14 Top Guinness World Records That Involve Books

14 Top Guinness World Records That Involve Books

Do you know that someone has set a world record for being the tallest person alive? And also the one for having the most career goals (football)? There’s a world record for almost every category. So, I thought there might be some that might have something to do with books. And guess what, there are plenty! So here, we will talk about 14 such Guinness World Records that involve books.

In today’s time, if you know how to do a single thing properly, you can go ahead and set a world record. Even if as a joke, I’m sure many of you might have thought of setting a world record one day. Especially if you’re a book lover, you might be interested in knowing the categories where people have set records using books so that maybe you can try and beat them to it.

From spinning a book on the finger to having a collection of collectibles of a particular character to having signed the most amount of books, there are so many world records set by people worldwide. There are still so many categories where records are not set, and one needs to be creative enough to find a category for themself. 

Let’s know more about the existing world records recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records to understand how a person sets world records. And maybe who knows, the next person to set a world record is someone reading this!

14 Guinness World Records Involving Books

Without stalling any further, here’s your list of world records featured in the Guinness Book of World Records that involve books.

1. Longest Time Spinning a Book on One Finger

Mansingh Oli Prabhas
Source: twitter.com

I’m sure many of you might have tried balancing or spinning stuff like a ball or a book on your fingers but little did we know that someone out there has made a world record out of it!

The world record for spinning a book on one finger for the longest time is held by Mansingh Oli Prabhas of Kathmandu, Nepal. He won the title for spinning the book of Guinness world records 2021 on his single finger for 3 hr, 40 min, and 3 sec on 13 March 2021. With this, he broke the previous record made by Benjamin Inemugha in 2018 for 1 hour, 9 minutes, and 46 seconds.

2. Most Books Toppled in a Domino Fashion

large number of books aligned in domino fashion
Source: guinnessworldrecords.com

Domino is a pretty exciting game or activity. I find it pretty satisfying to watch. But what’s the longest domino game you’ve watched? Here, you can see the world’s longest one as someone has set a world record for it and that too, with a considerable number of books.

The world record for toppling the most number of books in a domino fashion is currently being held by Sinners Domino EntertainmentGermany, since 14 October 2015 by successfully toppling 10,200 books in the domino fashion. This record was made during the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt.

3. Largest Collection of Winnie the Pooh Memorabilia

the largest collection of Winnie the Pooh collectibles
Source: twitter.com

There is no way that you’re a reader, and you don’t know about Winnie-the-pooh. Even if you’re a non-reader, you must have heard about it. It’s the most fabulous children’s literature collection and what’s even more interesting is that someone has made a world record.

Deb Hoffmann made the record for having the most extensive collection of the iconic Winnie-the-pooh collectibles from Waukesha, Wisconsin, the USA, on 20 December 2020, with 20,000 items. The previous award in the same category was made by Deb Hoffmann herself in 2009 with 4,405 items. She continued to expand her collection and broke her record.

4. Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Dr. Seuss Characters

people dressed as dr. Seuss characters
Source: worldrecordacademy.org

You’re never too old to read his works, no matter how old you get. We’re talking about Dr. Seuss, one of the most iconic authors of children’s literature.

As a tribute to the legend, a world record was set by Broadneck Elementary School in Arnold, the USA, on 1 March 2019, where 932 people dressed as Dr. Seuss’s characters. They broke the record set by Milford Elementary School in MilfordNew Hampshire, USA, on 22 February 2018, where 686 children were dressed as Dr. Seuss’s characters.

5. Largest Reading Lesson

largest reading session being held
Source: youtube.com

The reading industry is massive. Different people across the world set so many world records. There’s a world record even for the most important reading lesson.

This record was held by New Era Health Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. in Beijing, China, on 21 April 2017 to hold a reading lesson for 11,137 people, which lasted 40 minutes. This great event took place on the Great Wall of China at Juyong Pass.

6. Most Abandoned Book

Simon Cowell: The Unauthorised Biography by Chas Newkey-Burden
Source: amazon.in

When you started reading this list of massive world records, I’m sure you might be looking for things like ” which is the most read book” or “which book is the fastest to read” and stuff like that. But what I’ve got here for you is the most abandoned book to date.

