Top 10 Exciting Books Publishing in April 2023

What Books to Read in April 2023

April- the month that says goodbye to cold winters and welcomes the summers. Do you know what this means? It’s almost summertime in 2023! It is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. I mean, what’s not to like- ice-creams, swimming, and new summer books! While the first two things we can enjoy with our family and friends, here let’s talk about some amazing books publishing in April 2023.

April is not one of my favorite times of the year for many reasons like heat, sweating, and laziness, but the one reason to like it outweighs all of it is new book releases! I know books publish all year round, but summer/spring books are the best and lightest, perfect to read while sipping cola and reading on your couch.

The novels coming out in April 2023 are energizing and ideal for the beginning of spring. The season for reading by the beach is almost here, so this list is chock-full of fantastic mysteries, thrillers, works of fiction, and romances. We also have a small amount of everything else.

Without further ado, let’s get into some of the exciting books to be published in April 2023!

10 Amazing Books Publishing in April 2023

1. In the Lives of Puppets

In the Lives of Puppets

Full Title: In the Lives of Puppets

Author: TJ Klune

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Publishing Date: 25 April 2023


Three robots—fatherly creator android Giovanni Lawson, a charmingly sadistic nurse machine, and a little vacuum—live in a peculiar little house carved out of the branches of a grove of trees. There is also a human there named Victor Lawson. They live as a clan in safety and secrecy.

Vic discovers a common dark background between Gio and Hap—a life spent hunting humans—on the day he salvages and fixes an unidentified android dubbed “HAP.”

The family is no longer concealed and protected after Hap unintentionally informs robots from Gio’s old life of their presence. Gio is apprehended and brought back to the City of Electric Dreams, where he used to work.

As a result, Vic’s extended family must travel together through a barren and alien land to save Gio from decommissioning or, worse, reprogramming. Amid conflicting emotions of betrayal and love for Hap on the journey to keep Gio, Vic must choose for himself: Can he accept love with conditions?

2. Simply Lies

Simply Lies

Full Title: Simply Lies

Author: David Baldacci

Genre: Mystery

Publishing Date: 18 April 2023


Mickey Gibson, a former detective and single mother, leads a busy life typical of many mothers. She balances the needs of her two young children with the responsibilities of her job working remotely for ProEye. This multinational investigation firm tracks down wealthy tax and credit cheats.

Mickey doesn’t take her coworker Arlene Robinson’s unusual request to visit the abandoned home of an arms dealer who defrauded ProEye’s clients and fled seriously when she receives it when Arlene calls. That is until she gets to the mansion and learns that there is a body in a hidden room and that everything is not as it seems.

In addition to the arms dealer not being real, Harry Lancaster, a man with connections to the gang who was once in Witness Protection, is revealed to be the murder victim. Also, ProEye employs no one by the name of Arlene Robinson.

Gibson has suddenly been named a top suspect in a murder investigation, and until she can show that she was set up, her career is also in jeopardy. Gibson soon finds herself in a wits war with a clever lady with no name, a secret past, and unknown motivations; her eventual goal is both lethal and mysterious.

3. Chain Gang All Stars

Chain Gang All Stars

Full Title: Chain Gang All Stars

Author: Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah

Genre: Political Fiction

Publishing Date: 4 April 2023


Chain-Gang All-Stars, the centerpiece of CAPE, or Criminal Action Penal Entertainment, is a highly-popular, highly-controversial, profit-raising program in America’s increasingly dominant private prison sector. Its headliners are Loretta Thurwar and Hamara “Hurricane Staxxx” Stacker.

The gladiators are back, and the prisoners are battling it out for the ultimate prize: their freedom. At CAPE, inmates travel as Links in Chain-Gangs and engage in competitive death matches for the attention of cheering crowds outside the gates.

The popular favorites are the lovers and teammates Thurwar and Staxxx. She carries this knowledge as heavily as her deadly hammer, and if everything goes according to plan, Thurwar will be free in a matter of matches.

