10 Books To Read In New Year’s Eve 2022

10 Books To Read In New Year's Eve 2022

The year is finally coming to an end. I still can’t believe that time passed by so quickly. It’s almost 2022! What are your plans for New Year? How will you bid goodbye to the year 2021 and welcome 2022? You might have celebration plans with your family or friends (or both). Everyone has, and so do I. But what special can we do to make the last day of 2021, the New Year’s Eve 2022, even more joyous? I’d suggest we all sit back and read a book (or two!). In this article, I suggest 10 Such Books To Read On New Year’s Eve 2022.

Looking back at it now, I didn’t do much this year except for expanding my book collection. You see, it wasn’t a habit of mine to welcome the New Year with some excellent and cozy books, but it has become one from the past two years. I never thought it would be so relaxing to end the year this way! With winter at its peak and the celebration mood on, it feels ever so euphoric to sit in your warm blanket comfortably and read a romantic novel.

Since the New Year is considered the most romantic time of the year (even more than valentine’s day), it only makes sense for us to be reading cute, romantic novels and thinking about our special ones. This December, tons of sweet romantic books have been released, and some are scheduled to be released. It seems like they’re made just for reading on New Year’s Eve, especially the last week of December is going to be a pretty busy week for us readers and loads of excellent books are ready to explore for that New Year’s Eve.

Now, without wasting any more time, get ready with your pen and papers to start making your read-list right now along with me as I suggest some from my read-list.

10 Books To Add To Your Read-List For New Year’s Eve 2022

I am ever so excited to end this year with these books! Let’s have a look at them.

1. The Midnight Girls

the midnight girls

Full Title: The Midnight Girls

Author: Alicia Jasinska

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 28th December 2021


It’s the beautiful winter season of December going on, and the entire city of Warszów is all wintry, glittery, and shiny until two uninvited guests arrive. Zosia and Marynka, two witches, are attracted to each other the moment they meet but soon discover that they both are rivals, having eyes on the prince’s pure heart to consume it to gain immeasurable power. While contesting for the prince’s heart, their attraction towards each other grows. How will it turn out to be? Let’s read and find out! 

2. If This Gets Out

if this gets out

Full Title: If This Gets Out

Author: Cale Dietrich, Sophie Gonzales

Genre: Young-Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 7th December 2021


This novel revolves around two eighteen-year-old boys named Ruben Montez and Zach Knight, who are two of the boy band Saturday, that is, the biggest act in entire America. Along with Rubin and Zach, the other two members, Angel Phan and Jon Braxton are backstage besties and teenage sensations, but Rubin feels pressured to stay in the closet about which he confides in Zach due to this excessive fame. Now, they are to go on a trip to Europe with a not-so-hectic schedule and least supervision, where they find comfort in each other and get close. Will they hold on to each other? Will they get the necessary support? Read for yourself to find out!

3. How Not To Fall In Love

how not to fall in love

Full Title: How Not To Fall In Love

Author: Jacqueline Firkins

Genre: Young-Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 21st December 2021


This one seems to be a perfect romance story between two best friends, Harper and Theo. Theo is hopelessly romantic who thinks of happily ever after a date or two, whereas Harper, his polar opposite, thinks of romance as a marketing tool and nothing else. When Theo finds himself struggling to deal with a massive heartbreak, Harper jumps in and offers to teach him how not to fall in love. Theo agrees to listen to her lessons only if she proves that she can date without falling in love, to which Harper agrees. Theo seems to be grabbing the lessons by heart, but Harper struggles to hold her end of the deal. How will it unfold? 

4. Without A Hitch

without a hitch

Full Title: Without A Hitch

Author: Asher Fogle Paul, Mary Hollis

Genre: Humorous Romantic Fiction

Publishing Date: 7th December 2021


The story of this book revolves around a woman in her twenties, Lottie Jones, who is extremely unlucky when it comes to love. She lands a new career as a wedding planner at one of the top firms. From parachute landing to wrangling intoxicated groomsmen, she manages to lay her hand on every million-dollar wedding. When her boss announces that he’s opening a new office, she sees this as a chance to earn a more handsome income to justify the subscriptions of her dating apps. She faces several fears, the cruelty of fate, and discovers how far she needs to go to find herself on her journey.

