Is It Important To Read Old Books?

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Oh! Your favorite writer is all set for its new book release but your best friend suggested you an old classic book? Can you simply not decide if you should or should not read an old book? Are you just wondering if really is it important to read old books? Whatever may be the case you are here, you will not leave without the answer you were looking for.

The same question was in my mind back when I went to a book store and saw one recent book and an old classic kept side-by-side as if competing with one another. For a moment I held myself and thought if it was important to read an old book when a new book was looking at me and asking me to pick it up! Guess what? I picked up the old one and here is what I found out.

Is it important to read old books? Yes. Not just for the sake of reading but also for the sake of self-development, growth, and knowledge too. Reading an old book has the power to give your personality a whole new charm. Literature is an ever-evolving thing. If you are curious enough, it is very important to read old books so that you can not only track but also see the course of how literature and the style of writing have evolved in due time.

It is often said that “books are the mirror of a society” so when you want a real-time peep into the old society, what do you do? You read an old book. Here are more reasons why is it important to read old books.

Is It Important To Read Old Books?

Well, if someone comes to me and asks this very question, I would laugh so hard and not even answer it. Because HELL YES READING OLD BOOKS IS IMPORTANT!

Why Should You Read Old Books?

Whenever you see someone reading an old book, one of the first thoughts that might come to your mind will be “well that’s a smarty pant, reading an old smart book!” Guess what? Old books are not just for smart people. They are also for people like us- who just like to read, a lot!

And also for people who are smart enough to pick up an old book to read!

The perception that old books are just for professionals and researchers who sit through the whole book (sometimes books) just to find references and facts is totally absurd.

And those who have this perception are mostly the ones searching whether is it important to read old books! (just kidding)

Old books are goldmines full of knowledge, potential, and gallons of pure-pure literature and amazement!

The very basic reason why should you read old books should be because you want to. If you really do want to read an old book or so many old books, there is no other reason needed for it. You will just do it.

However, if you are still looking for a technical explanation for why you should read old books and whether is it important to read old books or not, the following reasons should give you a “technical” explanation-

  • Reading old books is important as it helps you to enrich yourself with boatload of knowledge- the knowledge new books won’t have.
  • Reading old books gives a sense of peace, it takes you back to a simpler time, when things were more than two blue double ticks.
  • Reading old books is like time travel- it takes you back to the time when you were not even born, and the best part? You get to be the protagonist of the story and take your visualization game to a whole new level.
  • If you talk about reading old self-help books, the relatability becomes a factor because of the time gap. However, most of the things written in them are still valid and taken into consideration.
  • Reading old books is an excellent way to understand the social construct, behavior, psychology, mentality, and literature overall of the specific period when the book was written and how it has affected the society and social norms of today.

Is There Any Magic in Reading Old Books?

Is there not? You tell me.

“When you read a great book, you don’t escape from life, you plunge deeper into it.”

Julian Barnes

For many of us, reading books is a mode of escape from reality, we read to forget the hustle of life. For many, reading is the ultimate pleasure, for some reading is the only hope.

Reading has the power to save lives, you guys! It literally has saved lives. If this is not magic, I don’t know what is.

Do you need an example?

One example would be OG MANDINO. Yes, the author of the best-seller- “The Greatest Salesman In The World

He was on the verge of taking his life when reading came to his rescue and now we know him as one of the most successful authors.

So, yes. There is magic in reading old books or just reading books. It is one of the best habits you can develop for yourself and your betterment.

How Often Should You Read an Old Book Before Reading a New One?

“Is it important to read old books?” A question I never asked myself. I just knew that I want to, and I love to!

There is no specific time period or frequency to reading an old book. However, you can maintain a balance between old and new literature.

Can you read two books simultaneously? I would say, ‘why not? Give it a go!

However, things done in a specific pattern are said to produce more results than random habits. So, if you want to read old books, I would suggest you read one old book to four new books.

Why so?