Simon Cowell has held the world record for this title: “The Unauthorised Biography by Chas Newkey-Burden” in 2010 as 452 guests at Travelodges in Britain left that book behind. According to the survey held in 2010, this was found that there are ten such books, but the book of Simon Corwell holds the top spot on the list.

7. Youngest Commercially Published Female Author

dorothy straight- youngest commercially published female author

Well-qualified scholars have not just dominated the writing world. Even young children can write so well as to establish a world record, and that’s what we’re talking about here.

Dorothy Straight has set a world record of being the youngest commercially published female author in 1964. She was just four years old when she wrote and published her first book, How the World Began in 1962, published in 1964, the same year she made the record.

8. Largest Collection of Guinness World Record Annuals

Largest Collection of Guinness World Record Annuals
Source: upi.com

Anything is possible in this world, especially when the world we live in is full of people with such creative ideas. Who would’ve thought of being featured in the book of world records by gathering a massive collection of it! Yes, there is one.

Martyn Tovey of Radstock, The UK has set a world record on 25 September 2015 for owning a collection of 2164 Guinness book of world records memorabilia.

9. Most People Taking Part in Simultaneous Literature Quizzes 

young children taking part in a quiz
Source: guinnessworldrecords.com

Have you ever taken a quiz? I’m sure not many of you like taking quizzes (myself included). But I would’ve taken more interest in quizzes if I knew that I could set a world because of them.

In 2016, a world record for having most people take part in simultaneous literature quizzes was set in which 62 different schools took part spread across the UK and Ireland. On the 19th world book day6,388 young children took part in the quiz and now hold a world record.

10. Reading Aloud Marathon

 Deepak Sharma Bajagain
Source: guinnessworldrecords.com

While silent reading is fun and peaceful, reading out loud to someone or a group of people is another level of satisfaction. I like to read out to my younger cousins. But do you know that someone there has an actual world record for that?

The world record for the longest reading aloud marathon was bagged by Deepak Sharma Bajagain from Tudikhel Ground, Kathmandu, Nepal, on 24 September 2008 for reading aloud for 113 hours and 15 minutes, where he read about 17 books written by different authors.

11. Largest Book Signing

vikrant mahajan

All the aspiring writers, I’m sure it’s your dream to hold a book signing event for your book where hundreds of people will be waiting in line to get a signed copy of your book. Well, someone has signed so many copies of his book that he got featured in the Guinness book of world records for the huge amount of signings he did.

Vikrant Mahajan from Jammu, India, holds the world record for signing the most copies of his book Yes Thank you Universe in a single session, 6,904 in number, on 30 January 2016. And there’s a fun fact. I’ve met him before, and we are from the same city!

12. Fastest-Selling Fiction Book Within 24-Hours

harry potter and the deathly hallows book
Source: guinnessworldrecords.com

I am confident that this one will be the favorite one of most of the people reading this. Or should I say, many Potterheads reading this?

Yes, the world record for the fastest-selling fictional book within 24-hours has been successfully held by the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling. The book sold 8.3 million copies on the day of its release on 21 July 2007, right from 00:01 a.m onwards.

13. Highest Library

US library of congress
Source: fortune.com

A reader’s favorite activity to do? Reading. A reader’s most prized possession? Books. Similarly, a reader’s favorite place to be is in a library. So, this list cannot be complete without a world record that does not include a library.

The US Library of Congress, based in Washington DC, has bagged a world record for being the most extensive library globally. This was measured by catalog size, the number of items it holds. As of November 2021, when it held a world record, it was home to 173,731,463 items.

14. Best-Selling Copyright Book

guinness book of world records
Source: guinnessworldrecords.com

The last world record on this list, I get goosebumps announcing it. It is the ever best-selling copyright book.

This world record has been set by none other than the Guinness Book of World Records itself! Its first edition was published in 1955, and the sales of this book have gone up to about 124 million copies as of October 2010 and in over 37 languages. This book has sales just next to that of the Bible, which being a non-copyright book, has sold around 6 million books, making the book of world records the most sold copyright book in the whole world.

Conclusion| 14 Top Guinness World Records That Involve Books

These were some of the world records that involved books and reading. Aren’t they just amazing? Some categories are so different and unexpected that I never imagined they could help you set a world record. Anyone can try and set one, and you need to be creative enough.

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