14 Fanfiction Books That Became Famous With Time

14 Fanfiction Books That Became Famous With Time

We’re all readers and book lovers here. But I’m sure sometimes, while reading fiction, you might have felt that a story should’ve ended differently, or maybe a particular character should’ve had a little more validity, or a certain ark should have been continued further. I know, I do. Well, certain people make their thoughts and suggestions come true. How? By writing and reading fanfiction! Well, here in this article, I’m going to talk about 14 such Fanfiction books that became famous with time.

Don’t tell anyone, but I myself write fanfictions apart from reading. I haven’t published any of them (yet), but I love writing them. Reading fanfiction gives me a new perspective to view the original story/character/person. All the fanfiction books out there are so creative that I can’t seem to stop once I start reading them! They’re just so addictive and fun.

Fanfiction books, commonly also known as fanfictions, fanfics, or simply FFs, are such categories of fiction that are based on an existing work of fiction but not authorized by them. Fans usually write them off that piece of existing work, hence the name. A significant fanfiction area is covered by works based on Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series. Seems like fans (me) can’t seem to get over these works and want more of them.

What amazes me the most is that never even once did I find a fanfiction book that claims or tries to be an extension of the original work. The writers try to be creative and make a plot of their own, taking characters majorly from work, along with their qualities. Here, I have listed some of the best fanfictions ever written.

14 Awesome Fanfiction Books That Became Famous Over Time

It isn’t new for fanfiction to reach great heights in today’s times. After a work of fiction gets popular, fans wait for some fan-made fictional stories about it. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

1. Paradise Lost

paradise lost book cover

Full Title: Paradise Lost

Author: John Milton

Genre: Christian Mythology

Publishing Date: 1667


This is one of the oldest fanfictions that exist. According to Christian mythology, do you know the story of Adam and Eve, the first people of the earth? This epic retold their tale when they were banished from the garden of Eden. It also follows another story, and that is of Satan and other angels who rose to rebel against God and its creation and how he was sent into hell as an exile.

These two stories, one depicting the first man’s defiance and the other Satan’s rebellion, are depicted in a different and empathetic light, contrary to what was initially written.

2. Point Pleasant

point pleasant book cover

Full Title: Point Pleasant

Author: Jen Archer Wood

Genre: Fantasy Novel

Publishing Date: 2013


This fanfiction is based on CW’s Supernatural series. This is about love and letting the two main characters, Ben Wiseheart and Sherrif Nick Nolan, engage in a bit of love and romance while an eerie tension plays inside your head throughout. The basic plot is that Dean Wiseheart, the ultimate monster fighter, is Ben Wiseheart, a bestselling author.

Struggling through encounters with paranormal beings and their trauma from the young age of 8, constant changes in life, and heartbreak, he moves to Point Pleasant. After many years, when drawn back home, his life starts getting entwined with that of Sherrif Nick Nolan, his childhood best friend and his very first love.

3. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

pride and prejudice and zombies book cover

Full Title: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Author: Seth Grahame Smith

Genre: Horror Thriller

Publishing Date: 2009


If it was not evident from the title itself, this one is based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Bennet, along with her sisters, form a five-woman army trained in skills like martial arts to protect humanity from the dead, but not the dead. The best thing I like about them is that it doesn’t kill the novel’s original lovely and romantic plot. Mrs. Bennett’s desire to marry off her girls to wealthy families is still on, and Lizzy and Darcy’s uneven love arc is also there.

The setting has been changed to fit the zombies well into the plot. As violent and dark as it might seem and sound, this one is quite hilarious to its top. The zombies and the violence against them aren’t scary but rather fun to read.

4. Fifty Shades of Grey

fifty shades of grey book cover

Full Title: Fifty Shades of Grey

Author: E.L. James

Genre: Erotic Romance

Publishing Date: 2012


I am not ready to believe if you tell me that you’ve never heard of it. The fifty shades trilogy is one of the most achieving things ever happened in fanfics and the entire reading field. It is one of those twilight fanfics but not “just” another one of them. Though it is based on Twilight, the way it portrays the characters, it’s hard to believe it’s them.

It’s like their alter-egos have shown themselves. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, the two who wouldn’t “unholy” themselves before marriage engaging in such scandalous acts, wouldn’t it seem a little impossible? But that’s what makes it such a huge hit.

5. City of Bones

city of bones book cover

Full Title: City of Bones

Author: Cassandra Clare

Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Publishing Date: 2007


This fanfiction book is a part of a series of works, namely The Mortal Instruments. It is and is not a Harry Potter fanfiction. This book is fanfic based on Harry Potter. So you can only imagine how much it might have evolved. Though a few of the characters’ traits seem to be the same, there’s a lot of difference between the original and this one. And by a lot, I mean A LOT.

The setting, the roles, and even the names have been changed, but some similarities can still be spotted that make it a Harry Potter FF.

6. Wicked

wicked book cover

Full Title: Wicked

Author: Gregory Maguire

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Publishing Date: 1995


It’s time for us to walk on the yellow bricked road and reach for the wizard to ask for unlimited books. Yes, you’ve guessed it, alright. We’re talking about the Wizard of OZ. Well, about one of its fanfictions.

There isn’t much different in it than the original; the characters, their demands, their journey, everything is pretty much the same, but what makes it different is that the story is told from the wicked witch’s perspective, which makes this book a whole new version.

7. The Aeneid

the aeneid book cover

Full Title: The Aeneid

Author: Virgil

Genre: Epic

Publishing Date: 19 BC


Virgil, the author of this one, was a die-hard fan of Homer and his works. So he decided to do something with Homer’s one minor character that he didn’t do. Add a completely different character arc to Aeneas, one of the Trojan warriors in the Iliad. Homer didn’t go into details for him, so Virgil decided to do that for Homer, his ideal.