Despite these “games,” Thurwar thinks about how she may assist her fellow Links to maintain their humanity as she prepares to leave. However, CAPE’s corporate owners will do anything to maintain the status quo, and the barriers they put in Thurwar’s way have disastrous effects.

4. Happy Place

Happy Place

Full Title: Happy Place

Author: Emily Henry

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publishing Date: 25 April 2023


Since they first met in college, Harriet and Wyn have been the ideal couple. They complement each other like lobster and rolls, honey and tea, and salt and pepper. However, they no longer do so for reasons they have not revealed. Six months ago, they split up, And have yet to inform their closest friends.

As a result, they are forced to share the room with the most beds at the Maine cottage, where their friends’ group has been vacationing every year for the past ten years. During this colorful, blue week, they take a yearly break from the outside world, where they indulge in large amounts of cheese, wine, and seafood while hanging out with those who get them the best.

Only this year, Wyn and Harriet lie through their teeth while attempting to hide how much they still desire one another. Because this will be their final week together in this location, and the cottage is up for sale. They will play their parts since they can’t bear to hurt their pals’ feelings.

Wyn will be the laid-back charmer who never lets his true colors show, while Harriet will be the dedicated surgical resident who never picks a fight. It’s a perfect strategy (if you look at it from a great distance and through a pair of sunscreen-smeared sunglasses). How difficult can it be to pretend to be in love for one week in front of your closest friends and family after being in love for years?

5. Romantic Comedy

Romantic Comedy

Full Title: Romantic Comedy

Author: Curtis Sittenfeld

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date: 4 April 2023


The late-night live comedy program “The Night Owls,” which airs every Saturday, uses sketches written by Sally Milz. After experiencing a few heartbreaks, she has long given up on finding true love. She has settled for the odd hookup, professional success, and a strong relationship with her stepfather to complete a fulfilling existence.

But when Sally’s close friend and fellow writer Danny Horst starts dating Annabel, a glamorous actor who served as the show’s guest host, he joins the not-so-exclusive club of gifted but unattractive and even awkward men who have found love with extraordinarily attractive and successful women on the show—and in society at large.

Sally makes fun of this phenomenon in a sketch she calls the “Danny Horst Rule,” highlighting how unlikely the opposite would ever occur for a woman. Enter this week’s show’s host and musical guest, pop music prodigy Noah Brewster, who has a history of dating models.

Noah’s charms immediately take Sally, and as they work together on sketch after sketch, she wonders if sparks might fly. Yet this isn’t a love story; this is actual life. Yet it is generally believed that a person like him would never date someone like her.

6. The Society of Shame

The Society of Shame | Books Publishing in April 2023

Full Title: The Society of Shame

Author: Jane Roper

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Publishing Date: 4 April 2023


When Kathleen Held gets home to discover her house on fire and her husband lying on the front lawn in his underwear, her world is flipped upside down. The controversy that arises, however, is not that Bill, a Senate candidate, is engaging in a clichéd affair with one of his young staff members; rather, it is because the eyewitness who was documenting the incident unintentionally snapped a picture of a period stain on Kathleen’s back slacks. Unknowingly, Kathleen finds herself overnight serving as the face of the #YesWeBleed women’s rights movement on social media.

Kathleen scrambles to find a way to escape the spotlight after being humiliated. But when Kathy finds the Society of Shame, run by the notorious novelist Danica Bellevue, she joins a group of women trying to move on from their scandals.

Through social mores, Kathleen uses her newfound celebrity to capitalize on her humiliation and reclaim her identity. But as she gains notoriety, Kathleen’s growing fixation with preserving her online popularity endangers her most crucial offline relationship: that with her activist daughter Aggie.

7. The Audrey Hepburn Estate

The Audrey Hepburn Estate | Books Publishing in April 2023

Full Title: The Audrey Hepburn Estate

Author: Brenda Janowitz

Genre: Domestic Fiction

Publishing Date: 18 April 2023


Emma Jansen is compelled to pay for her childhood home on Long Island one last visit after learning that it will soon be demolished. It was where many firsts occurred, including learning to ride a bike, stealing a drink of champagne, and falling in love.

