Does Reading Leads to a Successful Life?

How reading leads to success?

Reading books is an art that is achievable by everyone. It is the answer to many questions of life because of the numerous benefits of book reading. It is a factor for being successful in the lives of many people and suggests many people for the same.

Many of us wish to be successful in some ways in our lives. The term success doesn’t mean the same thing for every particular individual rather every individual makes his/her own definition of being successful but most of us never get the platform or resources to achieve that. To be able to relish all the resources and make them count in life, we need to step forward and take steps to achieve them.

Reading books is one of the factors that have helped many people around the world including me in different ways in different aspects of life. It helps you grow mentally, makes you intelligent, increases your memory power, and most importantly helps you to focus.

Here, in this article we will learn if Reading books can help you achieve the success you aspire to get.

Does Reading Make You Successful?

Reading doesn’t lead to success. It’s a common misunderstanding that has occurred to many people that successful people are avid readers and therefore, everyone must read books to be successful. 

It’s a myth and everyone must overcome it because reading doesn’t make you successful, your way of reading will.

No doubt Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, etc. are some of the successful people who read books, but it’s their way of reading that has led them to it. And they just don’t read books rather look to read everything including reports, newspapers, articles, etc.

They haven’t just read and become successful rather have applied the knowledge gained from their reading. 

Everyone will give us the examples of successful people but there must be a whole bunch of unsuccessful people too who reads a lot and their life led to nowhere.

Instead of taking the examples of only these successful people, we must look at our surroundings and also look at the reasons why the avid readers also have failed and improvise our way of reading, look at ourselves and gain knowledge from everywhere instead of just focusing on books.

Daily newspapers, articles, magazines, reports, etc. all together provide a whole lot of knowledge. Books are just one of the mediums.

Should We Read Books to be Successful?

Obviously, we must make them our companions. We may lose friends, relations, family, etc. in life but books are one that always remains with us and help us to move forward in different situations.

They can be our soulmates with whom we can share our emotions, feelings, anger, ideas, etc. Without books, there can be nothing to learn.

Why to read books?

They have been with us from our childhood and have been teaching us a lot and have been our friends even though we didn’t like them at that time.

Books not only help us to be successful financially in life but also in relationships with our family, friends, colleagues, etc. 

Reading books is one of the many factors to be successful in every aspect of life.

How to Read Books?

Reading books is an art which everyone must learn. It’s not hard yet the hardest because most of us find it difficult to just sit back and read for hours.

Even in our childhood, we used to only like books that used to have images in them. The condition of many of us is the same even now. We find it hard to read even though it is a beneficial way of gaining knowledge.

Reading books can be related to a quote you must be familiar with-

It’s never too late to start” because Knowledge is a never-ending prospect.

Right at the point when you decide to read a book, try to calm your mind and read in your mind without uttering any words from your mouth and avoid distraction. Reading loudly is a way of mugging rather than understanding the concept.

Reading in mind helps to focus and it might seem hard at the start but with practice it becomes easy. This process allows you to concentrate and also improves your memory.

We all have heard that meditation is a good way to calm your mind and body and Books are one of the ways to meditate.

Once you start reading a book in mind, you get involved in the story which seems difficult due to our brain system which thinks a lot even if we don’t want to. If you have ever tried meditation, you might know how hard it is to concentrate. So try to start with less and grow your capacity day by day.

How Books Teach Us?

If you can recall, we all have read since our schools. The difference is that we were forced to buy and read those books even though we hated them the most.

Those were the books that helped us through the phase of childhood so that we can read and write at this point of time. 

Those educational books being boring helped us the most and now the books which have entertainment, knowledge, life-lessons, and story can help us in life, job, business, etc.

These books even though being non-fictional can only be sold if they are good because no government or school can force us to buy these. And if they are being sold widely, they must have been awesome.

So I would suggest you these books that have helped a lot of people and certainly can help you. Here is the list of 15 books I have mentioned that I believe you must read at least once in your life.

Audiobooks or Reading | What to Prefer?

Audiobooks or reading

Surely any medium of learning is good and cannot be bad unless you gain something from it. If a person is much suited to audiobooks, then he/she must listen to them.

However, reading has various benefits that listening doesn’t provide.

We have been watching movies, listening to audios such as music, devotional songs, etc. and have often heard from doctors that the radiations are somewhat harmful for our health.

Reading though has been very helpful as well as beneficial in terms of mental health because when you are forced to read a book you are paying attention instead of daydreaming while reading which we used to do a lot during our school times.

Audiobooks however, are not as beneficial because you may not be able to grab everything at one time due to different distractions. To get every line you will have to listen cautiously and some times again and again.


Books aren’t the first preference of everyone yet they should be. Many of us hate reading books and therefore, avoid any such thing but books never go away from us. At every point of time in our life, we tend to read either one of ours or brother’s or children’s etc. but never leave them. They are one of the soulmates of ours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Reading is Good For Your Career & Business?

Reading is an important tool that can help you in achieving success in your career and business. It can help you to stay informed and over- to- date with the rearmost assiduity trends, hone your expertise, gain knowledge, and indeed develop new ideas. It also allows you to broaden your perspective more critically. Reading has numerous benefits for both individualities and businesses.

It can help to ameliorate communication expertise, increase productivity, enhance creativity, make connections, increase confidence and tone- mindfulness, develop problem- working chops, and boost morale. Likewise, reading can also give you sapience into different societies which can be salutary when working with people from different backgrounds.

2. How Reading Helps in Problem Solving & Decision Making?

Reading can be a crucial tool for decoding problems and decision making. It helps us to gain knowledge, understand different perspectives and consider more critically. By reading, we can discover new results to problems, develop better expertise and make further informed opinions.

It allows us to explore different angles of a particular issue or content, which can lead to innovative results that wouldn’t have been allowed without the help of reading. Also, it provides us with a lesser understanding of the world around us which can help us make better choices when faced with delicate opinions.

3. How Reading Makes You a Better Leader?

Reading can be a crucial tool for leaders to expand their knowledge, gain new perspectives, and explore different ways of thinking. It can help them come more effective in their places by giving them the tools to understand more and relate to the people they’re leading.

Also, reading can give perception into how other successful leaders have navigated challenges and achieved success. By taking time to read, leaders can develop a deeper understanding of the issues they face, as well as the expertise demanded to lead effectively.

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