Can Reading Make You Rich?

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Reading is the most productive habit one can adopt. If you are a book lover, you must have spent most of the time comforting yourself reading in one corner, but have you ever thought, can reading make you rich? Can reading make you a successful person?

What if you could generate sole income or earn extra money doing something that you love. what if reading allows you to add more fun and make you more financially stable.

Well, if you love reading books and want to make some money out of it, there are various platforms where you can earn. You can earn a side earning besides your income, or if you are a good reader, you can work independently and make a large sum of money.

Many of you don’t have time for your hobby, but you can still earn a good amount if you work on the weekend. In this article, I have quoted various ways to make money to help you become rich ultimately.

Can Reading Make You Rich?

Here are eight different ways which one can adopt in order to earn money through reading.  

1. Translator

Writers and publishers usually hire employees who help them translate their Fiction and Non-Fiction books into different languages, which enable them to reach a wider audience and hit a new market,

If you are multilingual, this would be a great source of earning. Translating the written novel to different languages can make you earn ample. You need an in-depth understanding of at least two languages to earn money translating books and other written material.

There are many platforms where you can do translation work. You can search on Facebook groups or create a profile on Upwork, or post gigs on Fiverr to attract Clint. Many translation agencies can also help you earn money. These agencies handle online content like blog posts, e-mail newsletters, and sales pages.

They usually take the fluency test before working with you. A certificate from the American Translation Association might help you work with these agencies, which can help you earn up to 50,000 $ per year or 24 $ per hour.

2. Proofreader or Editor

Books before publishing go into many rounds of edits and proofreading. The proofreader or editor makes multiple revisions to improve the flow of the book, make it more clear in reading by organizing the ideas.

A proofreader needs strict supervision of details and has well command of the language. Proofreaders have to check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, capitalization errors, and punctuation mistakes. If you lack these skills, you can easily learn these skills by enrolling in many online courses.

You can earn easily 30-40$ an hour in proofreading. You can work from home, and the good part is that there are no set hours, but there are deadlines. A website like Upwork is a good platform for freelance proofreading.

3. Audiobook Narration

Companies like Audible have made the audiobook famous. So if you can speak clearly and have a delightful voice, you can make money narrating audiobooks. It’s a great side hustle for a book lover to get paid to read the books cover by cover.

 An easy setup will be required for the side hustle. All you need to get started is:

  • A laptop
  • a good microphone to record your voice
  • A headphone
  • audio recording software
  • A sample recorded audio file of your voice

If you want to apply for an audiobook narrator job, there are several websites like.

4. Freelance Book Review Writer.

Freelancing is professional work where you are not bound to work with one company, and you independently work with a different company and do various projects.

You can also build your carrier as a professional freelancing book review writer or content writer. You can write reviews and content on different websites like BuzzFeed books, book riot, etc.

So if you want something flexible for work that fits around your schedule, writing books review on a freelance basis is the finest option for you.

5. Freelance Critique Reader (Beta Reader)

When books are in the finished manuscript stage for final publication, the publishers hire a beta reader to read books for their last reading. A critique reader’s job is to read the manuscript and offer feedback from a reader’s point of view.

Freelance critique reader requires good command of the language and a good eye for detail in the language of the books you are asked to read.

If you are interested in a freelance Critique (Beta) reader, Upwork and Fiverr is an excellent Website to start.

6. The US Review of Books

If you want to earn reading books online, The US Review of Books is the best option. This website will post and assign you the job based on your skills and experience.

To write for The US Review of Books. You have to apply on the official website of The US Review of Books. The website will ask you to submit your resume and a sample of your writing. They prefer the review to be short, concise, and professionally written, so make sure the review you are submitting falls into the criteria. The chances of your consideration are higher if you have at least two professional references.

Website: The US Review of Books

7. Online Book Club

The online book club is a website platform, where one can earn 50-60$ by reviewing a book. A person can easily signup as a book reviewer on this website. You will need to choose a username, books that you want to read, and your Paypal address. Once signed up, you’ll get to look and select the list of books waiting to review.

Online book club seeks for honest book reviewer where you have to write the summary of the book, your opinion with rating star 1 to 4.

Keep in mind that the first review you will do is not paid. Instead, you’ll get a free copy of the book you are reviewing. After the first one is completed, you’ll start getting paid to read and review the books.

Website: The online book club

8. Start a Book Review Blog and Youtube Channel.

If you want to earn money reading books but don’t want to work under some company simply you can earn through making blogs, content, youtube videos, and podcasts of book reviews to your website or on youtube.

There are various ways you can earn through book review blogs like:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • selling digital book journals
  • writing sponsored post
  • Providing ads on your website

At the end

So in the process of answering the question, can reading make you rich? Here I have discussed various ways to earn money by reading books, some are side hustle, and some that you can adopt as your carrier.

These ways are, tried and tested, can help you to grow rich and can add more fun and financially stable.

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