15 Funny & Innocent Tricks to Pull on a Book Nerds

15 Funny &Innocent Tricks to Pull on Book Nerds

Pranks and tricks are all over the internet these days. Every next trend you see is about someone pulling a trick on the other. But it’s nice, though. Plus, who wouldn’t like a little harmless fun, right? Since we’re all (well, most) book lovers here, let’s see a few fun and innocent tricks to pull on a book nerds.

I can proudly say that I’ve never been pranked by any of my friends regarding my books, as they know how possessive I’m about them. But at the same time, I’ve tricked quite a few, and trust me, and their reaction was hilarious! You can say that I’m the prankster of the group, and here, you’ll be getting tips from the master herself (not trying to sound arrogant or anything)!

Pranks are fun unless they cause something or someone serious harm. Especially while pulling any tick on a book lover, you NEED to make sure that no book gets harmed; otherwise, you’ll be one bearing the harm. There are several things you can do to trick a book lover. They’re pretty easy to pull a prank on, as anything unusual related to books or reading causes colossal unrest. 

I am a book lover, and by sharing these tips, I somewhat feel like I’m betraying my community, but it’s pretty fun, so let’s get to know a few tricks and pranks you can pull on a book nerd without causing any harm to them or the books (or to yourself).

15 Hilarious Yet Innocent Tricks You Can Pull on a Book Nerd

Without causing you all any more delay and unrest, let me just share some of my personal tips and tricks to prank your book nerd friend.

1. Convince Them of a Book Ban

banned books | Funny & Innocent Tricks to Pull on a Book Nerds
Source: theculturetrip.com

Imagine you want something you saw an ad for, and you’ve been waiting eagerly for it to come out in the market, but when it’s finally time for it to be yours finally, someone comes in and tells you that it won’t be selling out as the sellers just changed their mind.

I’m sure not many of you might have experienced this but imagine how it would feel? The same would be the reaction of a book lover when you tell them that a book they’ve been wanting has been banned. Their reaction would be worth broadcasting. Even more, if you spend some moments to frame an official-looking notice regarding it. It’ll be really fun, trust me. Just be sure to come out clean before they actually start to cry.

2. Text a Book Recommendation From an Unknown Number

a text from an unknown number
Source: wikihow.com

Book lovers love to meet fellow book lovers a there aren’t many of them in today’s time. So, whenever someone shows even a tiny bit of interest in books, they’ll be more than interested in talking with them, even for hours sometimes. And when someone recommends them a book they haven’t heard of before, they’ll go crazy looking for them, not even caring who the recommendation is from.

So, we got to get access to a number unknown to the person and randomly recommend them a book. Now, here’s the catch. The book we’ll be recommending won’t exist! Make up some interesting name on your own and see them go crazy looking for it.

3. Slide Book Puns Randomly Into the Conversation

a book pun
Source: rd.com

Now, this one would take some hard work from you if you aren’t an avid reader yourself. If you are, well, you’ll be just fine. All you need to do is know what books that person is currently reading or has read several times repeatedly. Now, ask them out to spend the day with you. That’s when the fun begins. Just slide lines and puns related to those books into the conversation. Not just once or twice, but several times. If you don’t know anything about the books they’re reading, use random book puns. They’ll work too.

At first, they’ll find it fun, but when you do it for some time, they’ll get annoyed but won’t show it to you as that would prove them to be ‘disloyal’ to their books. So basically, we’re just annoying them here, in a fun way, of course.

4. Make up an Imaginary Book

a book with pencil shavings on it
Source: booksrockmyworld.com

This one is pretty basic, actually, but very funny at the same time. You need to make up an imaginary book name and smoothly slide it into a random conversation. They haven’t have heard of that book before so they’ll ask you about it. Be careful as readers are intelligent creatures (just like me), so you need to be prepared with every main detail like who’s the author, when was it published, and even a summary! Also, make sure you have an excuse ready if they ask you to lend that book.

After successfully transmitting information, all you have to do is sit back and relax while watching them turn the whole internet upside down. Now you need to worry about how you’ll come clean to them.

5. Convince Them of a Movie Adaptation

books and films
Source: businessinsider.in

Being a book lover myself, I understand the hype when a book, especially the one you’ve read, is adapted into a movie. We need to compare what is better, the movie or the book. So, here your job is to convince the reader that a book they’ve read over hundreds of times has been adapted into a movie with precisely the cast and backdrop they have anticipated. Also, tell them a made-up release date.

Now, you can enjoy them being restless the entire time until the date you told them, and when the day arrives, it’ll be the ultimate shock for them and the ultimate fun moment for you.

6. Fake a Sequel of Their Favorite Book

two animated books
Source: insights.bookbub.com

If you all don’t read books, you must watch series, right? How would you feel if I told you there’s an additional episode of ‘Money Heist’ that will be released? You’ll go nuts. But again, imagine that you searched the entire internet for it painstakingly, and I come at the end telling you that I was kidding. You would want to kill me but won’t be able to.

The same will be the case if you succeed in convincing a book lover that one of their favourite books will have a sequel. But be careful as once to come clean, they’ll be after your life.

