7 Cheapest Websites To Buy Books In the USA

The Best And Cheapest Websites To Buy Books

For bibliophiles, new books are a necessity. But the pocket doesn’t always agree with that. If you are a reader, you would also agree to this. It is always a struggle to find websites to buy books in the USA. However, you can always open the internet and find ways!

One of my dreams is to have a personal library with all the books I love and a space to keep adding new. Money didn’t seem to be much of an issue when I found the sites. However, the room space does.

While looking for the cheapest websites to buy in the USA, sites like Thrift Books, Amazon, AbeBooks, Powell’s Books, and a few more passed the quality and monetary check. You can check all these websites out, one by one.

What are the other sites where you can buy books? We’ll discuss it all here!

7 Cheapest Websites To Buy Books In The USA

The Best And Cheapest Websites To Buy Books
The Best And Cheapest Websites To Buy Books

Being a big-time bibliophile myself, it gets very hectic and tight for my budget to keep buying new books while also taking care of my pockets. It was hard at first, took me a while, but eventually, I figured out ways to buy new books while also not putting a lot of load on my pocket.

What was the solution?

As I also hinted, it was to find sites that would get me books at a lower price than usual. It took some digging and research, but now, I list the seven cheapest sites to buy books in the USA.

Let’s begin!

1. Thrift Books

The Best And Cheapest Websites To Buy Books
Image Source: thriftbooks.com

When you look for the cheapest websites to buy books in the USA, Thrift Books is a name that would appear more often than any other name. And there is a reason that happens.
Thrift Books is dedicated to being as eco-friendly as possible. Not just this, the site also avails free shipping of books all across the USA. The site has all the books you can ask for. New books and second-hand books, both options are available.

2. Book Outlet

Image Source: shop online.support

When looking for the cheapest websites to buy books in the USA, Book Outlet is a website you must check. The website has all the books at an amazingly lower and reasonable price.

How are the rates of the books low?

Many of the books available on the site are remainders they get straight from the published at a huge discount!

The site also offers you free delivery over some charge.

3. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble
Image Source: USA Today

Barnes & Noble is one of the very trusted and cheapest websites to buy books in the USA. The website has it all for you- from children’s books to Young Adult novels to popular fictional books and amazing options to gift books to your bibliophile friend.

Barnes & Noble is where you will find all the brand new books at a low price.

4. AbeBooks

abebooks search
AbeBooks is one of the websites where you can buy cheap books in Europe

This website is an online marketplace for bibliophiles. You can not only buy but also sell your books here.

If you are in the book to save a penny or two, you can also look for second-hand books here.

AbeBooks Online is a great place for shopping for books; you can try it. The book has millions of new books and second-hand books as well.

What makes this site different from others is that the site also has signed copies of the books of very famous authors. So, if you are someone who loves to collect signed copies of the books, you can go to AbeBooks.

5. eBay

Image Source: New York TImes

eBay is also one of the very trusted websites where people come and buy the books that have been there on their TBR list for a long period.

eBay is an online marketplace where thousands and thousands of new and old books are available at prices you wouldn’t even imagine.

The site offers you free delivery of some books as well. So, a great place to find the books and see if you can get them delivered to your place for free or not!

6. Powell’s Books

powell's books store
Image Source: literary club

Powell’s Books is also one of the best and cheapest websites to buy books in the USA.

If you are a reader looking for books by new and budding authors or like to explore new works, Powell’s Books is the site where you find that at a lower price.

The bookstore chain begins in Portland and offers you new and used books.

7. Amazon

Image Source: BBC

List to buy the cheapest books in the USA cannot be completed without amazon.com, can it be?

Amazon is one place where you find almost everything that you’ll ever need- and one of them is books. If you don’t yet know, Amazon started selling books and then gradually became a giant platform on the internet.

You can find almost every book on the platform, whether it is a book you want to read for pleasure or a book to prepare your exam with or a school textbook- it is all available on Amazon at a very reasonable price.

Summing Up | Cheapest Websites To Buy Books In The USA

These were the cheapest websites to buy the books you love at a very low price in the USA.

These are, of course, not the only websites. There are a lot more than these, but these are the ones to count on when it comes to quality and services.

However, reading e-books can be an alternative to buying books itself, but holding the book in your hand and then reading is feeling shouldn’t let go of.
Let me know what you think.

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