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11 Famous Writers You Didn’t Know Were Disabled.

We all know about famous authors and their best-selling books, but did you know some famous writers were disabled? We will talk about these writers and why those famous and great writers were disabled. Each author’s detail has been provided below with their most famous work.  Authors play an essential role in life. The books […]

Top 15 Fiction Authors and their Fascinating Books

Fiction Authors and their Fascinating Books: We have discussed various types of authors, and this is another type which I like the most. Yeah, I love reading fiction books because of their skills, fantastic storyline, and creative ideas that the author put into them. In 2020 there was a lockdown worldwide, and I saw turning […]

10 Brilliant Authors Who Became Famous in Their Teens

“Age is just a number.” You might have heard it a lot of times and might also have brushed it off thinking- “That’s what everyone says!” But some have proven it too! And here is a list of Brilliant authors who became famous in their teens! Yeah, feeling left behind yet? Well, same. It does […]

Satire vs Parody: Top 5 Differences Between Satire And Parody

Do you know what Satire or parody is? Or the differences between Satire and parody? Well, if you don’t, you will know it after reading this post on Satire vs parody. The fact that these two are commonly misused or exciting. There are differences between Satire and parody. The differences between Satire and parody are […]

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