9 Easy Tricks On How To Tell If Someone Is A Good Reader!

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I have always bragged about the benefits of readinghow reading leads to a better lifewhy you should read, and many things. But, will you be able to recognize someone who is a good reader? If your answer to this question is a NO, read this article until the end to tell if someone is a good reader.

Someone’s personality results from their habits, things they believe in, and the thoughts they manifest in themselves. Similarly, if someone is a good reader, that will also show. But if you are meeting someone for the first time and are curious to know whether they are a good reader or not, there are some self-explanatory things you can pay attention to that will tell you if they read or not.

For instance, if you want to know how to tell if someone is a good reader or not, here are a few things you can observe in a good reader: a top-notch vocabulary, the way of storytelling, listening, patience, empathy, compassion, calmness, and respectfulness, and the list can go on.

Let us now know in-depth how to tell if someone is a good reader or not. Sometimes you can tell; sometimes, it may take time to figure out if they love to read or not. Without any further delay, let’s get straight to what we’re here to know about.

How To Tell If Someone Is A Good Reader?

How to tell someone if someone is a good reader?

The answer is simple; you know a person is a good read when you meet one. You may say you will always find them with a book, or with a massive stack of books, or even at a cafe with a book.

But it is not just the obvious that helps to identify a good reader. They also have distinct qualities and behavior which make them uniquely identifiable. Reading affects one’s personality and their day to day interactions with others.

So, if you cannot figure out whether someone is a good reader or not, go ahead and read this article till the end to have deeper insights on how to figure out whether someone reads or not.

1. Has A Huge Book Space

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Yes, the book space matters!

Well, that was quite obvious.

It somehow is the same as it is for someone who loves fashion. If they do, they have lots of clothes and accessories to wear. Similarly, if someone is a good reader, they are going to have a vast book space.

That sometimes might not be true because I am one of the readers who don’t own a lot of books. Most of the books I have read are either borrowed from a friend or taken from a library.

But anyhow, I do have a considerable amount of books.
We are moving on.

2. A Good Reader Has A Wonderful Vocabulary

a boy sitting on library floor
If you need to know how to tell if someone is a good reader, listen to how they talk and write.

How to tell if someone is a good reader? I’ll answer that.

How do I stress enough on this point that a reasonable reader has a great vocabulary? 

You can tell that this specific person is a good reader by listening to how it speaks and what sort of words it uses while talking.

A good reader is great at speaking and writing because they have a great vocabulary. While reading, people come across new and different words and different ways of explaining things which helps them have great oratory and writing skills.

Another fact is that if they score great in their literature tests, chances are they are an excellent reader.

3. A Good Reader Is A Wonderful Storyteller

children listening to a story
To tell if someone reads or not, the key is in the storytelling.

If you know someone with excellent storytelling capacity, the chances that they are a good reader are pretty high.

Having read a considerable amount of fantasy and fictional books, I have seen my storytelling getting better with each new plot or novel I read.

Good readers have a unique talent for storytelling which they learn by reading more and more books. You will find yourself gripped whenever you listen to them telling a story or anecdotes from their life. 

4. A Good Reader = A Good Listener

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Still, wondering how to tell if someone is a good reader? Talk to them.

Yes. If you cannot figure out how to tell if someone is a good reader, take a deep breath and notice whether the person keeps talking all the time or listens more.

A good reader is a fantastic listener and someone you can open up to. They would never judge you for what story you have to tell them.

They are great listeners because reading regularly helps them increase their attention span and improve their ability to focus. So they patiently listen to others speak before speaking. They are very patient and contemplate for a long time before doing anything and avoid rushing into things.

5. A Good Reader Is The Most Empathetic Person In The Room.

a girl reading a book
Empathy tells whether someone is a reader or not.

If you are still trying to figure out how to tell if someone is a good reader or not, see if they are empathic towards other beings or not.

A good reader is a lot more empathetic and compassionate than other people. Reading fiction has been shown to increase empathy by increasing the knowledge of others’ lives and thus helping to recognize their similarities with others.

They can put themselves in other people’s shoes and thus understand their feelings better like they do when they are reading. This also enables them to evaluate real-life situations in a better and more logical way and gives them a chance to reflect and introspect in a better way.

But this does not mean that people who are generally empathetic are sound readers or vice-versa.

6. A Good Reader Is Well Versed With Other Cultures.

grass, a book | How to tell if someone is a good reader?
A good reader is well-versed with other customs and cultures.

Have you ever seen someone who disrespects other people? Their race, sex, culture, or/and beliefs?
Yeah, well, he is not a good reader, and here is why so.

Readers (not necessarily book readers) have read so much, lived so many lives through books, and they have so much knowledge inside of them and they are mature enough to figure out what boundaries they have to set.

Good readers know that it is essential to treat every culture as necessary and equally because they are that way.
They know foreign customs, cultures, and values.

Good readers also have a more excellent knowledge of foreign cultures and customs. As they read, they learn about the cultures and traditions of people coming from different communities and different walks of life worldwide. So they are more tolerant and respectful towards the practices and opinions of people differing from their own. They are also less judgemental because books teach them that one’s view of themselves or another should not enable them to judge another.

7. A Good Reader Inherits Calmness

a girl reading in a book store
Spot someone very calm ever in twirly situations? That one might be a reader!

A study has shown that people who read more are less likely to have anxiety or anger issues.

So, when you see an extraordinarily calm person, even in the scorching heat of the sun or the storming winds, know that the person is a good reader and is embracing what life is throwing at that moment.

Readers are very calm by nature because of their lower stress levels, as proven in many studies worldwide. No wonder they are so soft-spoken and instantly likable.

They have better memories and can easily remember important dates and events from the past. Reading is like an exercise for the brain and constantly reading acts like a workout for the brain and improves memory power.

So, they won’t ever forget your birthday or anniversary (of course, unless they are not reading something super addicting)!

8. A Good Reader is Passionate.

a girl reading and leaning against a bookshelf
Yes, passion is the second hobby of readers

When you see someone do something very passionately, however not a hundred percent, there is a big chance of being a reader.

Good readers are very passionate about anything they do. This quality arises from their habit of completely diving into the world of books, having regular discussions with others about the books they have read and are about to read. This passion finds its way into other things that they love to do or are excited about doing.

So, next time you meet someone passionate about something/someone, smile a little and know that they love to read and are a good reader.

9. A Good Reader Is A Great Romantic Partner.

a boy reading, stack of books
That should not be very surprising, no?

And last but not least, if you want to tell if someone is a good reader or not, you see how they are with their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse.

Why am I saying that?

It is because a good reader is also a great lover and romantic partner. They have read about love and the experiences of relationships so much in books that it helps them to improve their real-life relationships. They are passionate lovers and have a much more understanding and stable connection.

It gives us one more reason to date a reader!

Concluding | How To Tell If Someone Is A Good Reader?

You can use other ways to figure out whether someone is a good reader or not. But the easiest way is to ask the person if they do. Suppose the answer is a yes, then congratulations! You just got yourself a great friend and if the answer is no, why don’t you suggest them an excellent novel to start reading with?

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