Emma, however, cannot dismiss the more nuanced memories once she arrives at the legendary mansion because Emma didn’t grow up there. Like Audrey Hepburn’s character in the movie Sabrina, her mother and father were employed by the family who owned the estate and resided above the garage.

Only the family’s grandson Henry, a past love, and the driver’s son Leo, her best friend, made Emma feel completely accepted. Emma finds herself caught between two worlds and two loves as the preparations for the property are set into motion, and the three are together for the first time in more than ten years.

She will also need to choose what life she wants for herself and who she wants to be in it as the home discloses a shocking fact about her family.

8. The Last Heir to Blackwood Library

The Last Heir to Blackwood Library | Books Publishing in April 2023

Full Title: The Last Heir to Blackwood Library

Author: Hester Fox

Genre: Gothic Fiction

Publishing Date: 4 April 2023


Ivy Radcliffe, age 23, is transformed into Lady Hayworth, the owner of a sizable estate on the Yorkshire moors, with the stroke of a pen. Ivy is unfamiliar with Blackwood Abbey and the ancient bloodline she is descended from.

After she lost her brother in the Great War, she had nothing to keep her in London, so she cautiously traveled to her new house. The attendants are guarded and suspicious, and the abbey is ominous. Behind closed doors, however, sits a priceless treasure: a wonderful library.

Despite the staff’s cryptic warnings, Ivy finds herself compelled to visit the library’s dusty shelves, where well-known books are mixed up with odd, occult literature. She also detects another presence in the library that has its own will.

The abbey’s previous owners, ghosts, curses, and an enigmatic text at the core are all subjects of rumors circulating throughout the community. It will be up to Ivy to solve the library’s secrets as things become more sinister to retrieve her story before it disappears forever.

9. The Eden Test

The Eden Test | Books Publishing in April 2023

Full Title: The Eden Test

Author: Adam Sternbergh

Genre: Suspense

Publishing Date: 25 April 2023


The union between Daisy and Craig is in dire straits. For this reason, Daisy decided to participate in The Eden Test, a weeklong retreat for couples needing a new beginning. Craig appears to be planning to leave her for another woman even though she is working hard to save her marriage. He has packed his luggage before getting to the isolated cottage in the upstate New York woods, where he will meet Daisy.

Their first week apart is characterized by seclusion, connection, and beauty of the natural world, with only a few angry locals. Craig is unaware of Daisy’s secrets, including her sending enigmatic texts on a burner phone. Daisy is a cunningly adept actress. Not to mention the Eden Test itself, which daily challenges the pair with a provocative new question that is more explosive than the previous one.

Their union was never ideal, but now as more lies and secrets are coming to light, the week is turning out to be much more than they had anticipated. What lengths will they go to?

10. Yours Truly

Yours Truly | Books Publishing in April 2023

Full Title: Yours Truly

Author: Abby Jimenez

Genre: Adult Fiction

Publishing Date: 11 April 2023


The life of Dr. Briana Ortiz is drastically stagnating. Her brother needs a kidney donor, and her divorce is almost final. What about the promotion she wants? That will most likely be given to the new man-doctor, who is already rating an 88.7 on Briana’s “pain in my ass” scale.

Yet just as everything is ready to turn against Briana, Dr. Jacob Maddox completely changes the dynamic by writing her a letter. It’s also an extremely strong letter. Such is the kind that demonstrates Jacob is not Satan.

Even worse, he might be this incredibly charming and amusing man who makes poor first impressions. He and Bri are now writing letters, having lunch dates in her “sob closet,” and debating the virtues of abnormally tiny horses.

Yet when Jacob chooses to give Briana the best gift imaginable—a kidney for her brother—she wonders how she can resist this new doctor who is both quietly seductive and calling in favor she can’t refuse.

Conclusion | Exciting Books Publishing in April 2023

Have you liked it? I’m sure you did. I can’t wait for it to be April already, not because of the seasonal change (which I would prefer to stay the same) but for these great lot of books to be out there for us to enjoy!

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