Book Review: Girl With a Knife Book One: Assault by James T. Hogg

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Girl With a Knife Book One: Assault is a thrilling historical fiction that isn’t worth leaving behind because you cannot put it down once you start reading it. The story of this novel takes you on a journey of around 25 years with various characters coming into play. The story may be fictional, but it relates to the reality of this world. This is the first book of the series Girl with a Knife.

This novel revolves around the 17th century, where men were the leaders and women were the householders. In this tale, two girls try to live differently, dictating how they want to live. However, certain events lead them to change their way and per the situations when they go against themselves for the betterment of themselves and their loved ones.

Written by James T. Hogg, this novel is based on a simple story of love and war between two communities with such a good tale that the readers won’t be able to keep themselves off the book as promised by the author himself. With a creative mindset and descriptive scenes, the story feels real as the readers are watching a movie so captivating that you are stuck in it to know the next scene and how it fares.

Let’s dive into the book without waiting further and understand what it has for us.

Girl With a Knife Book One: Assault by James T. Hogg | Book Review

About the Author

James T. Hogg Author of Girl With a Knife Book One: Assault

James T. Hogg

James T. Hogg is the pseudonym of one of the most prominent New York City real estate attorneys. As a real-life attorney, he has published two non-fiction books about real estate and business, one of which was a Wall Street Journal best seller. Girl With a Knife is his first novel, written by James T. Hogg. The novel is based on a story he told many times to his now-grown children.

The goal—then and now—was to create a story that the reader cannot put down, even when it is midnight and the reader has to get up to go to work the next morning. His simple goal has always been to write a page-turner so that the reader can have a great time with an enjoyable read.

Hogg now lives in New Jersey and has been happily married for 38 years to his soulmate wife. They are blessed to be the proud parents of two daughters. The author’s muse calls from his summer home getaway, where he goes to play loud music and write and write and write. Mr Hogg is not a boring New York City lawyer but a very interesting fellow.

Book Overview | Girl With a Knife Book One: Assault by James T. Hogg

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Full Title: Girl With a Knife Book One: Assault

Author: James T. Hogg

Genre: Historical Fiction, Fiction

Publishing Date: 21st March 2023

Page Count: 305

Series: Girl With a Knife series


It is an epic historical fiction based on love and revenge in which a young girl must fight for her sister and her family in New Colonial England with few resources, to her dismay and powerful people on the opposite side. With almost everyone against them, she and her family must find a way to stay safe and get justice.

Book Summary

The novel begins with an Indian attack on White men where the Chief of Indians is dead, and his son Katakuk becomes the next chief. In that war, he lost his father and his love of life, Nununyi. After the war, he returned with half his men to his land while half of the white men were dead.

Among the white men, Jones and Menon were the best fighters and friends who left the war and fought after the fight. Nununyi, supposed dead, was found by Menon and was well taken care of until she recovered.

Indians are now led by Chief Katakuk and lived happily for many years in peace with White men of North Hinkapee ruled by Downings. There has been peace between both these communities for many years. Thompson Downing founded North Hinkapee and was now ruled by his son Miles Downing.

In North, Hinkapee lived Wentworths, a simple farmer family that had shifted some years ago. The family included Robert and Lucy Wentworth and their daughter Faythe and Chloe.

Faythe is a teenage girl who had learned to fight from her father and had been involved in fights with boys, which was not usual in the community. She is a brave girl, while her younger sister, Chloe mere 12 years old, is a sweet, shy, innocent soul who always stays with Faythe as if she’s her second mother.

Jones and his wife Betsy also lived in the colony with Jones as Sheriff, and Betsy was a witch which no one knew about.

Faythe is brave and wary of danger and vows to keep her sister away from any danger and keep her safe. She was also a variety of Downing brothers who had haunted them since they lived in North Hinkapee. Everything was going well for everyone until an attack on Chloe’s innocence shattered the happiness of the Wentworth family.

Even though Chloe was alive, she never lived after that day and looked dead. Filled with rage and determination for vengeance, Wentworth carefully moves forward with their plan not to fail their chances of revenge and seek justice for their daughter. However, due to certain circumstances, all went downfall for them in the end when everything was going according to plan.

On the other hand, Katakuk gives his son a hectic task and sends him out in the wilderness to achieve success, whereas Nununyi sees everything and follows after him once he goes into the wild.

What Do I Feel About The Book? Girl With a Knife Book One: Assault by James T. Hogg

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I have been a huge historical fiction fan since I watched Vikings. As this novel is based on Historical fiction, reading this novel was a jewel for me. As the author suggests, even if you have important tasks, you won’t be able to leave them once you start reading, which also happened to me.

Writing this as a first fictional story, the author did an awesome job with the characters and their roles. The way he presented equality among men and women, even during the 17th century, is commendable, making it an easy read for both men and women in which neither gender was seen as superior.

Even though the story is enjoyable, I believe the story of the Indians could have been better as the story of Katakuk was quite less since Indians were also the book’s main characters. The character of Faythe couldn’t have been better, which was neither too aggressive but was balanced, which also feels realistic.

In the end, the story could have been more detailed as the story was quite short, with 305 pages. Even so, they feel a lot. The number of characters in the story makes it feel that some part of one or others was surprisingly less, which should have been much more. For example, the role of Jones as Sheriff in the town.


The book is a must-read, as I deducted the half stars due to the simplistic nature of the story, which could have been much longer with more significant twists in the tale.

Conclusion | Girl With a Knife Book One: Assault by James T. Hogg

What do you think must have happened with Chloe?

Whatever happened must be devastating to take the life out of her. The most important is who did it and whether there is any proof. Even though Faythe is after revenge along with her family, will they be able to achieve it or fall short with the tremendous downfall in the end?

The book has captivated my mind after reading it, and I can’t wait to learn more about it.

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