Reading an old book is not just reading, it has so many more things along with it. The language, the settings, and everything but a new book are fast to read, easy language, more relatable, and quick.

However, C.S. Lewis (1898-1963), a British writer and Lay Theologian ask people to read old books. He says-

“Naturally, since I myself am a writer, I do not wish the ordinary reader to read no modern books. But if he must read only the new or only the old, I would advise him to read the old.”

CS Lewis

It is a good rule, after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between. If that is too much for you, you should at least read one old one to every three new ones.

Source- reasonabletheology

Do Reading Old Books Give us New Perspective?

Of course, it does. Reading old books in modern literature re-opens new doors which were shut and locked so many years back. You never know what treasure lies behind which door.

You never know, you find the solution to that one problem in an old book which was nowhere to be found in a new book.

The thing is you will never know if you do not even read old books and this is something I fear.

Is There Any Reason You Should Not Read Old Books?

Well, I see if you are asking is it not or is it important to read old books, you are probably still confused.

I don’t see any specific reason if you should not read old books but it is always a personal choice. You may not prefer reading old books if you already have heard tons of stories of old times from your grandma or maybe great-grandma?

Jokes aside!

You may also not like reading old books if-

  • You get stuck with words and archaic language. But it really will help you if you are an English Lit. student or someone trying to build a solid vocabulary because the archaic language is just another level of elite!
  • You may also not want to read old books because of the time difference it creates in your head. There are going to be things which you will not relate to. But again, this is the exact reason to why one would like to read an old book.
  • You may find the old literature “boring” and “too much” to consume. (if you find it boring, we can’t be friends, sorry.)

But as I said, it is always a personal choice.

Illogicalscript Team’s Opinion

On the question is it important to read old books, Team Illogical Script says-

“Yes, it is important to read old books. They have a new way for life, a new direction to it, despite being old. They may be old by their age because of the date they were printed on but in the world of huge hustle and bustle, they bring freshness and peace to the mind and soul.
The fictional old books give you a visual treat and take you back in to the time when the book was written and will also tell you how the society was like back then!”

– Team Illogical Script

Few “OLD” Writers/Books to Definitely Read

Since you have reached almost the end of this blog and in case you have finally decided to read old books, here are some of my favorite authors, poets, and books you should check out

5 Authors & Poets You Should Check Out

  • William Shakespeare (Dramatist, poet)
  • William Wordsworth (poet)
  • Sylvia Plath (poetess)
  • Pablo Neruda (poet)
  • Charles Dickens (author)
  • Jane Austen (authoress)

5 Books You Should Check Out If You Want to Read Old Books

Final Words

The beautiful journey which started with this question has reached its final stop with the plausible explanation that yes it is important to read old books. They are the window to the past.

However, the fact cannot be denied that reading or not reading old books is totally up to you. Being an avid reader, I would totally encourage you to read old books and in case you missed them, I have even suggested some above! You can also add to this list through the comment section!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Reading Old Stories Important?

Reading old stories helps us understand and gain insights of our history and culture of different places and also understand how the society has evolved over the centuries. Reading old stories also helps us understand the different values, beliefs, customs and develop empathy for the people living in different eras with different circumstances that it is today. In short, old stories makes us understand the past of our world and learn about consequences of certain actions taken in the past and learn form them.

2. Do old Books Contain Bacteria?

Do you know old books contain different varieties of bacteria after being kept around for centuries? These bacterias present in those old books is not always bad since some of them can help preserve them while some of them also associate certain risks with them and so we must be prepared to handle them with care.

3. What if You Read 100 Books A Year?

Do you know reading 100 books in a year could be one of the best achievements you can have as it’s a great way to expand your knowledge and become an expert in any field by gaining in-depth understanding of any subject. Reading more and more books helps to understand a topic from different angles and think critically about it.

Reading also helps you be more creative, smart by generating new ideas and concepts to inspire people around you. So in order to be a better reader, the goal of reading 100 books and challenge yourself might be what you need.

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