How to Fix Bad Reading Habits

Some Bad Reading Habits and Their Fix

Reading is crucial because it enriches our lives, provides us with a wealth of knowledge, and is enjoyable. Poor reading habits might cause us to lose focus and squander valuable time. Thus, breaking these habits is a task for all avid readers. Here, we are going to talk about how to fix bad reading habits.

Speaking from experience, bad reading habits are never good when attempting to sit down and take in any information. You’ll find yourself losing crucial time because of them. Additionally, they’ll ensure you need help understanding what you’re trying to read, which could result in misunderstandings and false information.

Some common problems include reading word by word, not reading in a proper light, improper posture, vocalizing and subvocalizing, and many more. Some solutions can be trying to read quickly, having a proper reading environment, and focusing on the entire sentence rather than just one word at a time.

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Some Bad Reading Habits and Their Fix

Problem #1: Reading Each Word Individually

a woman and a boy reading each word individually. | How to Fix Bad Reading Habits

Most people are proficient readers who can read quickly using techniques they mastered as young children. You might occasionally still utilize one method: pace each line with your index finger. However, when we are forced to become more specific in our knowledge, people start to read more slowly and intently, hoping to increase their comprehension rates.

It’s surprising how quickly the brain can process short sentences and groups of words. Slow reading is even less essential when you realize that 50 percent of your reading content is composed of the 100 words used most frequently in English.


The next time, read a paragraph more quickly and try reading groups of words rather than single ones. Doing this allows you to maintain a faster pace and practice accurate information-gathering with your eyes and intellect. The technique may require some time and work to master, though.

Problem #2: Reading in Dim Light

two kids reading in dim light. | How to Fix Bad Reading Habits

It’s not good to have a habit like this. You won’t be able to read the text well in low light, which might cause readers to misread and incorrectly interpret what has been written due to missed punctuation—all because of the poor lighting.


Make sure direct light, whether from a natural or artificial source, falls on the material you’re reading when reading. Ideally, from the left. Good lighting reduces eye fatigue and removes the need to squint when reading. Experts claim halogen and fluorescent lighting offer better reading illumination than conventional incandescent bulbs.

Problem #3: Abandoning Books

an abandoned book. | How to Fix Bad Reading Habits

Sometimes it’s just too easy. Everybody experiences those days when we just aren’t feeling it. Sometimes we have such a severe book hangover that the following few books we read are only passable.


Most likely, the author is pleading with you to do so. The characters would encourage you to do so. Give everything you’ve got before jumping ship. That doesn’t mean you have to read every book cover to cover. You most likely have a compelling cause for stopping your book reading. If you discover that you are a recurrent book ditcher, gather your courage and make sure you give each book a fair shot. Isn’t it accurate to say that they merit such a reward?

Problem #4: Having Too Much Information and Not Being Ready

a woman dealing with too much information. | How to Fix Bad Reading Habits

Reading is one of the many tasks you should only put off at the last minute. When you put off reading, you frequently try memorizing as much information as possible. Many people still do it even if they don’t wait until the last minute. As a result, there may be substantial gaps between what you read and what you actually understand, which may result in misunderstandings and a breakdown in communication between you and the text.


Starting with pre-reading preparation is a great idea, especially if you can complete it a day or two in advance. You’ll be surprised by how much information you can learn by quickly scanning the text and the internet for the essentials.

Problem #5: Poor Posture While Reading

a woman having a poor posture while reading. | How to Fix Bad Reading Habits

Reading while lying in bed or holding a book in one’s lap is a bad reading posture. These positions unnerve the reader, who then finds reading to be boring.


One of the best postures is to sit with your back straight on a comfortable chair. Experts recommend placing books and other printed items 14 to 18 inches away from the reader’s sight. Reading books that are either too close or too far away may cause the eye muscles to become weary.

Problem #6: Reading All of it at the Same Rate

reading a lot of books at the same time

Reading simultaneously is undoubtedly beneficial. Despite what would at first seem weird, this is not the case. On the other hand, reading something you find straightforward to understand is not time well spent, especially if it involves knowledge you already possess. Similarly, taking your time with challenging portions can prevent you from having to go back and read it later, which is one of the most time-consuming bad reading habits many people have.


Try reading more slowly for challenging chapters and more quickly for simpler ones the next time. You’ll be surprised by how much additional information you learn. Use time-tested strategies like skimming and scanning if you only require a short overview.

Problem #7: Vocalizing/Subvocalizing Your Reading

a man vocalizing while reading

What does the term “vocalize” mean? At this point, you should start speaking aloud and enunciating words. The idea behind subvocalization is the same as subvocalization, but it involves speaking in your head. Undoubtedly, it is one of the more divisive terrible reading habits. Many believe that hearing and reading something helps them remember it better; thus, they have evolved this belief. It makes the reading go much more slowly.


By focusing on word groups rather than single words, you can stop doing it! It takes effort to break this “bad reading habit,” and thinking about not reading aloud while working might be a distraction.

Problem #8: Restlessness

a restless girl

This results from a need for more reading interest. Most people can’t read for long periods because they get restless. Along the way, they frequently indulge in a variety of distractions. This tendency undoubtedly reduces reading speed because it affects most people’s vocabulary growth.


Setting goals, achieving those goals, and ensuring that one’s objectives are reached should all be driven by the individual.

Problem #9: Skipping and Re-Reading

avoid re-reading

It isn’t very pleasant to repeat things while speaking or reading. It’s common to reach the end of a page and reread it out of habit, even after understanding the statement. This is a major waste of time. The term for this is regression.


Re-reading text passages is only advised if you have trouble understanding them. This idea will be covered in more detail later, but you can avoid picking up undesirable reading habits by only reading phrases once. And if you want to read more? Try a different text on the same topic. This will broaden your understanding of the matter and produce new, intriguing knowledge.

Problem #10: Distractions

a girl getting distracted while reading

It is so simple to become sidetracked by all the technological magic around you. Easy-to-digest material will draw your attention all too frequently, and before you know it, thirty minutes have passed. However, people also trick themselves into thinking they can’t possibly read any quicker than they already are, which puts them in a semi-denial condition. Fortunately, breaking this harmful reading habit is simple.


Turn off your device’s WiFi. Put it on quiet and face down, so you won’t know when you’ve been messaging. And after finishing your work or taking a break, treat yourself! Take a 15-minute break after 45 minutes of exercise. Go for a walk, reply to texts from friends—do whatever brings you delight. Just be disciplined enough to end that activity when the allotted 15 minutes have passed.

Bonus: Change Your Reading Mindset

a woman reading with three kids

While reading may not be your favorite mental activity, it is an essential study skill. You learned to read as a young child. You are now reading to learn. Good readers do better academically and have more career success. Be sincere and realistic with yourself.

Conclusion| How to Fix Bad Reading Habits

Most individuals spend hours reading but need more due to poor reading habits. You’ll undoubtedly become a great read if you eliminate these bad reading habits and encourage positive ones. This article helped you in one way or the other.

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