7. Send a Post Card From a Fictional Character to Them

fictional postcard
Source: epicreads.com

Imagine receiving a letter or a postcard from your favourite actor or actress. Wouldn’t it be like a dream come true? So, why don’t you make your fellow book lover’s dreams come true by sending them a postcard written by their favourite book character to them! It would be amazing to behold their expressions. All you need to know is to pick a character they like and address the postcard to them, written by that character, and post it.

Make sure to be present on the site when they receive the postcard. They’ll immediately know it’s a trick, but it’ll take them some time to figure out it was you.

8. Make up an Imaginary Bookstore

an open bookstore
Source: lithub.com

This one is about giving our book nerds a tiny bit of happiness, even if that lasts only for some time. We’ll tell them that there’s a new book store in the area. Try and make it sound as realistic as possible. Add some details and improvise when needed. When you feel that they’re convinced enough, ask them to meet you there the next day, and when they finally reach there, that’s when their fun ends, and yours starts.

9. Fake a Bookstore Closing

a closed bookstore
Source: bookstoreguide.org

This prank is also pretty easy to execute. It’s just a vice-versa of the previous one. Here, we’ll tell them the bookstore they usually go to or the one they’ve been looking forward to visiting is shutting down. Disclaimer: they’ll go nuts after hearing this. It’ll be hilarious to watch, but don’t spoil it just now by laughing. Let them go there and check for themselves, and when they do, the happiness they’ll feel will be euphoric. So basically, you’re just gifting someone happiness, though they might snatch your afterwords.

10. Tell Them You’ve Completed a Book Before Them

open book
Source: gabiruth.com

After spoilers, the worst thing a book lover finds is losing to someone in a reading race. This trick would work best if you’re a not-so-frequent reader and the victim of this prank is one. You have to do nothing more than know which book they are reading currently (trust me, they are reading one). After you get that done, just tell them a simple lie: “Hey, you still reading this book? I started it the same day as you, and I finished it three days ago.” Yes, do this and see them so annoyed at you like you’ve stolen a book from them (don’t do it, though).

11. Mess With Their Book-Placing

book shelf
Source: istockphoto.com

For this prank to occur, you need to be a frequent visitor at that person’s place, as you need to know where and how they place their books. All actual book lovers, and I mean literally, all of them, place their books at a particular place, in a specific manner, in a certain sequence. Go up to their collection when they’re not around and mess it up a little. Don’t create a mess there, just a tiny change that might take them minutes to notice. Now, sit back and watch how long it takes for them to figure it out.

12. A Harry Potter Themed Day Without Warning

harry potter reference on a wall
Source: wehearit.com

Now, there’s no way I will end a list without something Harry Potter related. You cannot expect that from me. Plus, the friend you’re trying to prank might be another Potterhead! This one would require you to have vivid knowledge of Harry Potter and be creative. It’ll also take you quite some time to prepare so plan it for some special day, I would suggest.

Just prepare small yet noticeable preparations related to the Harry Potter book series. Maybe use random Harry Potter quotes on walls, Harry Potter characters’ stickers and posters, or whatever you can take out of your creativity. It’ll amuse and freak them out at the same time!

13. Tamper With Their Contact List

call from sherlock holmes

Okay, now this one is pretty fun, I must tell you. The only tricky part is getting access to their mobile phone. You know how people are possessive about their mobile phones these days. So once you figure that part out, check their call logs and the people you find that person contacts the most, change their names to some fictional characters’ names, and when they receive a call from them, look at them all confused and freaked out. Such an amusing sight to behold it is!

14. Convince Them of a Book Sale

book sale
Source: spinalcolumnnewsweekly.com

Booklover or not, nobody dislikes a sale. As for book lovers, the more books they have, the fewer it is. So once they hear you mention that books are on sale at a particular place, they won’t think twice before rushing to that place to buy “new books”, but once they reach there, obviously they’ll be disappointed. I won’t recommend you to go along with them for safety reasons, but your fun will begin once they return and look at you with that “so done” look. It’ll be satisfying.

15. Make New Book Jackets for Them

a book jacket
Source: design.tutsplus.com

Book jackets are such blessings, you know. Protect books from dust and everything. But won’t it be fun if the book jackets they admire the most become their worst headaches? Yes, we’re about to make that happen! We need to be very, very creative for this one. And hardworking too. Make new book jackets with funny images and random names and titles. Now, replace their previous book jackets with these new ones.

Don’t do that to all the books, though. Just two or three would be enough to bring that annoying yet helpless expression to their place. I know it’ll be hard work, but it’ll be worth it.

Conclusion| 15 Funny & Innocent Tricks to Pull on a Book Nerds

These were some tricks that I could think of and have played on my fellow book lover friends. They’re pretty fun yet so harmless. I enjoyed pulling them so much. Now, I trust you guys to be smart enough to not pull all the tricks on the same person for safety reasons again. It won’t be fun that way anyway as soon. They would be able to see through you. So, feel accessible to pick a trick or two and get yourself busy!

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