5. Wish You Were Here

wish you were here

Full Title: Wish You Were Here

Author: Jodi Picoult

Genre: Literary Fiction

Publishing Date: 25th December 2021


This book is about Diana O’Toole, who knows; what and when to do in her life. By thirty, she would be married to her boyfriend Finn, have kids at thirty-five, and climb the ladder of success alongside. But what happens next is unexpected. She gets stuck on a beautiful island with no food, clothes, or anything to help her survive while Finn is thousands of miles away from her. As she struggles to survive in that unknown place, she gets to know a local family, which eventually leads her to become a new and better version of herself.

6. Read Between The Lines

read between the lines

Full Title: Read Between The Lines

Author: Rachel Lacey

Genre: Young-Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 1st December 2021


This book witnesses the steaming romance between a crazy book-lover, Rosie Taft, and her favorite lesbian author Jane Breslin with Brie’s pen name. Rosie takes over her mother’s Manhatten bookstore and finds comfort in the books as books are her life. Her life is overall decent with just one thing missing, her own love story, just like the ones she likes to read. She decides to find someone for herself, and she chooses none other than Brie, the author she admires the most! Unaware of each other’s online identity, they meet in real life but start on the wrong foot. Will fate bring them both together? Or was it never meant to be, to begin with? 

7. Better Off Wed

better off wed

Full Title: Better Off Wed

Author: Susanna Craig

Genre: Romance Novel

Publishing Date: 28th December 2021


Miss Laura is a gorgeous, wise, and fortunate woman. With all those qualities in her, it’s not difficult for her to find a husband for herself, but instead, she puts her slaying abilities into something else. Hiding under Lady Sterling, she helps young women mistreated by their employers. Suddenly, she is aided by a fine gentleman who claims to be Lord Sterling. At the same time, his actual identity is Captain Jeremy Addison, a spy for the crown who has been assigned to investigate Lady Sterling. They both are forced to stay as newlyweds in the house of a not-so-reputable earl where they form an unexpected alliance, with a steaming connection alongside.

8. It Happened One Midnight

it happened one midnight

Full Title: It Happened One Midnight: A Hilarious Magical Romance

Author: Saranna DeWylde

Genre: Paranormal Romance Fiction

Publishing Date: 28th December 2021


“It Happened One Midnight: A Hilarious Magical Romance” is a hilarious yet heartwarming novel about Juniper Blossom, a novelist, and her best friend Tomas, who is a divorce attorney. Juniper’s idea of a happy ending is different from others. She wants a man whose idea of ‘forever’ is the same as hers whereas, Tomas doesn’t believe in love.

Being a divorce attorney, Tomas thinks that romance is nothing more than a fairy-tale that isn’t real. Feeling burdened by her grandmother to get married, Juniper asks her best friend Tomas to pretend to be engaged to her, just so her grandmothers would let her easy. With growing sparks and a kiss, meant just for show, will these two have their happy ending with each other? 

9. Here’s To Us

here's to us

Full Title: Here’s To Us

Author: Becky Allbertalli, Adam Silvera

Genre: Young-Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 28th December 2021


This book can be considered a sequel to the ever-so-sweet rom-com book What If It’s Us. Continuing the previous book, this one follows the story of Ben and Arthur. You guys might have seen a love triangle. Even a love square, maybe. But what we have here in this book is a love god-knows-what. It follows the boys’ story; Ben, Arthur, Dylan, Mario, and Mikey are in love with each other. Putting all the readers in an ever so confusing and nervous state, how will this book end? Who will end up with whom? The wait seems impossible!

10. The Coldest Touch

the coldest touch

Full Title: The Coldest Touch

Author: Isabel Sterling

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Publishing Date: 7th December


This book takes us to take a peek inside the paranormal world. Elise is cursed with the power to predict a person’s death just by a simple touch. She is petrified with this power of hers and wants to escape it when she predicts her brother’s death but cannot prevent it. A vampire named Claire comes to her rescue and has been tasked with recruiting Elise to the Veil, an organization meant to protect the paranormal world. As they work together, they grow closer and closer, but Elise is still doubtful of if she should be trusting a vampire, like Claire, who can kill her in an instant.


I’ve shared the entire reading list that I will complete by New Year’s Eve 2022 at all costs. I hope this helped you pick a book or two for yourself to read.
Before New Year, there’s another festivity that’ around the corner. It’s Christmas, you guys! You must be excited about it as well. If you’re having trouble with picking out books for Christmas, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered here:

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