Difference Between Authors and Writers

Major Differences Between an Author and a Writer

Authors and writers are frequently used interchangeably. These two terms must be used in the proper contexts because they are distinct. Despite the barely perceptible distinction, it’s critical to comprehend what constitutes an author and the various kinds of writers. This article will discuss the differences between authors and writers.

You can write about other people’s thoughts and ideas if you’re a writer. The author still needs to develop the concept, the narrative, and the material. If your books are published, you are considered an author; otherwise, you are still considered a writer.

The distinction between a writer and an author may depend on how much time you spend writing. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction or use a pen name. That is not the situation. A writer and an author are distinguished mainly by whether or not their work is published.

Several other criteria tell writers and authors apart. Let’s have a look at them.

Major Differences Between Authors and Writers

1. DefinitionAn author is a person who created a written work, such as a book or article.Someone who creates works of literature, essays, blogs, novels, or short stories
2.SkillsAside from having a foundational understanding of writing, there are no further qualifications needed to apply.A writer needs a precise set of specialized training or credentials.
3.Kind of WorkAuthors create themes and concepts that are then told as plays or stories. A writer produces succinct, precise writing on narrow topics.
4. PublishingBooks written by authors are always published under their names and with their permission.A writer’s writings aren’t always published under their name.
5.TypesFiction Author, Non-Fiction Author, Collaboration Author, PoetBlog Writers, Copywriters, Content Writers, Ghostwriters, Journalists, Scriptwriters, Technical Writers

#1. Definition


A writer is someone who creates works of literature, essays, blogs, novels, or short stories—not always about their thoughts.


An author is a person who creates a written work, such as a book or article.

#2. Skills


A writer needs a specific set of specialized training or credentials.


Once a piece of writing is published, a person is considered an author. Aside from having a foundational understanding of writing, no further qualifications are needed to apply.

#3. Kind of Work


A writer produces concise, precise writing on narrow topics.


Authors create themes and concepts that are then told as plays or stories. An author’s writings tend to be longer.

#4. Publishing


A writer’s writings are only sometimes published under their name.


Books written by authors are continuously published under their names and with their permission.

#5. Types

Authors and writers can be distinguished among their various types. Let’s talk about them now.


author | Difference Between Authors and Writers

The many types of authors are apparent the instant you step into any bookshop because books are sorted by genre, with the bestsellers of that genre often displayed on the top shelf. As a result, some writers specialize in mythology, mysteries, and romance.

This holds regardless of the language they write in or the method of publication they choose. However, there are four sorts of authors:

1. Fiction Author

The works of some of the best-selling authors can be featured under this category, which is by far the largest. This includes any author whose work is fictional and fundamentally tells a tale.

2. Non-Fiction Author

Nonfiction writers include those whose works are collections of essays on various subjects, travel accounts, cookbooks, etc. Again, it is crucial to realize that nonfiction writers may or may not continue publishing books throughout their lives. They could be subject matter specialists who write one book or publish several to spread their knowledge.

3. Collaboration Author

The ability to introduce the public to your field’s or industry’s lesser-known facets is a sign of expertise. To better support their cause or idea, publishing corporations or celebrities also pay these experts to write books. Like a well-known actress employing a well-known entertainment writer to write her biography or the publishing firm asking the CEO of a successful start-up to write a book based on the lessons and/or the trip.

Here, there are two critical distinctions. One is that they might only write one book and aren’t writers who will continue to write throughout their lives. And second, despite authoring the book from someone else’s perspective, they are given authorship credit.

4. Poet

Authors include poets who have had their poems published.


writer | Difference Between Authors and Writers

There are various type of writers. Let’s go ahead and take a look at them as well.

1. Blog Writers

There are numerous subcategories within the writing category itself. Some of them are:

  • Hobby writers
  • Subject Matter experts
  • Domain Specialists
  • Business Blog Writers
2. Copywriters

Copywriters are experts in producing logical, compelling writing on various subjects. They can make complex information understandable so the reader will be motivated to act. Copywriters create text for websites, blogs, printed materials, and even sales materials.

3. Content Writers

They are similar to content writers. However, they typically focus on a single field and write for different platforms instead of their blogs. Various kinds of creative writers include:

  • Fashion journalists
  • Scholarly writers
  • Health writers
  • Authors of Gender Studies
  • Travel Journalists
  • Food authors
  • Literary Authors
  • Longform Authors
4. Ghostwriters

This kind of writer is distinct. They sometimes even write novels, although the original idea was not theirs. Officially, they are never given credit for their efforts. The client or the company they work for may have come up with ideas or plans.

Ghostwriters are highly sought after in the market because they possess excellent research and writing skills. Numerous well-known PR agencies also employ them to produce content that is eventually publishes under the names of various celebrities and corporations.

5. Journalists

Journalists are visitors who look into current affairs and happenings before reporting on them for the readers. They can also be divided into subgroups based on their areas of expertise, such as entertainment, health, foreign news, finance, etc.

6. Scriptwriters

After authors, they are arguably the most well-known form of writing. Though many people might not have realized it, they are essential for clear communication across all media, not just film, television, and radio. They ensure the message is successfully transmitted via the selected platform, which may be podcasts, advertising, videos, short films, etc.

7. Technical Writers

Technical writers are experts in explaining technology to readers who need to be more technically incline. Their technical knowledge allows them to comprehend the product’s technology entirely, and their command of the English language enables them to clearly and concisely explain how it functions. Technical authors create manuals, FAQs, and guides.

Conclusion | Difference Between Authors and Writers

Anyone who dabbles in writing is a writer since it is an art. Not every writer is an author, but every author is a writer. Although it may take different forms, the love of the written word is still at its foundation.

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