This fanfic event occurs after the war is over, with Aeneas traveling to Italy and becoming the founder of the Roman Empire. This fanfiction of his depicts Aeneas as a total and less-sung hero.

8. After

after book cover

Full Title: After

Author: Anna Todd

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publishing Date: 2014


Unlike most fanfics on this list, this one isn’t based on any fictional book, element, or character but a real human being. Yes, this is a fanfic by a fan based on her idol, Harry Styles. The story of this book takes place in an alternative dimension, taking Harry Styles as the “main lead” or the main love interest.

This story was originally published on Wattpad and used the names of many real-life people. Later, this book was picked for publishing but only upon changing a few names and critical changes here and there. This is a huge success, even having movies been made on it.

9. Harry Potter And The Methods of Rationality

harry potter and the methods of irrationality book cover

Full Title: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

Author: Eliezer Yudkonesky

Genre: Hard Fantasy

Publishing Date: 2010


If it wasn’t obvious enough from the title, this one is Harry Potter fanfiction. This is one of my all-time favorite fanfics, not just because it’s based on Harry Potter but because it’s so well written and well created.

The setting and the characters’ main traits remain the same, but some modifications have been made to make it fanfiction. It shows that Harry’s aunt Petunia is married to an Oxford professor.

Other mild alterations involve Hermione being placed in Ravenclaw and Ron has been taken back from being the main character. It mainly explains the complex concepts in science and philosophy and takes place over one year.

10. Gabriel’s Inferno

gabriel's inferno book cover

Full Title: Gabriel’s Inferno

Author: Sylvian Reynard

Genre: Romance

Publishing Date: 2011


Here we have yet another example of Twilight fanfic. This one is also one of the greatest hits in the fanfiction universe. It was initially published under the title “The University of Edward Masen” and takes Bella and Edward and their teacher-student relationship as the center but erotically.

It is the first book of the series written by the same author, followed by Gabriel’s Rapture, Gabriel’s Redemption, and Gabriel’s Promise.

You know that a book or a work is famous enough if a movie is made about it. The same is the case with this one, as incredible movies have been made on the book series.

11. Romeo and Juliet

romeo and juliet book cover

Full Title: Romeo and Juliet

Author: William Shakespeare

Genre: Romance

Publishing Date: 1597


Yes, it’s that Romeo and Juliet were written by none other than the great William Shakespeare. It is one of his best-known plays and also my personal favorite. But what’s also best-known about Shakespeare is that most of his works were inspired or based on other literary works. Many people don’t know that this very loved play is based on the poem “The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet” by Arthur Brooke. 

What makes it fanfic is that Shakespeare takes an entirely different approach from that of the poem and gives out the message of love to be fulfilled at any cost. In contrast, the poem’s message was about staying away from lust and listening to one’s parents. Also, the period described in the poem spans around nine months, whereas Shakespeare’s play winds up the entire story in 5 days.

12. New Adventures of Alice

new adventures of alice book cover

Full Title: New Adventures of Alice

Author: John Rae

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Publishing Date: 1917


You’ll be glad to know that our childhood heroine, Alice, from “Alice in Wonderland” has fanfiction based on it. Many other literary enthusiasts and I feel like it is Alice’s most crucial literary imitation. This book voices our childhood desire to have another Alice book.

It opens with Etsy, a little, wanting another book about Alice, and slips into a dream where she finds a book in the attic where Alice reads out rhymes to her kitten, leading to more of her adventures. We get to witness more adventures with Alice in this book.

13. My Immortal

my immortal book cover

Full Title: My Immortal

Author: Tara Gillespie

Genre: Non-Canonical Fanfiction

Publishing Date: 2006


Another Harry Potter fanfiction on the list, this is. It was published serially on FanFiction.net. However, it took the original characters and followed the same setting. It introduces Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way, a non-canonical female character, particularly noticeable for her romantic involvement with Draco Malfoy and her going back in time to defeat Voldemort, the main antagonist.

Though it’s very creative, it’s widely criticized for its constant grammatical errors and inconsistencies in the plot, but still, it’s a pretty famous work of fanfiction.

14. Beautiful Bastard

beautiful bastard book cover

Full Title: Beautiful Bastard

Author: Christina Lauren

Genre: Romance

Publishing Date: 2013


This one is another one of the Twilight fanfictions. Well, not strictly, as it is based on the book “The Office,” which is Twilight fanfic. It was picked for publishing after the massive success of Fifty shades of grey.

Initially, it was written by Christina Hobbs, but later, she got together with Lauren Billings to rewrite and edit it, and so they collectively chose a pen name, Christina Lauren. Isn’t that amazing? The book only keeps around 20 percent of the original work, and the rest is the author’s creativity(s).

This is just the first one of the very fulfilling series, followed by four sequels, Beautiful Stranger, Beautiful Player, Beautiful Secret, and Beautiful, and a few novellas titled Beautiful Bitch, Beautiful Bombshell, Beautiful Beginning, Beautiful Beloved, and Beautiful Boss.

Final Words

Fanfictions are just as impressive as the original novels. There’s no denying it. I LOVE reading more and more fanfictions. I can never get enough. These are a few favorite fanfictions that you can go through (if you haven’t already). These are the best if you’re just getting started. Once you enter the world of reading FFs, there’s no turning back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Fanfiction Novel?

Fanfiction is a fiction story of popular fictional characters that are written by fans and most probably posted on internet.

2. Which Fandom Has Most Fanfictions?

Harry potter, Naruto, twilight, etc. are some of the most popular fanfictions.

3. Why fanfiction is popular?

Fanfiction affords the ability for the fans to reinterpret characters and explore different aspects of books and other works.

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