and I’m just sure I’m going to love them, and so, they’re on the top of my list for now.

The year 2022 has quite a few books scheduled for release. There are so many books about the LGBT community that portray them beautifully, trying to break through the social discrimination that exists. There are quite a handful of fantasy novels that will give new shapes to our imagination. In short, I feel like these books will introduce us to something new in this new era.

Now, as I have already promised you guys to help you with your read-list for this year, let’s dive into it straight away. The books I have shortlisted for you are such gold that you would go crazy for reading them now. I know because I have had the same fits since I came across these.

15 Amazing Book Releases of 2022

I have something for each month of this year. I’m glad to be sharing them with you since now, we can wait for them together!

1. Manywhere

manywhere book cover

Full Title: Manywhere: Stories

Author: Morgan Thomas

Publishing Date: 25 January 2022

Genre: LGBT Literature


This book is a collection of nine stories in which the characters break all the geographical boundaries and gender binds. The characters in all the stories of this book are determined to find themself at any cost. In these stories, a trans woman purchases a pregnancy bump to find independence. A young Virginian person flees a relationship, another trans person brings in a girl as a replacement daughter for his old father, and many more stories like these invoke curiosity.

2. This Woven Kingdom

this woven kingdom book cover

Full Title: This Woven Kingdom

Author: Tahereh Mafi

Publishing Date: February 2022

Genre: Fantasy


Alizah is the long-lost her of the ancient Jinn Kingdom, who in hiding in plain sight under the guise of a disposable servent. Kamran, the crown prince, has been hearing prophecies about the death of his king. He can’t get the servent girl out of his mind, but little did he know that the same girl would become the cause for uprooting his kingdom. With empires clashing, a romance that is forbidden, and a long-lost Queen who comes to rescue her people, this book will give you goosebumps.

3. Disorientation

disorientation book cover

Full Title: Disorientation: A Novel

Author: Elaine Chou

Publishing Date: 22 March 2022

Genre: Literary Fiction


This book is about Ingrid Yang, a 29-year old Ph.D. student. In the Chou archives, she comes across a strange note that she considers her ticket to get her out of academics, which she believes hell. Her clumsy attempts to decode the message on the note upends the lives of herself and the ones around her. She sets out for a rollercoaster ride of misunderstandings and miss-happenings with her trusted friend Eunice Kim by her side and her rival Vivian Vo hot on her tail. After a while, nothing seems to be the same for Ingrid, and she’ll have t confront everything on her own.

4. School Days

school days book cover

Full Title: School Days

Author: Jonathan Galassi

Publishing Date: 5 April 2022

Genre: Coming-of-Age


This book is about Sam Bandit, who, as a long-term English teacher, has dedicated his life to his students and imparting them with education, values, encouragement, responsibilities, and challenges that helped him and his friends reach where they are today. When the school’s headmaster asks him to take charge and investigate a complaint made by one of his classmates claiming to be molested by a teacher, old memories come rushing through in Sam’s mind. It’s a beautiful novel about school days, friendships, love, and power.

5. I Kissed Shara Wheeler

i kissed shara wheeler book cover

Full Title: I Kissed Shara Wheeler: A Novel

Author: Casey McQuiston

Publishing Date: 3 May 2022

Genre: Young-Adult fiction


This book is about Chloe Green, spending her life dodging her extremely gossipy classmates and an academy administration strict about self-indulgence. The only reason she’s been keeping up with all this is because of her craze for winning the valedictorian.

She has only one problem, her only rival and the principal’s perfect daughter, Shara eeler. Something unexpected happens, and Shara vanishes after kissing Chloe. In search of several answers, Chloe discovers that she’s not the only person Shara has kissed, but there is no similarity in them. On her quest to break in, puzzling out, and getting messy, she suspects there is more to that small town and maybe, to Shara as well.

6. Girl Online

girl online book cover

Full Title: Girl Online: A User Manual

Author: Joanna Walsh

Publishing Date: 10 May 2022

Genre: Feminist Theory


This book is a user (or an anti-user) manifesto that throws light on the T&Cs women have to bargain about while appearing on the internet. This book argues whether the online social platforms are providing an opportunity or just a trap concerning the female sect of the society.

Presented in a personal narrative, the author builds a philosophical account about exploring thoughts in technology. This book can be an eye-opener for us women and make us more aware while doing stuff on the internet. I’m personally waiting eagerly for this one.

7. Exalted

exalted book cover

Full Title: Exalted

Author: Anna Dorn

Publishing Date: 2022

Genre: Satirical Fiction


This novel is about and narrated from the alternative point of view of Emily Frost and Dawn Webster. Emily runs the hottest astrology Instagram account, @Exalted, but her finances are slowly decreasing. She isn’t a believer in astrology, even though she has a natural talent for deciphering signs. Dawn has been dumped. Again. She is 48 with no girlfriend, and her only son has left for Hollywood. Unlike how she used to be, she is now aimless and alone. Following both of their stories which finally crosses at a point, it is a dark novel exploring various projections of human desires.

8. Prayer for the Crown-Shy

a prayer for the crown-shy book cover

Full Title: Prayer for the Crown-Shy

Author: Becky Chambers

Publishing Date: 12 July 2022

Genre: Science Fiction


Usually, I’m not much into science fiction as I think they’re not my cup of tea, but I’m eagerly waiting for this one. In this book, Sibling Dex, a Tea Monk of some renown, and Mosscap, a robot sent on a mission to understand what humanity is really in need of, have already finished touring the rural areas of Panga. Now they focus on the regions on a bit of moon, supposedly their home. They have answers to find, and so they travel across the universe while making new friends and exploring new things.

