11 Famous Writers You Didn’t Know Were Disabled.

Famous Writers You Didn't Know Were Disabled.

We all know about famous authors and their best-selling books, but did you know some famous writers were disabled? We will talk about these writers and why those famous and great writers were disabled. Each author’s detail has been provided below with their most famous work. 

Authors play an essential role in life. The books written by them are beneficial to many people in different ways. Not every book is a best-seller, but that doesn’t mean that those books were not worth reading. Many famous writers wrote excellent books, but some writers were disabled, and we will talk about 11 Famous Writers You Didn’t Know Were Disabled, the reasons they were disabled, and some of their books that are worth reading. 

I was surfing the net, and one post appeared about some famous writers who were disabled, and as a reader, I couldn’t stop myself from clicking it. So I saw many names who were disabled, but they didn’t provide the specific information I needed to know, so I thought about searching for it myself and found The Famous Writers You Didn’t Know Were Disabled and why.

If you came here, that means you wanted some great information about it and wanted to know how those writers got disabled? So you are at the right place, and this article will give all the information you want to know. So stay tuned!

11 Famous Writers Who Were Disabled

Here is the list of 11 famous writers who were disabled and we should inspire by them and their work and each one of them suffered from various problems but keeping it aside they never lost hope and tried their level best.

1. John Milton

John Milton was a famous writer many people knew about, and his most famous book ‘Paradise Lost’ and that too after he got blind. John Milton was an English poet, and his writings have had a significant impact on the literary world. Milton got blind, but without stopping, he wrote poetry, which people loved about him. Famous poet-writer and loved by everyone. The reason for his blindness was more likely to be bilateral retinal detachment or glaucoma.

2. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking image

Black holes emitting radiation was his most significant discovery. You all may have heard his name because he was a famous man. When doctors ran tests on him, they knew that he had ALS(amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). It’s a motor neuron disease. It’s a rare disease that affects your body, and gradually you start losing control of your voluntary muscles. His #1 book ‘A Brief History Of Time’ was his first work and this book was a best seller. He was the inspiration for many people and writers.

3. Christy Brown

Christy Brown image

Christy Brown was a great Irish writer and painter with spastic cerebral palsy. He was able to write and type only with the toes of one foot, and we all can understand how difficult it could be. He didn’t give up and became famous after working hard. He wrote his autobiography, his most famous work, “My Left Foot.” He had written many books such as Down All The Days, A Shadow On Summer, etc. You guys should check out his books, and we all should learn lessons from their stories. He was a novelist poet and painted too.

4. Hellen Keller

Hellen Keller image

Hellen Keller was an American author, and she lost her eyesight and went blind and deaf too because of the illness she suffered from at just 19 months old. Anne Sullivan was her first teacher and became a lifelong companion because of the teaching she taught to Hellen. She started with reading and writing, and her lessons involved writing on her hand and telling about the objects around her. She was an author, political activist, and lecturer. Many people know her famous work “The Story Of My Life” and became famous.

5. Laura Hillenbrand

Laura Hillenbrand image

An American author who had chronic fatigue syndrome or ME/CFS made her so weak physically that she couldn’t leave her house for more than two years, and she said that she wrote books that helped her escape from her body and write creative things help her feel good. Her most famous work was ‘Unbroken’ and ‘Seabiscuit Three Men and A Racehorse.’ These were some of the most fantastic books written by her, and people loved them so much, and they were the best-selling books mentioned. Nothing could stop her from achieving what she achieved.

She used to write books and magazines articles, and after writing Seabiscuit, she was not sure that her health would allow her to write another book, but no matter what, she fought for it, and she wrote another fantastic book which was Unbroken. These are the stories that motivate people nowadays to stay strong and work hard.

6. Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge Luis Borges image

Jorge Luis Borges was one of the most essential and famous authors of Latin America. His most famous work includes Universal History Of Infamy(1935), The Book Of Sand(1975), etc. He had total blindness. It was a hereditary problem with which his father suffered too. He was a poet, philosopher, translator, editor too. He got real blind at the age of 55. He never quit writing, and he became one of the most famous authors in America.

7. Octavia E. Butler

Octavia E. Butler image

Octavia E. Butler was one of the best science fiction authors. Many people loved her work. Very few people know that she struggled with dyslexia her entire life. She was bullied growing up and used her vivid imaginations to escape the abuse, which led to her start of a great career—because of her imagination, she was good at story writing, etc.

She used to write short stories at the age of 10, and she kept publishing three series, two standalone novels, and one collection of short stories, which was a fantastic series. People loved the books she published, and you guys must read one of her published books, and you will love her work.

8. Peter Winkler

Peter Winkler image

The author has had rheumatoid arthritis for the majority of his life. This is a disease in which the immune system attacks body tissue. Winkler raced to produce the first biography of Dennis Hopper to come out after the actor died in May 2010. He is a blogger and writes articles about films. He is dependent on his sister and a long plastic chopstick in the real world. His neck won’t turn. His head is pitched down, chin to chest. His elbow and wrist joints are so fixed in the place he cannot touch his face. He can no longer touch his fingertips on the keyboard.

He was mentally strong no matter his condition and achieved the title of one of the most famous authors. He was a mathematician researcher. Mathematical puzzles by Peter Winkler was one of the most outstanding books, and you guys should seriously check it out if you love mathematics or are interested in it.

9. Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie image

The illustrious mystery writer who wrote many novels and short stories. She had dysgraphia or development output failure. She was well known for her 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections. It was difficult for her to learn to spell, so she also had to dictate her story to other people. She was the best-selling novelist of all time due to her mystery novels. She began her writing career as a poet, and she taught herself to read at the age of 5 instead of at eight years when her mother wanted her to learn to read.

Her life had many mysteries, too, so she got the idea to write mystery novels. And the fantastic thing is that she started writing detective novels to win a bet with her older sister. Her famous works include Murder on the Orient Express (1933), The ABC Murders (1936), etc. She was a fantastic writer, and her novels had sold more than 100 million copies and were translated into different languages.

10. F Scott Fitzgerald

F Scott Fitzgerald image

F Scott Fitzgerald was a versatile American author. He wrote short stories, novels, essays, dramas, and even screenplay. His novels were based on ambition, loss, money, romance, and class. His most famous work was “The Great Gatsby.” He was suffering from a learning disability known as Dyslexia. He was also kicked out of school at the age of 12 for not finishing his work out focusing on studies. He was a great writer and succeeded in his writing career even with his disability. He was an inspiration for many people.

11. Keah Brown

Keah Brown image

Keah Brown is a disability rights activist, author, journalist, and writer. She also created the hashtag #DisabledAndCute which went viral in 2017, and many celebs got to know about that hashtag. She had cerebral palsy. One of her most famous works was “The Pretty One.” She supported people with disabilities, created visibility for disabled people of color, and nudged the world. She was well known for her works and the things she did to support others.

Many people gave popularity to her, and she never thought her disability was a disadvantage. She was an inspiration for many disabled people and others too.

Conclusion | 11 Famous Writers You Didn’t Know Were Disabled

These were the top 11 authors who were famous but were disabled. We should get motivated by their stories and work hard towards our passion or any work we do. Each author’s detail is briefly discussed, and famous works are also written of each of them. Everyone had their problem in life, but they also didn’t lose hope and gave their best and achieved many great things.

We should learn lessons from their stories, never get disheartened, and be happy for what we have—comment down on your favorite authors and your favorite book.

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