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Do you ever wonder where your life would lead in the future? Do you know where it’ll take you? What if you had a chance to see your future? Would what you see change the way you act today? That sounds interesting and a little confusing, so don’t get confused. The novel that I am reviewing this time In five years by Rebecca Serle answers all these questions in a warm, loving story and reveals the power of friendship, attachment, and the unexpected nature of destiny.

In Five Years, we find out about a woman who has it all: the perfect apartment, the perfect finance, and the perfect job. However, even with all those things, she was also an ambitious woman who had everything planned out until a tragedy threatened to destroy everything she believed perfect.

The book is filled with friendship, love, and hope for the future. It stirred up feelings of happiness and sorrow and made you appreciate the people you love the most. The book mixes many emotions as it discusses love in all its forms: friendship, ambition, romance. This book is one of the most realistic portrayals of female friendship and love that is heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Throughout this story, you will figure out what was going to happen and what would inevitably happen to get someone to that point in her or her life. It will make you wonder how things can change so rapidly. With this book, you will relive those warm and fuzzy feelings you might be missing. So without any further ado, let’s get right to the review.

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle | Book Review 

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Rebecca Serle 

Rebecca Serle is an American author and television star who grew up in Maui and currently lives in New York City and Los Angeles. She received a Master’s of Fine Arts degree from The New School and graduated from the University of Southern California.

Rebecca Serle is the New York time bestselling author of In five years, The dinner list, and the young adult novels, the edge of falling and when you were mine. Warner Brothers television recently adapted her YA series famous in love for freedom. Atria Books published her novel In five years in 2020, and it was nominated for a GoodReads choice award for romance.

Overview | In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

The Romance Novel In five years by Rebecca Serle was published on 10 March 2020. Before publication, the novel was named one of the most anticipated books of 2020 by Good Housekeeping, and she reads. Later the book was a New Times Indiebound bestseller. It was a book club selection for good morning America and Marie claire. It also received praises from library journals, Booklist, and publishers weekly.

Genre: Romance novel, Domestic fiction, Time travel Fiction

Language: English 

Pages: 272(may vary)

Major Themes: The novel In five years is filled with joy and heartbreak, with an impressive love story that jogs your memory with the power of loyalty, friendship, discovering one’s true self and the uncertain nature of destiny.

Setting: the novel takes place in New York City where all the characters live.

Point of view: the point of view of In Five Years is first person, simply through the eyes and feelings of Dannie Kohan, who narrates the novel.

Tense: the novel is told primarily in the Present Tense.

Main characters: Daniella Kohan, Bella, David, and Aaron. Danielle “Dannie” Kohan is the main protagonist and the narrator of In five years. She is 32 years old, lives in Manhattan and works as a corporate lawyer.

An incredible, powerful, and moving love story follows an ambitious lawyer who has everything planned out until she witnesses an image that changes her life forever

Summary of the Book | In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

Daniella Kohan is the protagonist of the novel “In Five Years by Rebecca Serle”, a young woman who is a true go-getter who knows precisely what she wants and is well on her way to achieving it. Later, she nailed her job interview and accepted her boyfriend’s marriage proposal and completed a perfect day, and is on track to achieve her following 5-year goals.

On the evening of her engagement, Dannie falls asleep and wakes up in a strange apartment; she quickly realizes she has traveled five years into the future and looks pretty different from what she expected.

She lives in a different apartment, dates a different man, and wears a different engagement ring on her finger; however, she can’t relate to what happened. The experience felt much more like a dream, yet she’s not the type who believes in the vision.

She decides to go with the flow. She ends up having a delicious homemade pasta dinner, a few glasses of wine, and hooks up with the new fiance she met like an hour ago, and then she wakes up on her couch back in the present timeline.

She doesn’t get distracted with all of that until she meets the same man who appeared in her vision long ago.

What can be learned from this Book? In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

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Source: Book Club Chat

Friendship, love, and loyalty are the main themes of this cute romance novel with the classic romance plot and captures human emotions with the relationship between best friends and family. These relationships help to build the drama in the narrative.

This was an exciting story with interesting characters, lots of drama, humor, and all the elements to make it a good novel. It was probably less romantic and more focused on personal development and relationship development with the best friend.

In the book, it’s revealed that life has turned out quite differently than you expected; in other words, it is kind of curious to learn that you may think your life would have gone according to plan, it might not have happened, so plans are only made to be broken. This book is about understanding that sometimes we cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we react.

A few thoughts on the book | In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

The story revolves around a woman’s relationship with her best friend and boyfriend. It reads as a relaxing beach read, but with enough depth to keep one’s attention. There’s a lot of discussion concerning cancer and a little bit of discussion regarding death and loss. That, alone, kept me interested in this story.

Besides that, IN FIVE YEARS is about a girl living with her boyfriend and looking forward to marrying him. But there is that dream, a strong feeling that makes the story stand out. In addition, it relates the story of friendship over a few years and how cancer changes their lives. It left you crying as you have your relatives succumbed to cancer.

I thought the entire book was well-written, even though it had its fair share of twists and turns. The thing that stood out to me in this book was the relationship between Dannie and her best friend Bella- it felt so pure and added an extra element that made this book so special.

In this novel, I found the characters poorly drawn. Both leads (Aaron Gregory and David) seem to exist only concerning the women. Dannie and Bella’s friendship was so over-dramatized that it overshadowed other characters, but In the end, it takes your attention and draws you in, which is very well done.

How would I Rate the Book? In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

My rating for this particular novel “In Five Years by Rebecca Serle” is 3.5 stars out of 5. 

Conclusion & Recommendation | In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

I recommend this book to people who like romance novels and people who like realistic fiction, should pick up this book. It is an easy read that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

There were more moments when one felt like reading it and not stopping in this book. This was a beautiful and emotional story full of life, love, heartache, friendship, and fate.

For those who have not read the book yet, but would like to do so, don’t worry. I’ll make sure that you will take something useful out of it at the end and read this fantastic book. I am wishing you a great day and happy reading.

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