9. What Moves the Dead

what move the dead book cover

Full Title: What Moves the Dead

Author: Ursula Vernon

Publishing Date: 12 July 2022

Genre: Supernatural Fiction


“What Moves the Dead” is a very engaging novel about a retired soldier, Alex Easton, who has just received the news about the dying condition of his childhood friend, Madeline Usher. He rushed to the Ushers’ ancestral home to find the whole place consumed by a nightmare full of possessed wildlife, fungal growths, and dark surroundings. He finds his friend in a weird condition where she sleepwalks while uttering strange voices, and her brother, Roderick, is engulfed with a mysterious disorder of the nerves. Now, it’s all up to Alex to find out the secret before he gets consumed too.

10. It Sounds Like This

it sounds like this book cover

Full Title: It Sounds Like This

Author: Anna Meriano

Publishing Date: 2 August 2022

Genre: Young Adult Fiction


This book revolves around the life of Yasmin Trevino, who couldn’t have her first year because of Hurricane Humphrey, but she is determined to make her sophomore year a blast. She plans to do this by mastering the marching side of marching band, mainly to outshine her best friend, Sofia, and impress her practically unattainable crush, Gilberto Reyes. But she messes up and accidentally ends up getting the entire low brass section suspended.

The entire band is now doomed, so Yasmin now needs to take stuff into her hands, and so she does but a secret gossipy Instagram emerges a campaign of harassment. At the same time, Yasmin’s friendship with Sofia deteriorates. How will she handle everything? I’m so excited to find out!

11. Blood Like Fate

blood like fate book cover

Full Title: Blood Like Fate

Author: Liselle Sambury

Publishing Date: 9 August 2022

Genre: Fantasy


A heart-wrenching novel about Voya, who has become a full witch but at the cost of her Grandmother being gone, bearing the hatred of her cousin, and her family growing doubtful towards her. If this wasn’t enough already, she still can’t let go of her feeling towards Luc, who, due to a misunderstanding, wants to have nothing to do with her anymore.

As she struggles to prove herself to be an efficient matriarch, she has a vision that can put the entire witch race of Toronto in danger. She would do whatever she took to prove herself with a newfound purpose in life.

12. The Sunbearer Trials

The Sunbearer Trials book cover

Full Title: The Sunbearer Trials

Author: Aiden Thomas

Publishing Date: 6 September 2022

Genre: Fantasy


In this fantastic fantasy novel, it is shown that with every passing decade, the power of the Sun is to be replenished to keep Sol traveling along the sky to keep the evil Obsidian god’s away. Whenever needed, ten semiosis in the age group of 13 to 17 is chosen and made to compete at the Sunbearer trials. The winner would carry the light and life to the temples of Sol while the loser would be considered sacrificial and would form the new Sun Stones, protecting the people for ten years.

Teo is a 17-year-old jade semidios and has never worried about being chosen for the trials. Instead, he concerns for other people. But for the first time, instead of a gold semiosis, a 13-year-old boy, Aurelio, and Teo are chosen. This book follows their journey as they fight for their survival.

13. Illuminations

illuminations book cover not released yet

Full Title: Illuminations: Stories

Author: Alan Moore

Publishing Date: September 2022

Genre: Fantasy Fiction


This book is the author’s first-ever Short Stories collection. These short pieces have never been published before, with the stories spanning over 40 years of work. The characters in all the stories make and unmake various fragments of existence. From ghosts to supernatural creatures to humans to an apocalypse, a series of extraordinary tales reflect the full potential of imagination and magic. Even though the book cover is not released yet and the expected publishing date is far, far away, I can’t help but get impatient over what’s there in every story.

14. She’s Gone

she's gone book cover

Full Title: She’s Gone

Author: David Bell

Publishing Date: 1 November 2022

Genre: Young Adult Fiction


This book will make us confused about what to feel exactly. Hunter Gifford, along with his girlfriend Chloe Summers, gets into an accident after leaving homecoming. Hunter is scared to death when he learns that Chloe has disappeared from the crash scene, leaving behind her belongings and a few drops of her blood inside his car.

When he returns, Chloe’s mother accuses him of killing Chloe in front of the entire town. To make things even worse, Hunter’s former best friend appears and sees Chloe’s disappearance as a chance to make a true-crime documentary. With everything so chaotic, how will Hunter find out what exactly happened to Chloe?

15. The Poison Season

the poison season cover not released yet

Full Title: The Poison Season

Author: Mara Rutherford

Publishing Date: 6th December

Genre: Fantasy


This book will take us on tour into a mysterious place, an entire world of its own. Leelo lives, and always has lived, in Endla with the bloodthirsty forest and the poisonous lake that protects the island from outsiders who threaten it. The outsiders who try to enter are given a choice between the woods or the lake. Either way, they’re doomed. When Leelo sees an outsider drowning in the lake one day, she makes an unthinkable decision, betraying her family, friends, and Endla. As she grows close to that outsider boy, she realizes that not all the danger comes from outside.

Conclusion | 15 Books to Look Forward in 2022

These are those unique and magical books I’ve been looking forward to reading this year. I’ve waited long enough, and now, I can’t wait anymore for it. It’s almost time for some of them to release. Let’s finish them quickly and wait for the others to come out!

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