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Audiobooks Vs Reading | What Should You Prefer?

Audiobooks vs Reading is a never-ending discussion. While both have their own advantages, like a coin has two sides, it has its disadvantages too. Audiobooks are trending in these times and people are losing interest in reading books instead are switching to listening to audiobooks. As a result, most of the people are parting their […]

Awesome Ways to Label Your Personal Library | Why to Do it

“I have so many books that I can make a library out of it.” Well, do it (if you haven’t already)! Having your library is a blessing. It’s our (book lovers’) kind of luxury. But merely having a personal library isn’t enough for a luxury. We need labeled books for it! But who’s going to […]

15 Funny & Innocent Tricks to Pull on a Book Nerds

Pranks and tricks are all over the internet these days. Every next trend you see is about someone pulling a trick on the other. But it’s nice, though. Plus, who wouldn’t like a little harmless fun, right? Since we’re all (well, most) book lovers here, let’s see a few fun and innocent tricks to pull […]

Kindle vs. Scribd | Full Comparison

Kindle vs. Scribd is a never-ending war. Both Kindle and Scribd are now in trend these days. People are slowly changing their preferences and interest from traditional books to E-learning platforms like kindle and Scribd. People are parting their ways with traditional and old ways and adapting digitalization because it is believed that digitalization is […]

28 Birthday Cakes to Brighten Book Lover’s Day

Is your special one a book lover and you’re confused about what to give them for their birthday? The first things that must’ve crossed your mind would probably be a novel, a bookmark set, or a bookend. But don’t you think they’re pretty basic? I mean, if they’re hardcore book lovers, don’t you think almost […]

11 Famous Writers You Didn’t Know Were Disabled.

We all know about famous authors and their best-selling books, but did you know some famous writers were disabled? We will talk about these writers and why those famous and great writers were disabled. Each author’s detail has been provided below with their most famous work.  Authors play an essential role in life. The books […]

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